Chapter 416: Are All The Female Dark Apparitions So Pretty?

After a series of hesitation, wavering, and indecisiveness, Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan left.
The mission was of utmost importance to a soldier!

Wang Teng had more confidence in completing this mission as compared to them.
Hence, they had no reason to stop him!

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw them leaving.

Although Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan were powerful, their abilities offered no help in this mission.
If they stayed back, they might create more trouble for him instead.

Now that they had finally left the garrison after much persuasion, he could do whatever he wanted.
He was being truthful when he said that he was confident in completing this mission.

Not long ago, a thought had flashed through his mind, and he came up with another detailed and thorough plan.

An evil smile peeked at the edge of his lips.

The next second, the muscles in his body started wiggling.
His entire body was changing.
Finally, he took on the appearance of the vampire dark apparition who got beaten up by him.

Of course, it was his appearance before his face became swollen.

Wang Teng used his ice Force to form a mirror and checked his appearance.
A satisfied smile appeared on his face uncontrollably.

The Morph Skill didn’t disappoint him.

Whether it was the height, the physique, or the face, he was 99.99999999999% similar to the vampire dark apparition.

Wait, something felt amiss.

Wang Teng frowned uncontrollably.
He took out the corpse of the vampire for comparison and slapped his forehead in enlightenment.

The wings!

The vampires had bat wings.
He didn’t morph those wings out.

He triggered the skill in his mind, and the muscles on his back started squirming.
They extended out and finally turned into a pair of bat wings.

He flapped them softly.
They felt like real wings.

Fortunately, the Morph Skill was impressive enough, so he was able to create the pair of wings.

The dark apparitions came in weird shapes and forms.
Morphing into them was so tricky and exasperating.

Wang Teng complained in his heart.
Then, his gaze landed on his clothes.

All he needed was a set of dark apparition clothing.

Sometime later, Wang Teng walked out of a corner.
He had already changed into the vampire’s clothing.
Fortunately, the scene wasn’t bloody when he killed the vampire, so his clothes remained clean.
If they were dirtied, he might have had to wash them before wearing them.

Wang Teng strutted his way into the vampire’s dormitory.
The best concealment was to hide among his enemies.
If he didn’t say it himself, who could tell that he was a human?

Wang Teng didn’t continue investigating.
Instead, he went back to the dormitory and rested there like the other vampires.

But when he saw the situation inside, he was in a dilemma.

The vampires were all sleeping upside down.

What if he got cephalemia?

Once again, Wang Teng felt that there was a small flaw in his detailed and thorough plan.


A human would always be careless in one way or another.

This minor flaw was negligible.

Wang Teng gritted his teeth and merged with the darkness.
Then, without anyone noticing, he appeared on the ceiling.

He hung upside down and closed his eyes.

He was a big emotionless bat now!

However, he didn’t sleep.
He opened his eyes occasionally and used his Spiritual Sight to observe the movements of the three 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions.

He would stay here obediently if no suspicious Force movements appeared around them.

Time passed slowly.
Soon, it was night.

Once night arrived.
It was time for the dark apparitions to go out to hunt for food.

Wang Teng didn’t notice anything amiss in this period.

The three dark apparitions returned to no.
56 garrison after hunting outside.
Wang Teng didn’t follow them.
He believed that the three veterans wouldn’t stay put and do nothing.

After they came back, it was the weaker dark apparitions’ turn to hunt.

In the room, the vampire dark apparitions woke up one by one, their crimson eyes flickering.
Their gaze was bloodthirsty.
They spread their wings and flew out in masses like a flock of bats.

Wang Teng hid among the bats—the vampires and waved his ornamental wings.
He was using the ability of a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior to sail through the sky.

The other vampires didn’t sense anything amiss.

At this moment, a voice rang beside his ear.
“Rupert, you seem abnormal today.”

Wang Teng’s heart skipped a beat.

Rupert was the name of the vampire he was disguised as.
While questioning the vampire, he had already thought of a rough plan, so he used his Bewitch Skill to lure some personal information from the vampire’s mouth.

Hence, when he heard someone calling him, he was flustered.

Was he discovered?

Was there a flaw in his plan again?

This didn’t make sense.
He hid so well.
How did the vampire notice him?

There was no need to be anxious!

If everything failed, he would kill all the dark apparitions!

Many thoughts flashed past Wang Teng’s mind.
He turned and looked in the direction where the voice came from…

Oh my god, it’s huge!

The first thing that entered his vision was something that could not be explicitly mentioned.

Cough, this wasn’t the time to observe something unrelated!

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the face.
Her hair was brown, complemented with a pair of green eyes.
She was gorgeous, a peculiar seductive vibe hanging around her.

Are all the female dark apparitions so pretty?

This thought popped into Wang Teng’s mind abruptly.

His brain churned, and the images of Rupert’s acquaintances entered his mind.
The information of the female dark apparition was among them.

The face was the same!

Phyllis, a female dark apparition that Rupert had been chasing for a long time.
Phyllis was probably a little interested in Rupert too, but she hated some of his traits.
As a result, they didn’t move further in their relationship.

No wonder the other party came to talk to him!

Wang Teng felt relieved.
It looked like the female dark apparition didn’t see through his disguise.
She just felt that her ‘Rupert’ was a little abnormal.

Normally, once Rupert woke up, he would pester Phyllis continuously.
He was a chatterbox.

This was the part of him Phyllis didn’t like.
Unfortunately, Rupert didn’t know about it.
As an outsider, Wang Teng naturally didn’t know either.

He just felt his head hurt.
He got entangled in a bloody love relationship between two dark apparitions.
What was he supposed to do?

This is very urgent! I need an answer immediately.

Wang Teng couldn’t find a way out.
He could only look at Phyllis in confusion without replying to her.

Phyllis frowned.
She said with a hint of frost in her voice, “A chatterbox like you can be quiet too? Are you constipated?”

Wang Teng couldn’t help but pay a silent tribute to Rupert.

He had chased this sharp-tongued female dark apparition for seven years, unwilling to give up.
It must be difficult for him.

He probably wasn’t popular among the ladies.
If not, why did he have to hang onto a single tree?

What a poor fellow.

After a few seconds, he finished his silent tribute.
An idea popped into his mind, and he replied to Phyllis hurriedly, “I had a dream this morning…”

Phyllis furrowed her brows harder.
This fellow was always so ridiculous.
She was furious at his cowardice.

“As for what dream it is, you don’t have to know.”

Wang Teng didn’t continue the story.
He kept a straight face, revealing no loopholes in his acting.
He added with an indifferent expression, “You just have to know that from today onwards, I’m no longer the Rupert you know.
I’ve decided to change, so you might never see the fellow who has always been pestering you.”

Phyllis: …

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