Chapter 403: Battlefield Awareness

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Yunkong Military Academy was utterly defeated.
All the recruits felt embarrassed and humiliated.

The recruits from Xingshan Military Academy and Huanghai Military Academy grew nervous.
They didn’t feel schadenfreude at all.
It would be their turn soon.

They had closely observed the duels just now.
These veterans were very experienced…

Wait, rather than saying they were experienced in battles, it was more accurate to say that they had battle awareness.

The battle awareness of these veterans was ingrained in their bones.

The recruits from top military academies knew this, but they couldn’t do anything.

Battle awareness couldn’t be formed within a day.
It required an accumulation of trials and tribulations.

The recruits from the other two military academies could only stare at the duel process, trying to cram whatever they could learn at the last minute so that they wouldn’t lose too miserably.

However, there was an exception.

Wang Teng yawned and silently picked up the attribute bubbles dropped during the last battle.

The battle between Yunkong Military Academy and the veterans was lopsided.
It ended in the blink of an eye, without any ultimate moves being used.

Hence, only a few attributes were dropped, most of them the five elements Forces.
There weren’t any mutated element Forces.

Well, it was better than none.

Fortunately, besides the normal Force attributes, there was a new attribute.

It was an attribute belonging to the veterans.

As the battlefield awareness merged into his body, images of the slaughter on the battlefield appeared in his mind.

Enlightenment was attained in moments of life and death.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel, and a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Battlefield Awareness: 56/500 (3-star)

This was an unexpected gain.

The battlefield awareness of the veterans was powerful.
Almost every veteran would drop three to five points of battlefield awareness in their duel.
After fighting with close to a hundred recruits from Yunkong Military Academy, Wang Teng received a few hundred points of battlefield awareness.
He skipped 1-star and 2-star and went straight to 3-star.

Wang Teng recalled the battles of the veterans and compared them with his current state.
He realized that most of the veterans were at 3-star for battlefield awareness.

Now, he wouldn’t have to worry about being trampled by the veterans during his turn.
It was hard to say who would be the one getting tormented in the arena later.

Unfortunately, Han Zhu and his friends still had to suffer.

He looked at Han Zhu and the other students.
Poor fellows.

This was the first time he had picked up an awareness attribute.
It seemed similar to spirit and enlightenment, but it was different too.

For instance, this battlefield awareness was a concrete technique.
It could be seen as a skill.

While Wang Teng was immersed in his thoughts, Song Wanjiang opened his mouth again and said, “Xingshan Military Academy can prepare to enter the arena now.”

The recruits from Xingshan Military Academy felt helpless when they heard this.

They knew that this was going to happen.
Huanghai was the strongest academy among them, so they would definitely be the last.
Hence, they had to go first.

After the instructor from Xingshan Military Academy arranged the fight sequence, a young man leaped onto the arena.

“Yu Jia from Xingshan Military Academy, 3-star soldier level.
Please take care of me.”

“Liu Di, 3-star soldier level.” A few veterans exchanged glances with one another, and one of them came into the arena.

They were all 3-star soldier level, so the veterans were casual in their attitudes.
Anyone that wanted to go could go into the arena.

The two of them started fighting directly without wasting any time.

“Xingshan Military Academy didn’t send their strongest participant.
Are they planning to struggle for a while longer?” Han Zhu pondered.

“Well, they might have a trick up their sleeve,” Wan Baiqiu said.

They stopped conversing and focused on the battle in front.
They didn’t want to lose too terribly.
Of course, if they could win, that would be the best.

The recruits from Xingshan Military Academy entered one by one.
Normally, most fourth-year students were 3-star soldier-level martial warriors.
However, all of them lost.

It was understandable.
Battle awareness couldn’t be learned in a fight or two.

Some people might think that they had grasped the gist after watching a few duels, but once the actual match started, their bodies wouldn’t be able to catch up with their thoughts.

“Ma Pengcheng from Xingshan Military Academy, 4-star soldier level, please take care of me.”

At this moment, a young man with thick eyebrows walked up the arena and shouted in a clear and loud voice.

“It’s him,” Han Zhu suddenly exclaimed.

“You know him?” Wan Baiqiu asked.
She was stunned for a moment.

“I saw one of his matches during the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
He isn’t weak, but he’s unlucky.
He met a powerful opponent early in the competition and got heavily injured in a vicious duel.
His final ranking was probably below 80.” Han Zhu felt pity for the young man.

The veterans send a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior too.

Both parties started their fight.
Ma Pengcheng was using a battle blade while the veteran used a long spear as his weapon.

An inch longer, an inch stronger.
In terms of weapons, the veteran had the advantage.

There was finally a change.
Ma Pengcheng didn’t lose immediately.
Instead, he managed to withstand ten moves, albeit precariously.

The recruits from Xingshan Military Academy felt invigorated.
They gathered their strength and stared intently at the duel in the arena.

If it weren’t for the important figures present on the scene, they would have started cheering for Ma Pengcheng.

The recruits lost terribly.
If Ma Pengcheng could win, or even fight to a draw, Xingshan Military Academy wouldn’t lose too much face in front of the powerful military figures.
Their result would be a little more eye-catching.

However, they didn’t know how difficult it was for Ma Pengcheng.
He was hanging in by his teeth, struggling to resist his opponent’s attacks.
He couldn’t find any chance to retaliate at all.

Their ability was on par, but the opponent was leading him by his nose.

“Do you think Ma Pengcheng can hold on for three minutes?” Wan Baiqiu asked.

“Maybe,” Han Zhu replied.

“Wang Teng, what do you think?” Wan Baiqiu turned to look at the person who almost dozed off.
She didn’t know what to think of this guy.

“He will lose within two minutes,” Wang Teng raised his eyelids and glanced at the duel as he replied to Wan Baiqiu.

Right then, Ma Pengcheng’s expression turned ugly.
He roared and swept his blade towards his opponent, hurling himself directly at the spear.

He was throwing himself in danger in order to hurt his opponent.

Many recruits were thunderstruck.

“Ma Pengcheng is going too far.
If he gets stabbed by the spear, he will be heavily injured.”

The veteran sneered.
His eyes suddenly widened, and an intense malicious vibe erupted from his body.

Ma Pengcheng was dumbstruck and paused for a split second.

This split second was enough to decide the winner.

The veteran leaned his spear against Ma Pengcheng’s throat.
If this was the battlefield, a bloody hole would have appeared on his neck.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu looked at Wang Teng as if he was a ghost.
This guy just mentioned that Ma Pengcheng wouldn’t last for two minutes and he got defeated instantly.

Wang Teng shook his head.

In the past, he had killed star beasts for practice.
As the number of star beasts he killed increased, he slowly started to gain killing intent.

These veterans killed many enemies, so they had killing intent on them too.

Ma Pengcheng got hit by his opponent’s killing intent without any warning and went into a daze for a second..
Although it was only a short moment, in front of a veteran with strong battle instincts, it was enough for him to secure his victory.

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