Chapter 406: I’m Sorry, Did I Use Too Much Strength!

“I will not be polite then.”

Yuwen Xuan frowned as he looked at Wang Teng.
Why was he speaking so strangely?

It might be his illusion, but he felt that Wang Teng’s smile was a little perverted.

Is this fellow an idiot?


Just as he was daydreaming, Wang Teng dashed towards him from afar and smashed his fist at him.

Yuwen Xuan raised his eyebrows.
This young man’s momentum was quite intense!

But his attack was filled with loopholes.

He tilted his body confidently and evaded… F**k, he didn’t manage to evade it!

Wang Teng lifted up his elbow and hurled it at Yuwen Xuan from the side.
Force squeezed through the air, causing many eruptions.
His elbow shot towards Yuwen Xuan’s head like a cannonball.

Yuwen Xuan raised his hands hurriedly to block the attack.


Wang Teng’s elbow collided with his arms.

Yuwen Xuan’s expression changed.
He felt an enormous strength surging towards him, and his entire body was thrown off his feet.

The entire arena was silent.

The jaws of all the recruits and veterans dropped.
They felt that they were looking at something incredible.

Major Yuwen was pushed back after one round of exchange.
He was at a disadvantage!

This didn’t make sense!

“I didn’t know Wang Teng had such a strong battle awareness.” Song Wanjiang was shocked.
He shook his head and continued, “Yuwen Xuan has underestimated his opponent.”

“Hahaha, look at Yuwen Xuan’s face.
Isn’t it black?” Kong Li laughed uncontrollably as if she saw something comical.

Many officers beside her were also chuckling silently.

Yuwen Xuan had always been imposing and confident.
Yet, he suffered in the hands of a recruit today!

Yuwen Xuan stopped himself in mid-air.
His expression turned grim, and his gaze turned sharp.
He stared at Wang Teng coldly.

This brat!

He was a little surprised in his heart.
He tried his best to control his right hand, preventing it from shivering too obviously.

How can he be so strong!

And his battlefield awareness, it feels as if he came from the battlefield…

Battlefield Awareness: 346/1000 (4-star)

When the veterans were fighting with the recruits from Yunkong Military Academy, Wang Teng’s battlefield awareness had already reached 3-star.
After the battle with Xingshan Military Academy and Huanghai Military Academy, his battlefield awareness rose again and hit 4-star.

You could say that his battlefield awareness was as powerful as Yuwen Xuan’s.

Moreover, Dan Taixuan had taught him personally.
Her battlefield techniques and skills were many times stronger than these people.

Although Wang Teng was always the one getting tormented, the experience of fighting with a general-stage martial warrior was extremely precious.
It allowed his battle awareness to be multiple times stronger than his peers.

It was useless if Yuwen Xuan wanted to beat him in this area.

Wang Teng smiled calmly.
Then, he disappeared on the spot and reappeared right beside Yuwen Xuan.
He pushed his fists out and came at him with indomitable strength.

“Hmph!” Yuwen Xuan snorted.
He took the attack head-on.

Boom, boom, boom!

The two figures kept flashing in mid-air.
Whenever they made contact, deep rumbles would shake their eardrums.
Force exploded, and rays of lights spread out.

“My eyes can’t keep up with their speed!” Han Zhu rubbed his sore eyes and said helplessly.

“I lost them a long time ago.
The 7-star soldier level is just too powerful.” Wan Baiqiu shook her head.

They weren’t the only ones who felt this way.
The other recruits couldn’t see their figures either.
They could only catch their lingering shadows and Force glows.

This was different from the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
At that time, there were specialized cameras that allowed them to slow down the video.
If not, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see anything.


The two figures parted in mid-air.

Yuwen Xuan’s expression turned grave.
On the other hand, Wang Teng was calm.
There was even a faint smile on his face.

Some people even noticed Yuwen Xuan’s trembling hands with their sharp eyes.
He seemed to be unable to control them.

“Yuwen Xuan didn’t gain any benefits!” Kong Li exclaimed in shock, her pupils constricting.

For the first time, Song Wanjiang became serious.
He nodded and said, “His strength, battle skills, and battle awareness are on par with Yuwen Xuan.

“Where did this monster come from?”

He asked the question uncontrollably.

Kong Li nodded in agreement.
She felt the same.
This junior brother was a monster!

Nie Jianqiang sniggered.

What an honor!

The battle continued.
Only two minutes had passed, so the battle was only halfway through.

Yuwen Xuan also realized that his strength was weaker than Wang Teng.
His gaze flickered.
A battle blade appeared in his hand.

This time, he took the initiative and attacked first.

He didn’t dare to underestimate Wang Teng anymore.

If he didn’t release his full strength, he might fail at this seemingly easy task.
He would become the biggest joke of this year’s rookie drill.

A manly aura and killing intent exploded from his body.
It was ferocious and violent.
His battle blade danced in the air, shooting gold blade glows all around.

Massacre Blade Presence!

As the blade presence gushed towards Wang Teng, he felt like facing a sea of corpses.
Frightening killing intent dawned on him, chilling his bones.
His head turned numb.

Damn it, I’m not even afraid of general-stage martial warriors.
Why will I be afraid of your killing intent!

Wang Teng’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets.
His aura intensified, and Mo Que appeared in his hand.
Flames circled around him, along with a scary blade.

Sky-rank blade technique, Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

Blade conscious!


Below the clouds of flames, the killing intent seemed to have met a formidable opponent.
It dissipated in an instant.

