Chapter 410: Rest In Peace!

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The black soil was pungent, and the stench spread in the air.
The four soldiers vigilantly pushed forward.

Niu Li and Kong Li had nothing against Wang Teng, so their relationship was not bad.
They told him everything he should know.

Besides teaching him how to ambush and set up traps, they also taught him how to differentiate the footprints of the dark apparitions, how to track enemies, and many other things.
There were various types of dark apparitions.
Experienced soldiers were able to decipher the type of dark apparition based on the footprints alone.

This knowledge was taught in school, but merging the theory and actual situation still required some time.

Wang Teng followed them and absorbed the knowledge like a sponge.
He kept learning and improving.

He also discovered that the surroundings weren’t barren anymore.
There were some plants growing sparsely.

These plants weren’t ordinary.

Wang Teng had already activated his Spiritual Sight.
Based on his spiritual realm now, he could support his Spiritual Sight for a long time.

Under his Spiritual Sight, he could see the faint glows of dark Force hovering around the plants.

These plants were contaminated by dark Force and had undergone a mutation.

Actually, he could tell that they were different without his Spiritual Sight.

The plants were pitch-black, and they had strange shapes.
Some were like fangs, while others looked like the blade of a saw.
They were extremely sharp…

It was easy to tell that these weren’t ordinary plants!

“If normal soldiers get pricked or scratched by these plants, they will get contaminated by dark Force.
If they don’t get treated in time, they will lose their limb.
For more serious cases, they will assimilate,” Kong Li said.


Suddenly, a trumpet-shaped plant spurted some thick black liquid straight at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng remained calm.
He twirled his feet and evaded the liquid.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

When the black liquid landed on the ground, black smoke rose into the air.

“Oh right, they will attack passers-by too.
This is their way of hunting after they mutate.
These dark plants are vicious,” Kong Li said nonchalantly.

To hell with being vicious!

If you know that they’re dangerous, why didn’t you remind me earlier! Can you be more serious!

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows, feeling speechless.

Kong Li had explained many things to him, but she only opened her mouth after things happened.

“Actually, you will learn this in your second and third years.
Unfortunately, you are only a freshman,” Kong Li snorted.

Wang Teng: …

Is it my fault that I’m only a freshman?

A smile appeared at the edge of Yuwen Xuan’s eyes when he saw Wang Teng’s exasperated look.

No matter how powerful a recruit is, he still has his flaws.
He will suffer in the hands of a veteran.

“Personal experience will help you remember it better!” Kong Li waved her hands and replied indifferently.
“Also, with your ability, it will be a joke if you can’t dodge this.”

Alright, you’re my senior.
Everything you say is right!

Wang Teng didn’t counter.
Indeed, these dangers were nothing to him.

Suddenly, his pupils stopped moving.

Kong Li and the others stopped too.
Niu Li opened his mouth and asked, “Who’s going to take care of it?”

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan didn’t move.

Wang Teng had no choice.
He shifted his body and traveled a hundred meters in a split second.
A low-level dark apparition was crawling on the ground.

Although it still had the shape of a human, its face was like a devil’s.
It was savage and hideous.
The flesh on its body protruded out of its skin.
Black blood oozed out, and the bones could be seen clearly.

A normal person would be frightened to death if they saw this scene.

When it saw Wang Teng, the low-level dark apparition hissed and pounced on him.
As Wang Teng scanned the dark apparition’s body, his gaze froze.

However, he waved his hand the next moment, and a ball of flame swallowed the dark apparition.


The dark apparition turned into ashes under the high heat.
The cold wind from afar carried the ashes along with it.

“Rest in peace.”

Wang Teng’s gaze was cold, his expression calm.

He wasn’t speaking to the dark apparition.
Instead, he was talking to the human soldier that got contaminated by dark Force.

This was because he saw the human military uniform worn by the dark apparition.

This was a human who got transformed into a dark apparition…

“You did well.
Never hesitate in a situation like this.
To them, death is their freedom,” Niu Li walked over and said.

“Many warriors die on the battlefield.
Death is not scary.
However, we’ll never be slaves to the dark.”

“Do you like to lament and make emotional comments after staying on the battlefield for a long time?” Wang Teng smiled and teased him.

Niu Li: …

He remained silent for some time before he said, “You’re indeed different.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Wang Teng wasn’t affected, accepting the praise directly.
“Shouldn’t we be leaving?”

They continued their journey again.
Along the way, they met a few dark apparitions traveling alone and took care of them.

The levels of the dark apparitions in the level-one restricted zone weren’t high.
They killed them as easily as killing an ant.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but remember the time when he met a dark apparition for the first time.
That was a huge scare.
He had to exert himself to get rid of the low-level dark apparition.

Now, these low-level dark apparitions weren’t even appetizers.

There was a cleaning recently, so there weren’t many dark apparitions.
They didn’t meet any accidents and successfully entered the level-two restricted zone.

The plants were denser in this region, with low bushes and small forests clustered here and there.


