Chapter 402: How Miserable!

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Although Song Wanjiang’s voice wasn’t loud, it entered everyone’s ear clearly.
This was a merit of martial warriors.
They didn’t need loudspeakers.

The recruits below focused their attention on him.

Song Wanjiang quickly explained the rules and mode of this military drill.

To put it simply, the students could freely choose the challenge mode they wanted for this military drill.
Every recruit had to fight, and they were only given five minutes of performance time.

Their opponents were the veterans on the other side of the arena.

“I’ve finished what I have to say.
We will now proceed with the military drill.

“Let’s start with Yunkong Military Academy.”

Song Wanjiang sat down after he was done.

The recruits from Yunkong Military Academy were shocked.
They didn’t think they would be the first to go up.

This was the first time everyone was experiencing this military drill.
They had no prior experience, so they hoped they could watch others first.

The one who went up first would suffer.

But they had no choice.

The instructor from Yunkong Military Academy stood up from the spectators’ stand and leaped down with a tap of his feet.
He landed beside the recruits from his school and started arranging the fighting order.

On the other side of the arena, the veterans sat down cross-legged, calmed and composed.
They waited quietly.

Seeing them so composed, Wang Teng followed suit.
He remained silent and sat down cross-legged.
At the same time, he winked at Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu, signaling them to sit down.

The two of them hesitated.
They felt speechless too.

This fellow was so casual!

There was strict enforcement of the order in the military, though the rules were slightly relaxed for martial warriors.

However, with so many bosses present, who dared to sit down before they did?

Thus, a scene clearly stood out from the rest.

All the recruits were standing.
Only Wang Teng was sitting on the ground.

“This fellow is interesting.” Song Wanjiang smiled.

“I can’t see any respect for military orders on him.
Is he really groomed by a military academy?” the young male major frowned and asked.

“He’s a little… special.” Nie Jianqiang was a little furious inside.
Even though it was a small matter, Wang Teng was still embarrassing him.

The match hadn’t started yet, and he had already started creating trouble.

No wonder the president specially reminded him when he passed Wang Teng to him.

As expected, this fellow was hard to groom!

Suddenly, he felt fortunate that he didn’t allow Wang Teng to use the brick.
Who knew what ridiculous scenes that fellow would cause if he did.

Song Wanjiang glanced at Nie Jianqiang and smiled.
“It’s alright.
As martial warriors, we don’t need to go by the rules all the time.
We must listen to orders in important matters, but we don’t have to be so strict on small issues.”

His voice resounded through the arena as he spoke to the people below, “Those that aren’t fighting can sit.”

The recruits who were standing obediently immediately sat down.

“Look at how nervous you were,” Wang Teng said.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu rolled their eyes at him.
Sure, you’re amazing!

After some time, a recruit from Yunkong Military Academy stood up and applied strength in his legs.
He jumped onto the arena and said, “Ke Hua from Yunkong Military Academy, 4-star soldier level, please take care of me.”

“They sent a 4-star soldier level as the first candidate!” Han Zhu was surprised.

“There are so many bosses here, so the first match must be spectacular.” Wan Baiqiu was in deep thought.

Wang Teng kept quiet.
Judging from their words, he guessed that the 4-star soldier level was the highest among the Yunkong Military Academy recruits.

That wasn’t strange.
After all, in Huanghai, only Han Zhu had managed to reach the 5-star soldier level.

Someone stood up among the veterans.
It was a youth with tanned skin who looked slightly past 20 years old.
He tapped his feet on the ground and landed in the arena.
He smiled and said, “Shen Kai, 3-star soldier level.”

3-star soldier level!

Ke Hua’s expression changed.
The veterans sent a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Were they looking down on him?

Mind you, as fourth-year students, they had undergone many missions, so Ke Hua felt that he wouldn’t be any weaker than these military martial warriors.

He never expected them to underestimate him.

The recruits from Yunkong Military Academy were also furious.
These veterans were humiliating them by sending a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior to fight against their 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.

The recruits from Huanghai Military Academy and Xingshan Military Academy were startled when they saw this.

“They want to give us an opening gambit,” Han Zhu whispered with a stern face.

Aren’t they afraid of failing this seemingly easy task?” Wang Teng smiled and wondered aloud.

In the arena, Shen Kai took out his battle blade and pointed it diagonally at the ground.
He said, “Let’s start.
You only have five minutes.”

“Damn it, don’t look down on me!”

Ke Hua was infuriated.
He held his battle sword, and green Force light started glowing around his body.
He dashed towards his opponent.

He released all his strength the moment he attacked.
He waved his battle sword, turning it into multiple rays of green sword auras.
Shen Kai was surrounded in the center.


Force exploded.
The power was stunning.

Shen Kai remained indifferent.
The next instant, he charged right into the sword glow circle.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three sword lights landed on his body.

Ke Hua was elated.
He took a step forward and wanted to pursue his victory.

At that moment, a glistening blade appeared in front of his throat without any warning.

“You lost!”

A sword wound—no, a scratch, had appeared on Shen Kai’s face.
Fresh blood dripped down his cheeks, but he remained composed.

“How… How is that possible?” Ke Hua widened his eyes in shock.
He was in a daze.

He lost!

He lost to a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior!

And he lost so easily.
He was trounced.

Ke Hua felt confused.
He couldn’t accept the result.

He wasn’t the only one either.
The other recruits were flabbergasted too.

Were the veterans all so strong?

One move, and Ke Hua lost.
He didn’t even have the time to release his ultimate attack.
This was a devastating loss.

“As expected of martial warriors who have been on the battlefield.
Shen Kai grabbed the opportunity accurately and won using the easiest method with the least consequences.
Look at him.
He only has three wounds on his arms and face.
Those are all scratches, not serious at all.” Wang Teng shook his head.
“If this was war, Ke Hua would have been killed in a single move.”

“This is probably the difference between veterans and us.” Han Zhu smiled bitterly.

In the past, he was extremely confident of his ability.
But after Ke Hua’s loss, he was hesitant.
The difference was too much!

“You are treading on the brink of life and death when you’re on the battlefield.
They have gained their experience from the gates of hell.
We are still way behind,” Wan Baiqiu sighed and said.

“Is this what Instructor Nie meant by a little more powerful and slightly more experienced?” Han Zhu was speechless.

“Hmph, that old man can’t be trusted!” Wang Teng scoffed.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu: …

The battle lasted less than a minute.
The two parties went down the arena, and the next contestants went up.

There were close to a hundred recruits from Yunkong Military Academy, but they only spent slightly more than an hour competing.

The worst thing was, Yunkong Military Academy… was totally defeated.

No one was spared!

Some were defeated by veterans at a lower level.
Some were defeated by same-level martial warriors.
But none of them won.
It was tragic.

The face of the instructor from Yunkong Military Academy was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Damn it, everyone lost.
How ruthless!

He really wanted to curse.

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