Chapter 414: Wow, You’re Quite Fierce!

56 garrison


Wang Teng knocked the Lycan dark apparition who was guarding the warehouse unconscious and closed the main door.

Now, it was time for the highlight of his plan.


Wang Teng thought for a moment before using his spiritual power to form an imprisoning rune.
He sealed off the dark apparition’s Force.

Then, he arranged a small-sized soundproof rune array around them.


Only a Divine Spirit Master and an advanced-stage runemaster could do this.

Wang Teng felt a little proud.
He shifted his gaze to the unconscious vampire dark apparition, and a sharp look appeared in his eyes.

Sleep, sleep, sleep, you’re like a pig.

The brick appeared in his hand, and he slapped it on the dark apparition’s handsome and pale face without showing any mercy.

Of course, he didn’t aim at the face because he was jealous.

After all, he was more handsome than this dark apparition who gave off a morbid beauty.

Slash! Boom!

After a round of beating, the vampire dark apparition woke up in confusion.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Why am I getting treated so inhumanly?

Oh right, kidnapping!

Someone kidnapped me just now!

Damn it, who is this impudent person? How dare he kidnap a noble vampire dark apparition right inside the garrison? This is unforgivable…

However, it was being slapped right and left, so its head kept swaying back and forth at high speed.
Its vision was a blur.
It couldn’t see the culprit’s face at all.

Slash! Boom!

Wang Teng didn’t notice that the dark apparition was awake.
He hit him so smoothly that he continued slapping the dark apparition with the brick.

The vampire dark apparition felt his tears flowing out.
He wanted to activate his dark Force, but he got a rude shock.

The dark Force in his body had disappeared? There was no reaction in his Force nucleus.

What’s going on?

“Huh? You’re awake?” A voice finally entered his ears.

It was the human language.

The vampire dark apparition squinted.

Damn it, he landed in the hands of a human.

The vampire dark apparition’s face was badly bruised and swollen.
He could only open his eyes slightly.

He tried his best to open his eyes wide, attempting to see the culprit’s face through the small gap.

His vision was still hazy, but he finally managed to see his enemy’s face.

This was a young human being.

He actually landed in the hands of a youngster? The vampire dark apparition was infuriated! Ouch, so painful!

The change in his expression was too violent, so it pulled at his muscles.
He felt excruciating pain on his face.

This made him even more furious.

“Human, you’re dead.
You’re in deep trouble!”

“Huh, you can speak the human language? This is perfect.” Wang Teng sized up the dark apparition in front of him in astonishment.

He was still wondering what he should do if they couldn’t understand each other.
Yet, this dark apparition could speak the human language.
This was great; it saved him much trouble.

But he should still learn the dark apparition language when he had the time.

It wouldn’t hurt to have too many skills.

“Did you hear what I said? You’re dead.
You’re in deep trouble!” the vampire dark apparition bellowed.

“Wow, you’re quite fierce.”

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and raised his brick.

Another round of walloping.

“Can you talk properly now?” Wang Teng asked.

“I’m a noble vampire.
I’ll never succumb to you even if you use such a brutal method,” the vampire replied stubbornly.

Slash! Boom!

“Human, I want to kill you.
I want to suck your blood…” the vampire dark apparition roared.

Slash! Boom!

“You’re dead, you’re dead…”

Slash! Boom!

“You’re really dead!”

“It’s rare to see such a strong-willed dark apparition like you.
You have my respect,” Wang Teng praised him.

Then… slash, boom!

“Stop hitting me!”

Wang Teng: …

His face turned black.

I just complimented you, but you slapped my face.
Where’s my pride and dignity?

Slash! Boom!

The vampire dark apparition felt puzzled.
He had already surrendered.
Why was he still getting beaten?

Slash! Boom!

After many rounds of beating, the dark apparition’s face grew bigger.

Wang Teng was afraid of wasting more time, so he stopped.
If not, he would have continued beating him.

“Can you talk properly now?”

The vampire dark apparition felt the pain on his face and nodded fervently.

Now, I’ll ask, and you’ll answer.
If I don’t ask anything, you’re not allowed to speak.
Do you understand?” Wang Teng said calmly.

