Chapter 400: The Birth Of The Legendary Furnace

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The owner of the furnace pondered before asking, “What do you think is a suitable price?”

“Your furnace is a little higher than 7-star because a special material is used to forge it.
This is why it was preserved until today.
Nevertheless, it’s still a 7-star item.
I’ll give you 230 million for it.” Wang Teng contemplated for a moment before he opened his mouth.

“230 million? It’s only 30 million more.” The martial warrior couldn’t accept this price.
He shook his head and said, “I can’t agree to this price.
I feel that this furnace is worth much more.”

“Are you the alchemist, or am I? Why does your opinion matter?” Wang Teng asked angrily.

The martial warrior’s face turned red, but he straightened his back and said, “250 million.
If you don’t want it, I’ll rather spend some extra effort and bring it back to Earth to get it appraised by other companies.”

Wang Teng seemed to be hesitating.

“Forget it.
Money isn’t easy to earn.
This person isn’t a professional.
Why is he adding 20 million for nothing?” Wan Baiqiu felt speechless.

“I don’t think you should waste your money.
You can buy many things with 20 million,” Han Zhu also persuaded him.

They were used to being poor, so they were always careful with their budgeting.
They tried to make the most out of every penny, much less 20 million.

“I like this furnace, but I also think my friends are right.
I can’t waste my 20 million like this…” Wang Teng shook his head in disappointment.

“Let’s go.”

They turned to leave.
Just as they were about to step out, the man shouted behind them, “240 million!”

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu quickly pulled him towards the door when they noticed that he was moved.

The martial warrior finally gave up when he saw this scene.

He shouted, “You won, you won.
230 million it shall be!”

Wang Teng smiled.
Before turning around, he retracted his smile and said, “You should have said so at the start.
Why waste time?”

“Young man, I’m making a loss here.” The martial warrior gave a sad face.

“Come on, this is a good deal for you.
Even if you bring it back to Earth, you might not get this price,” Wang Teng said.

“That’s why I decided to sell it to you,” the martial warriors replied.

Let’s get straight to the point.
Can I use energy stones?” Wang Teng asked.

“Of course.
Energy stones are the best.” The martial warriors nodded.

Wang Teng used his spiritual power to take out 23 thousand yellow-rank low-class energy stones from his space ring and passed them to the other party.

The transaction was completed!

Wang Teng took the furnace and left with Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu.

After Wang Teng left, the three martial warriors smiled.

Taobao gave you 180 million, but you raised it to 200 million directly.
In the end, you sold it for 230 million.
These youngsters are so easy to fool.”

“Hahaha, I thought that 200 million was the limit, but the fish got hooked on voluntarily.
I earned an extra 30 million.”

“Meal’s on you.
You have to treat us today.”

“Come, let’s have a Force dishes feast by a Force chef master.
My treat.”

“I feel that you’ve lost out.
These martial warriors are wily old foxes with many experiences in the outside world,” Wan Baiqiu said as they went back.

“Who knows?” Wang Teng gave a mysterious smile.

“Are you saying…” Han Zhu was shocked.

“Is that furnace really a good item? Is it worth more than 230 million?” Wan Baiqiu whispered, her eyes shimmering.

“Hahaha, of course.
Luckily, you acted well with me and put on an amazing show.
If not, I might have had to spend more money.
Those three martial warriors were slippery.
They would not give me the furnace until they got the price they wanted,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

The two seniors were mindblown.

This result didn’t seem right.

They thought that Wang Teng had suffered a loss, but it seemed to be the three experienced men who got fooled.

So, Wang Teng kept his plans from them?!

This guy was evil!

“Quick, tell us what’s so special about this furnace?” Wan Baiqiu urged him.
She was extremely curious.

“This furnace is at least 9-star.” Wang Teng sniggered.

“F**k, you got lucky!” Han Zhu glared at him.

9-star furnaces were at least 400 million.

If that martial warrior knew that Wang Teng had fooled him, he might vomit blood.

Wang Teng didn’t have the heart to window shop anymore.
He went back to his dormitory and took out the furnace excitedly.
He sat down cross-legged and activated the fire Force in his body, forming a flame.

The furnace slowly floated into the air with the help of the fire Force.

Flames rose from the bottom of the furnace, and the entire furnace was submerged in the fire.
It burned furiously.

As the fire burned, the fire and cloud patterns on the surface of the black furnace suddenly gave off a crimson red glow.
The accumulated rust slowly fell off from the surface.

More than an hour later, a brand new furnace appeared in the middle of the room.

Its surface was pitch-black.
The fire and cloud patterns seemed to be burning.
Sometimes, they merged to become a dragon, while other times, they formed a phoenix.
There seemed to be many mythical creatures circling the furnace.
They looked lifelike.
You could tell that this wasn’t an ordinary furnace at a glance.


Wang Teng looked at the furnace happily.
He could confirm that this was indeed the furnace he thought it was.
Delight shone in his eyes.

His alchemy mostly came from the alchemists in the Xingwu Continent.
Among the knowledge he gained, there was an introduction to furnaces.
After all, to an alchemist, a furnace was an indispensable partner.

A good furnace could increase the success rate of their alchemy.

When he recited the functions of furnaces to the three martial warriors, he wasn’t just trying to scare them.
He was telling the truth.

High-class furnaces possessed many different functions.
They were rare.

But he found one today.

He struck gold!

This furnace was called Black Meteorite, a famous furnace in the Xingwu Continent.

Based on the knowledge in Wang Teng’s mind, since ancient times, more than ten legendary furnaces were born.

All these furnaces had extraordinary origins and experiences.

They had all been the personal furnaces of grandmaster alchemists in the past.

After a few rounds of handovers, some furnaces got lost in history.
Others were possessed by elite alchemist families, while some were in the hands of grandmaster alchemists.

After all, they were the only ones who could protect these treasures.

This Black Meteorite was one of the legendary furnaces in history.
It burned in lava for many years when a meteorite fell from space and landed in the mouth of a volcano.
This allowed it to have a special fire ability.
The meteorite was found by someone and passed through a few hands before finally landing in the arms of an acclaimed alchemist.
It was then forged into a furnace.

Black Meteorite had followed five grandmaster alchemists before.
However, 1500 years ago, its last owner died in an accident, and this furnace was lost forever.

Many alchemists searched high and low for it but to no avail.

Who knew that a thousand years later, these martial warriors from Earth would manage to find this furnace and give it to Wang Teng.


When luck came, no one could stop it.

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