Along with a rubbing sound, the poisonous insects scurried towards the martial warriors when they sensed their presence.

“Wang Teng, burn them with your flames!” Kong Li knew that Wang Teng possessed fire Force, so she ordered him directly.

Wang Teng didn’t dawdle.
Fire Force was really convenient at times.
He waved his hand, and the poisonous insects around them died immediately.

Many small bubbles were dropped.

Poison Force*1

Dark Force*1

Dark Force*2

Poison Force*1

Wang Teng gained a small amount of poison Force and dark Force.

However, he spared some of the poisonous creatures.
He knocked them unconscious and kept them in bottles.
Then, he stored them in his space ring.

“Why are you keeping them?” Kong Li frowned as she asked.

“I’m bringing them back for research,” Wang Teng placed the last horrendous-looking poisonous bug into the bottle as he replied.
He studied the bug curiously.

“You have a strange interest.” Kong Li was baffled.

“There’s nothing wrong with analyzing them.
However, be careful since these poisonous insects have been contaminated by dark Force.
Don’t let them escape.
The consequences are dire, and you will be held responsible,” Niu Li reminded him.

“Don’t worry.
I can kill these poisonous bugs easily.
There won’t be a problem,” Wang Teng replied.

He wanted to examine these poisonous bugs because he noticed that they were contaminated by dark Force.
After all, he possessed both dark Force and poison Force.

Niu Li didn’t stay on the topic.
He took the lead and continued heading to the level-three restricted zone.

More than an hour later, they reached the edge of the level-two restricted zone and heard the sound of fighting.

Their expressions changed.
They hastened their pace and dashed towards the source of the sound.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He followed them hurriedly.

When they arrived at the scene, they saw a cleaning squad in a heated battle with the dark apparitions.

There were around ten human martial warriors, three of them at the 4-star soldier level.
There were around 40 normal soldiers in their team.

On the other hand, there were close to a hundred dark apparitions.
Most of them were low-level dark apparitions, but there were about seven 4-star soldier-level dark apparitions.

These dark apparitions were lofty and huge.
They were extremely muscular.
The muscles beneath their green-black skin seemed as hard as steel.
Their faces were ferocious, and they had jagged teeth like a saw.
Their eyes were bigger than ping pong balls.
They held weapons that looked like maces, and their brutality was terrifying.

“They are giant apparitions!” Yuwen Xuan said sternly.

The battle had already started.
The giant apparitions charged towards the humans and swung their maces.
A human 4-star soldier-level martial warrior wanted to block the attack, but his weapon broke instantly.
His chest was smashed, and he was sent flying into the air.
His breathing got heavy.
Obviously, he was in critical condition.

The low-level dark apparitions shot towards the human soldiers and bit whoever they could get their hands on.

Wang Teng and the officers were still a distance away.
When they saw this scene, they were furious.
They accelerated their speed to their maximum as they flew towards the battlefield.



They were already proceeding at their fastest speed, but they still had to witness many human soldiers getting surrounded and bitten to death by the dark apparitions.

Their screams of agony and pain before they died echoed in the air…

Wang Teng turned into a gust of wind and dashed past the three officers.


He attracted the attention of the dark apparitions with his bellow.
One of the giant apparitions gave a hideous smile and wanted to grab him with its large palm.

A golden brick appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.
Amidst the confused gaze of the dark apparition, he smashed it on its head.


The earth shook.
The giant apparition got knocked into the ground by Wang Teng’s brick.

Its neck had disappeared, and its head sunk into its chest.
Blood was dripping down its eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
It died in an odd posture.

The human soldiers and the dark apparitions with intelligence were dumbstruck when they saw this scene.

“Reinforcements are here!”

The human soldiers immediately regained their senses and cheered!


“Kill them!”

The morale of the soldiers rose as they hurled themselves at the dark apparitions.

The giant apparitions roared in anger when they saw their companion getting killed.
In an instant, four giant apparitions surrounded Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s gaze didn’t change.

Come on!

I can finally use my brick to my heart’s content!


He didn’t use any battle techniques.
All he did was fling his brick at the giant apparitions.
The air around the brick erupted, and the dark apparitions were beaten to death.

Their dying posture was tragic to the extreme.
Please take the first giant apparition as a reference.

Wang Teng turned around.
He wanted to smash the other giant apparitions with his brick, but Kong Li and the officers had arrived by now.
They took one giant apparition each and killed them easily.
It was a piece of cake.

Wang Teng had no choice but to target the low-level dark apparitions.

The addition of four 7-star soldier-level martial warriors turned the tide of the battle.
The dark apparitions were killed quickly.

The casualties of the human soldiers were kept to a minimum.

After Kong Li and the officers took care of all the dark apparitions, they raised their heads and scanned their surroundings.
They were stunned.

There were numerous posts erected on the ground.

Wait, those weren’t wooden posts.
They were dark apparitions who got hammered into the ground forcefully.

They turned and looked at Wang Teng.
The item in his hand had caught their attention.

“A brick?!”

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