Chapter 415: Don’t Blame Me.
You All Forced Me!

Actually, Wang Teng felt that his appearance was handsome enough.
If he continued to become more handsome, the other guys wouldn’t have a chance.

Wait, something strange seemed to have sneaked in.

Dark Language!

As the bubble merged into his body, a memory appeared in his mind out of nowhere.

This is a language bubble!

Just a moment ago, he wanted to learn the dark language, and here it was now.
When was the system ever so considerate?

Wang Teng couldn’t believe it.

However, it was understandable that this dark apparition would drop a language talent.
After all, he was able to grasp the human language.

This was a good thing.
It would be awkward if he eavesdropped on a secret conversation between dark apparitions, but he didn’t know what they were saying.

Wang Teng kept the corpse of the dark apparition in his space ring.
Then, he sized up the warehouse.

Heh, there’s something here!

There was a pile of green-color ores in the corner of the room.

“These are celestites!” Wang Teng touched his chin.
As an advanced-stage blacksmith, he immediately recognized the ores.

Celestite was a wind element ore, best used for forging wind element weapons.
They were widely sought after by wind element martial warriors.

Wind element was a mutated element, and hence, the relevant ores were hard to find.
Naturally, they possessed a high value.

Judging by the size of this pile of ores, it was worth at least five billion.

Oh my, five billion!

( ́ω`)

Hearts were shooting out of Wang Teng’s eyes.
This was a surprise.

“Old Niu told me not to alert the dark apparitions, but he didn’t say that I can’t steal things.” Wang Teng sniggered.
“Also, the dark apparitions probably won’t notice the disappearance of the ores for some time even if I steal them.
By the time they find out about it, they will think that it was a thief.
This is what I call diverting their attention and killing two birds with one stone.

Wang Teng kept the celestites in his space ring and prepared to leave.
Along the way, he saw the Lycan dark apparition on the ground.


He pointed his finger at it, claiming its life.

He threw the corpse into his space ring so that it could accompany the vampire dark apparition.
He would take care of the bodies after he left.

Wang Teng left the warehouse and started searching the area he was in charge of.
Around ten minutes later, he stopped moving, becoming extremely vigilant.

Using his Spiritual Sight, he saw an area covered with the thickest dark Force.
This was the room of one of the 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions.

Wang Teng looked inside the room and was stunned.

A coffin!

The dark apparition seriously slept in a coffin!

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
The three 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions consisted of one with a deer head and human body, one giant apparition, and one vampire.

He scanned the room.
Besides the coffin, there was nothing strange.

He shook his head and left carefully.

Wang Teng finished investigating the area under him.
He then met up with Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan at the agreed location.

Three sneaking figures gathered in a corner.

“Did you find any clues?” Wang Teng asked through voice transmission.

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan shook their heads helplessly.

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
He wanted to verify his findings with them, but they didn’t discover anything.

“What’s with your expression?” Kong Li raised her eyebrows.
She seemed to have seen a hint of disdain in Wang Teng’s expression.

Yuwen Xuan didn’t look good either.
He was a major.
Where would he place his dignity if he got looked down on by a recruit?

“Cough, let’s talk about the mission.” Wang Teng coughed and changed the topic.

“Did you find something?” Kong Li asked, her eyes lighting up.

Yuwen Xuan looked at him too.
There was disbelief on his face.
Did this fellow really find a clue?

“I did find something,” Wang Teng replied humbly.

“Say it quickly!” Kong Li rolled her eyes at him.
This wasn’t the time to be humble.

Wang Teng chuckled.
He didn’t hide his information and immediately told them what he got from the vampire.

“The three dark apparitions are here to meet someone? Who is it? Why do they need to put in so much effort?” Kong Li frowned.

“Is your information reliable?” Yuwen Xuan questioned.

“I can’t say 100%, but it’s 80% reliable,” Wang Teng replied confidently.

If he didn’t have any hidden secrets, he would have said 100%.

“80%! Are you sure?” The two majors were startled.
This was a high percentage.
It was high enough for the military to invest manpower and resources in delving further in this direction.

“How did you get hold of this news?” Yuwen Xuan asked again.

Wang Teng noticed that they still doubted him, so he took out the corpse of the dark apparition and summarized his investigation process.

The majors: …

The muscles on Yuwen Xuan’s face kept throbbing.
He looked at the indistinguishable face of the vampire dark apparition and the head that had swelled to two times the normal size.
He couldn’t imagine what this dark apparition suffered before its death.

This fellow is a devil!

Kong Li looked at the vampire’s appearance and then at Wang Teng, her gaze going back and forth between the two.
Her expression could only be described with one word: strange.

She silently swore that she would never provoke Wang Teng in the future.

However, they started to understand why Wang Teng was 80% confident.

No matter how hard your bone was, you would surrender after getting beaten like this.

If it was them, they would be confident too!

They took a deep breath.
Kong Li nodded and said, “Your information is very useful.
We have two choices.
We can retreat, or we can stay behind and wait for the secret person to come.”

The three of them went silent.

To a military martial warrior, the mission was everything.
They were willing to take enormous risks for the sake of the mission.

“I’ll stay behind.
You guys can go back and report this to Lieutenant Colonel Niu,” Yuwen Xuan said.

“Let me stay behind.
My concealing method is better than yours, and it’s safer too,” Kong Li hesitated, but she still stepped up.

“Your concealing method is similar to mine.
It’s nowhere more powerful.
If I can be discovered, you won’t be any different.
Let me stay.
If something goes wrong, I have 30% confidence that I can escape,” Yuwen Xuan said.

“Bullshit, how can I be worse than you? I have 35% confidence that I can escape.” Kong Li’s anger got ignited.
She was unwilling to back down.

Wang Teng rubbed his forehead as he listened to them quarreling using voice transmission.
He said, “Erm, majors, why aren’t you asking me?”

“You’re a recruit.
Don’t interrupt us.” The two of them rejected his proposal without turning their heads.

“I have 100% confidence that I can escape.
Also, I don’t want to hurt your pride, but my concealing method is much better than yours.
The dark apparitions might never notice me,” Wang Teng said in frustration.

The two majors turned quiet instantly.
Then, they turned in unplanned unison and looked at Wang Teng.

“You’re 100% confident that you can escape!” Kong Li stared at Wang Teng curiously.

“That’s why people like you will never understand what a true genius is.” Wang Teng shook his head helplessly, acting like a lonely indomitable warrior.

“Speak properly.” Kong Li glared at him.

“You won’t believe me even if I say it.”

“Are you sure the dark apparitions won’t notice you with your concealing skill?” Yuwen Xuan asked.

“Of course!” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“For some reason, I think that you’re acting.” Kong Li glanced at him before turning her head and asking Yuwen Xuan, “Yuwen, what do you think?”

“I agree!” Yuwen Xuan replied expressionlessly.

Wang Teng: …

Don’t blame me.
You all forced me!

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