The vampire dark apparition hesitated for a moment.
If this human questioned him about some secrets, should he give in, or give in, or give in?

“Why? You don’t agree with what I’ve said?” Wang Teng raised his brick again.

I’ll reply to you properly.” The vampire was no longer as proud as before.
He became a coward.

“There are three 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions here.
What’s their purpose?” Wang Teng went straight to the point.

The vampire’s expression changed.
Then, his face started hurting.


“I suggest that you think thrice before you speak.
I’m an easy person to talk to, but this fellow isn’t that kind.” Wang Teng played with the brick in his hand as he sniggered.

The vampire: …

This devil!

Sigh, he didn’t want to be a rat, but this young man was ruthless!

“I think they came to see someone.”

“You think?” Wang Teng raised his voice.

“No, I’m sure of it,” the vampire immediately replied.

“See who?” Wang Teng nodded and continued asking.

“I’m not sure.
Besides the three of them, no one knows the answer,” the vampire replied.

Wang Teng frowned.

The vampire felt his heart pounding furiously.
Was he planning to beat him?

He immediately shouted, ” I really don’t know!”

“Alright, look how frightened you are.
I’ve already told you that I’m an easy person to speak to.” Wang Teng glared at him.

The vampire shrunk his neck. Do you think I’ll believe you? If you’re easy to speak to, my face wouldn’t be swollen.

“Now, we have come to the quick response segment.
If you hesitate even a little, I’ll reward you with the brick,” Wang Teng said.

The vampire immediately understood Wang Teng’s intention.
He couldn’t lie if he had to reply instantly.
However, he didn’t dare not reply.
He could only nod his head.

“Very good.
The segment will start now.
How many days have they stayed here?”


“Did the person they’re supposed to meet come during these five days?”


“When will the person come?”

“I don’t know!”

“What’s their future plan?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you want to live or die?”

“I don’t know!”

“You don’t know anything.
It looks like there’s no reason to keep you alive!” Wang Teng scoffed.

The vampire’s expression froze.
What did he say just now?


“I want to live.

His desire to live was extremely strong.
He stared at Wang Teng pitifully.

“Oh right, I still have some questions for you,” Wang Teng said.

“Go ahead.
You can ask me anything,” the vampire replied.

“Your race has a talent called Bewitch, right?” A mysterious smile appeared on Wang Teng’s face as he leaned forward and whispered to the vampire.

“How do you know!” The vampire was flabbergasted.
Ouch, his face hurt.

“You don’t have to know.
Now, let me ask you, do you have that ability?” Wang Teng mocked.

“I don’t.
This ability is only born to those vampires with high talent.
I’m not one of them,” the vampire said dejectedly.

“One last question.
Do you have ways to resist this skill?” Wang Teng asked.

“There’s no special method.
You can only resist if your spiritual power is higher than the person who uses this skill,” the vampire said.

“Is it? I can feel at ease then.” Wang Teng nodded his head.

“?” The vampire looked at Wang Teng in confusion.
What was he saying? Why was he speaking so strangely?

Then he suddenly realized that the young man’s gaze was starting to turn weird.

“This is?!” The vampire’s pupils constricted.
He was filled with disbelief.
A possibility flashed in his mind.
“No, this is impossible!”

He wanted to turn his head away, but his thoughts had slowed down.
He couldn’t think properly, and he couldn’t move his body.

What’s going on?

This was the last thought in his mind before his vision turned black.

After some time, Wang Teng got the answer he wanted using his Bewitch skill.
It was no different from what the vampire said a while ago.

What an honest vampire!

His brick method was a success!

As expected, this brick could solve any problems he had.

Wang Teng nodded.
Then, he tapped his finger on the dark apparition’s swollen head and invaded its mind with his spiritual power, destroying his consciousness.

The vampire died.

A few attribute bubbles floated out from his body.

Dark Force*35

Dark Language*1



Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.


Handsomeness again!

Are vampires honestly so handsome? Why do they always drop the handsomeness attribute?

Or is it because he smashed his face with his brick?

Hitting the face would allow him to drop attributes related to the face.
It made sense.

However, the number seemed a little high.
Was he too brutal?


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