Mo Que slammed down on his head.

The flaming blade glow lashed out.


Yuwen Xuan widened his eyes, his pupils filled with burning flames.
He stared at the figure protected by the fire in astonishment.

The next moment, he was engulfed in flames.


After getting hit by the blade glow, the flames crashed into the arena below like a shooting star.
A loud explosion struck the audience stands, shaking the nearby buildings.


The arena turned dead silent again.

A moment later, the flames died down, and the lights disappeared.
The scene in the arena was finally revealed.

A hole covered with burnt marks and blade marks appeared in the middle of the arena.

A figure lay in the deep hole, face facing the sky.
His military attire was tattered, and he was covered in blood.


Yuwen Xuan coughed a mouth of blood.
He struggled to crawl up from the deep hole, looking as if he would collapse at any moment.

However, his pride wouldn’t allow him to fall.

“Yuwen Xuan… lost!”

“Pinch me.
Am I dreaming?”

“This recruit is incredible.
He defeated Yuwen Xuan.
He isn’t a human!”

The audience sitting in the spectators’ stand was astounded as they fervently discussed the result among themselves.

“He’s so powerful!”

The recruits from Yunkong Military Academy and Xingshan Military Academy were bewildered.
Their eyes were fixed at the figure in mid-air.
Their gaping mouths let out sighs, feeling utterly convinced.

He was a recruit just like them, but he was so outstanding.

Han Zhu’s throat felt a little dry.
He swallowed a mouth of saliva and said, “One winter break, and he has become stronger again.”

Wan Baiqiu remained silent for a moment before muttering, “Monster, pervert.”

Kong Li was at a loss for words.

Her little junior brother was terrifying!

At first, she felt that Wang Teng might suffer on the battlefield because he had never experienced the brutality of reality even though he was a genius.
Hence, she wanted Yuwen Xuan to rub his morale a little.

In the end, their roles were swapped.

The one getting rubbed was Yuwen Xuan!

Writer, this script isn’t right.

Just like the ones sitting beside him, Nie Jianqiang was also in disbelief.
At first, he hoped that Wang Teng could perform well and last for five minutes in the arena.
That would be a feat.

He didn’t expect Wang Teng to press Yuwen Xuan on the ground and push him back and forth.

This rubbing was a little ruthless.

He was thinking of a way to wrap up the battle.
The commotion today was unexpectedly huge.


The authority Yuwen Xuan had established in the military would definitely be affected after today’s defeat.
It would hinder his progress in the future.

Hopefully, this good young man wouldn’t be crippled.

Song Wanjiang sighed.
He shook his head.
No one expected this result.
Who would have thought that the one getting defeated would be Yuwen Xuan?

This situation was a little awkward.

They wanted to give the recruits an opening gambit, but after this performance, the effects were halved.

At this moment, Wang Teng was standing in mid-air and looking at the miserable Yuwen Xuan below.
A hint of embarrassment appeared on his harmless face.

“I’m sorry, did I use too much strength?”

Most of the people had just regained their composure.
When they heard his words, the corners of their lips twitched.

Why does it sound so infuriating!

“However, you are the one who asked me to give it my all.
I was afraid that you wouldn’t understand my true capabilities, so I didn’t hold back.
I didn’t do it on purpose or anything.” Wang Teng noticed that the atmosphere was a little weird, so he continued in an innocent tone.

“Pfft!” Yuwen Xuan vomited a mouth of blood from anger.
His vision turned black, and his whole body started trembling.

Everyone was dumbstruck by his words.

F**k, how shameless!

This fellow is horrible!

He won, but he still mocked his opponent.
So vicious.

This is revenge, right?

This must be revenge!

It’s so obvious!

Yuwen Xuan told Wang Teng that he should give it his all.
If not, he might not handle ten of his attacks.
Now, Wang Teng used his words to refute him.

‘I tried my best, but you’re the one who couldn’t even handle one attack from me.’

What a stab in his heart.

However… it felt refreshing for some reason.

The recruits from the three military academies felt invigorated.

Didn’t you veterans think that you’re amazing?

Didn’t you all come back from the battlefield?

Didn’t you all look down on us?

Look, you got defeated terribly.

Song Wanjiang felt his face twitching.
He turned to look at Nie Jianqiang and asked, “Has he always been so shameless?”

“Haha, he’s a little… hard to control.” Nie Jianqiang laughed awkwardly.

“Not just a little.” Song Wanjiang was speechless.

Still, if he had such an outstanding student, he would bear with him no matter how disobedient he was.

Compared to his abilities, his flaws were nothing!

However, he mustn’t let him fool around anymore.
This wasn’t a good time.
Song Wanjiang stood up and opened his mouth.
“Wang Teng won!

“I’m glad there’s such a talent in our recruits.
This means that we can kill more enemies.
The battlefield is forever changing.
One more formidable warrior means a higher chance of victory.

“But you have to understand that Wang Teng is different from you.
Geniuses are geniuses because they can do what you can’t.
All of you are a long-distance behind him.

“Hence, Wang Teng can be happy about beating Major Yuwen, but you all can’t.

“Remember your defeat today and take it as a warning.
The purpose of this drill isn’t to let you understand your ability.
It’s to teach you one thing: there’s always someone better than you.
At the same time, you all can have a taste of the slaughters on the battlefield.

“That way, when you enter the battlefield, you won’t let down your guard.
You will have more chances of survival…”

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