Chapter 407: Major Yuwen, You’re A Little Narrow-minded!

Song Wanjiang’s words were like a bucket of cold water pouring down on them.
The atmosphere turned solemn.

They saw how powerful the veterans were.
If they met such enemies on the battlefield, they would be dead without a doubt.

The expressions of the recruits turned pale, feeling discouraged.

Damn it, why do I feel like I’m here to die?

This is so scary!

Mommy, I want to go home…

Wang Teng felt that Song Wanjiang’s words weren’t meant for him.
If he was strong enough, he would be able to defeat his opponent using any method.

He had already walked down the arena and picked up the attribute bubbles Yuwen Xuan dropped.

Massacre Blade Presence*35

Metal Force*150

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*100

Wang Teng was elated when he saw the content of the bubbles.

As expected of a military genius.
He had spiritual realm enlightenment.
This meant that his talent wasn’t low.

Also, he had mastered the Massacre Blade Presence!

Most importantly, he dropped this attribute.

A figure wielding a long blade appeared in Wang Teng’s mind with killing intent congregating around it.
A mountain of corpses was floating behind the figure.
It was terrifying.


Blade glow erupted, and killing intent spread through the air.
It was many times stronger than the Massacre Blade Presence Yuwen Xuan had executed just now.

This was the real Massacre Blade Presence!

Although Wang Teng only enlightened one-tenth of the blade presence, it was already a considerable gain.

The potential of this Massacre Blade Presence was huge.
It was more powerful than the Flaming Sword Presence, the Metal Blade Presence, and the others.

If he was able to push it up to a blade conscious, it would be an indomitable move!

Song Wanjiang secretly smiled in his heart when he saw the looks of despair on the recruits’ faces.
He continued, “Of course, there’s no need to worry too much.
You are all talented martial warriors from top universities.
The military won’t just send you to your death.
We’ll distribute you to different elite teams.
You can slowly gain experience and battlefield awareness by starting with the low-level missions.”

Wang Teng felt his lips twitching when he heard Song Wanjiang’s speech.

This familiar tone!

This familiar scheme!

Beat you up and give you candy.

This man seemed skilled at this move.
He must use it more often.

Hearing Song Wanjiang’s words, the recruits felt relieved.
Their emotions also calmed down.

Indeed, the military wasn’t so cruel.
They were talented martial warriors.
They wouldn’t be sent to their deaths.

Song Wanjiang heaved a sigh of relief.

These were the expected reactions of the recruits.

As the person in charge of the enlistment of recruits, he needed to let them understand the danger of the battlefield while making sure they didn’t lose their confidence.
It was a tough job.

After saying everything he should, he announced the end of the drill and allowed the recruits to go back for some rest.
Three days later, they would officially enter their teams and start doing missions.

The veterans knew when to stop, so the recruits didn’t suffer many injuries.
Most were just external wounds.

Only a few students had received slightly more serious injuries because they fought with veterans who were of the equal match.
They didn’t manage to control themselves properly.

Nonetheless, three days were enough for them to recover fully.

The most tragic person was Yuwen Xuan.

Wang Teng went a little hard on him because he wanted him to know that recruits weren’t easy to bully.

Actually, he didn’t know that Major Yuwen would be so easy to defeat.

This is a little awkward!

I tormented him a bit too much!

I mean, he’s a major.
Will he stack the deck against me?

Wang Teng couldn’t help but look at Yuwen Xuan.
Coincidentally, Yuwen Xuan was looking at him too.

Yes, that gaze.
This is a narrow-minded person!

There’s no way out.

If he landed in this major’s hand, he would be in trouble.

At this moment, Yuwen Xuan was cursing in his heart.
What happened to teaching him a lesson? He was the one who got defeated by a recruit in the end!

His face was swollen and burning.
He felt that everyone was laughing at him.

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Han Zhu’s voice sounded beside his ear.
Wang Teng retracted his gaze and prepared to leave.
Before he could take a few steps, he saw Yuwen Xuan walking directly towards him.

Han Zhu and the other students stopped in their tracks.
They looked at Wang Teng.

Was he here to take revenge on Wang Teng?

“What’s the matter, Major Yuwen?” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and asked.

“You’re not bad.
I won’t lose to you again,” Yuwen Xuan said in a low voice.

Wang Teng was startled.

Major Yuwen, you’re a little narrow-minded!

Also, where did you get your confidence from?

After getting beaten, you still have the guts to fight with me again? Who gave you the courage!

Wang Teng was speechless.
This fellow lost, but he was still so conceited.

Wang Teng felt that he had the responsibility to let this major understand the difference between them.
After all, if he lost so terribly again, it would be double the humiliation.
His grudge against him would become stronger too.

They were both from Black Sparrow Troop, so it wasn’t good to be at loggerheads.

Better to make friends than enemies.
Wang Teng kept this in mind and said shyly, “Erm, Major Yuwen, you might have misjudged my ability.
I didn’t give it my all just now.”


Yuwen Xuan was confused.
The veins on his forehead bulged out.

To hell with misjudging your ability!

To tell with not giving your all!

Was he saying that he lost to a recruit who didn’t use his full strength?

Han Zhu and the other students had weird expressions on their faces.
They felt that Wang Teng was evil.

Rubbing salt on his wound? It must be painful.

Young man, aren’t you afraid of angering him?

“Hahaha.” At this moment, peals of laughter rang out.
Kong Li strode over as she laughed fearlessly.
She teased, “Yuwen Xuan, do you feel like a failure? You couldn’t even defeat my junior brother when he didn’t use his full strength.
Do you dare to challenge him again?”

“Kong Li!” Yuwen Xuan’s face darkened.
He took a deep breath.

He brainwashed himself not to get angry… but it was still infuriating!

He glared at Kong Li and barked, “I can’t beat him, but you can’t either.
What’s there to be glad about?”

“So? He’s my little junior brother.
We’re on the same side.” Kong Li smiled happily.

The next moment, she placed her arm around Wang Teng’s shoulder and turned to speak to him.
“Junior Brother, I’m from Huanghai too.
I only managed to become a major now, but I think you will be able to catch up with me soon.
Before that, feel free to look for me.”

At first, Wang Teng was puzzled.
Who was this beautiful and handsome lady?

He didn’t know her.

After hearing her introduction, he learned that she was his senior.

He immediately smiled and said loudly, “Nice to meet you, Senior Sister.
Please take care of me!”

“Sure.” Kong Li was elated.
She looked at his smile and felt that she had made the right choice to recognize this junior.
He was pleasant-looking.

Yuwen Xuan was furious.
He was disgusted by the way they called each other senior and junior.
He turned and walked away.



I can’t stay here anymore!

“Don’t bother about him.
He has always been narrow-minded.
He’s powerful and gained many military exploits, so he often reprimands university-groomed martial warriors like us.
You helped us vent our frustrations today.” Kong Li sniggered.
She showed no intention of removing her arms around Wang Teng as she led him out of the arena.

“Come, I’m happy today, so I’ll treat you to a meal!”

“Kong Li, don’t teach him bad things,” Nie Jianqiang walked over and said helplessly.

“Alright, alright.” Kong Li waved her hands and dragged Wang Teng away.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu stared at each other.

Did Wang Teng just get kidnapped by their senior sister?

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