Chapter 411: Destroying My Image!

Kong Li and the others went berserk when they saw the item in Wang Teng’s hand.



The atmosphere turned strange.

Niu Li finally understood why Nie Jianqiang reminded Wang Teng repeatedly not to use the brick during the military drill.

One brick, one enemy.
His actions were so smooth and violent that he was lost in wonder.

Even the giant apparitions, who were known for their strength, couldn’t resist a knock from his brick.
The veterans from his troop were strong, but they weren’t much stronger than these dark apparitions.

Hence, he could imagine their ending if Wang Teng had used his brick.

They wouldn’t be in life danger during the drill, but the atmosphere would definitely be messed up.

A veteran getting smashed by a recruit would be a huge jock.

With this thought in mind, he couldn’t help but look at Yuwen Xuan.

Kong Li was staring at him too, her expression extremely strange.
Her little junior brother was a little fierce.

Feeling the gazes from his comrades, the muscles on Yuwen Xuan’s face twitched uncontrollably.
He tried to maintain his composure, but he was already cursing in his heart.

He had lingering fears!

At this moment, he suddenly felt fortunate that he didn’t have to go through this treatment.
If not, he wouldn’t have been able to stay in the troop anymore.
He would find a hole and bury himself inside.
He would have no face to see other people.

Wang Teng kept the brick calmly as if nothing had happened.
He wore an innocent expression, pretending that the human posts were unrelated to him.

Everyone: …

Wang Teng ignored their gazes and scanned the area with his spiritual power.
He picked up all the attribute bubbles.

Dark Force*110




Dark Force*125

Dark Force*65

This time, he was ruthless.
One brick per giant apparition, killing them forcefully.
Thus, he received many spirit attributes.

However, there weren’t many enlightenment attributes.
It looked like the giant apparitions weren’t very smart.

What a waste of their big head!

However, he had to admit that their big heads made it easier for him to hit them.

Big head, big head, no worries when it rains.
Others have umbrellas, but I have a big head!

Look, didn’t this comparison give you a visualization of the size of their heads?

Enlightenment: 301/1000 (Emperor Realm)

Spirit: 368/1000 (Emperor Realm)

At the same time, their dark Force bubbles contributed a few hundred points of dark Force.
Suddenly, Wang Teng’s body trembled.
His dark Force had advanced to another stage.

Dark Force: 320/5000 (7-star)

He accidentally raised his dark Force up another level.
Now, he was considered a master among the dark apparitions.

Wait, he wasn’t a dark apparition!

“Huh?” As Wang Teng was happily picking up the attributes, his gaze suddenly paused.

Intermediate Stage Strength Talent*20

There was a talent attribute!

What a surprise!

As the attribute merged into his body, he understood the uses of this intermediate-stage strength talent.

In summary, it was a physical talent.

The stronger his talent, the stronger his physical body.
His strength would also increase continuously.

It was different from physique scriptures.
Talent was innate; scripture was hard work.

All in all, the higher your talent, the easier it would be for you to practice a physique scripture.
At the same time, your strength would increase many times.

For instance, if a martial warrior with beginner-stage strength talent had one point of strength, then an intermediate-stage strength talent martial warrior’s starting strength would be double, starting with two.
If they practiced the same physique scripture, using the same effort and time, a normal martial warrior would grow by one point while an intermediate-stage talent martial warrior would increase by two points.
The difference might be small at the start, but as time went by, the gap would grow larger and larger.

Intermediate Stage Strength Talent: 20/500

“Not bad!” Looking at the changes in the talent row on his attributes panel, Wang Teng nodded silently.

Speaking of it, he had received a Berserk battle technique from a giant apparition in the past too.
It was an explosive battle technique, but Wang Teng never had the chance to use it.
It wasn’t his fault, though.
His opponents were all too weak!

The process of picking up attributes seemed long, but it only lasted for a few seconds.

At this moment, the military martial warriors who got saved by them came forward and thanked them.

The leader of this team was a second lieutenant.
He came forward and bowed.
“Lieutenant Colonel Niu, Major Yuwen, Major Kong, if you hadn’t passed by, we’d have been in danger.”

“We’re all comrades.
There’s no need to thank us,” Niu Li replied.

The team was familiar with Kong Li and the two majors.
They exchanged a few words and then shifted their gazes to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was the only unfamiliar person in this group.
Moreover, he looked very young.

However, they had personally witnessed his strength.
This fellow might be young, but he was extremely powerful.

Hence, the second lieutenant asked politely, “This is?”

A hint of slyness flashed past Kong Li’s eyes.
She waved his hand and said, “Don’t care about him.
He’s just a corporal in charge of miscellaneous stuff.
You saw it just now.
He runs real fast.”

Wang Teng: …

He thought that this senior sister was a good person, someone he could converse with.
From the looks of it now, he was too naive.

This lady was evil!

She defamed him in front of so many people, calling him a corporal in charge of miscellaneous stuff.

Mind you, he was their life savior.
If he hadn’t arrived in time, many more people would have been dead.

Wang Teng had already thought of his image in his head.

A brave and righteous uprising star of the military… But it was gone now!

Woman, you’re dead!

You’ve ruined my image!

This is a huge grudge!

“Corporal!” The second lieutenant widened his eyes in surprise and stared at Wang Teng in disbelief.

A corporal was so powerful?!

He had only left the military city for three days, but such a huge change had occurred.
Even corporal positions were held by such powerful people?

For an instant, the second lieutenant doubted himself.
He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to catch up with the times.

What if he went back and his superior informed him that he would retire with honor?

What should he do?

“Don’t listen to her.
This fellow might be a corporal, but he’s very powerful.
He’s a special case,” Niu Li shook his head helplessly and said.

The second lieutenant heaved a sigh of relief.


He didn’t have to retire with honor.

Indeed, if all the young people were so powerful now, the dark apparitions wouldn’t have anything to do.
They could go back and farm.

The second lieutenant shook his head to clear the unwanted thoughts in his mind.

“Corporal… Wang Teng, thank you for your help!”

Then, he took a step back abruptly and shouted with a stern face, “Salute!”

The soldiers around him straightened their backs and saluted at Wang Teng.

“You’re welcome!” Wang Teng was stunned.
He hurriedly returned their salute and smiled.
“If you don’t mention corporal, I’ll be happier.”

The second lieutenant and the soldiers around him froze for a second.
Then, they burst out laughing.

They exchanged a few sentences before the second lieutenant left with his team.

Niu Li told the second lieutenant to go the path they came.
He said they had cleared that path, so it was safe for now.

Then, they continued on their journey and mission…

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