Chapter 398: That Was… The Smile Of A Poor Person!

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After they finished the registration, Niu Li brought them to the residential area.
Black Sparrow City wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either.
All the basic facilities were present.

Wang Teng saw many shops along the way.
The students were startled.

Niu Li explained, “Black Sparrow City is controlled by the Black Sparrow Troop.
There are close to 80,000 soldiers here.
Martial warriors only take up less than 10% of the soldiers.

“Among this 10%, three out of five are military martial warriors.
The rest come from many different places.
Some are not tied to any factions either.
They would need various resources if they were to remain in the Xingwu Continent all year round.
Hence, organizations working with the military will open shops and sub-companies here.

“Not only do these shops sell resources, but they also purchase star beasts or items looted by martial warriors when they slaughter their enemies.”

“You can earn money too?” Wang Teng interrupted him suddenly.
His eyes lit up.

Niu Li paused.
He searched for the voice and realized that it was the student who had caught his attention earlier.
He was stunned for a moment.

He wanted to laugh when he saw Wang Teng’s greedy expression.
This fellow was indeed different.
He nodded and replied, “Yes, you can earn lots of money.”

Wang Teng felt that he had found an enormous business opportunity.
He planned to persuade Dan Taixuan when he had the chance.

As the disciple of the Black Sparrow Troop’s chief commander, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to open a small shop in this city.

However, he couldn’t be impatient.

The Wang family’s development must be made one step at a time.
An empire wasn’t built in a single day.

Everyone was speechless when they saw Wang Teng in deep thought.
Was this fellow thinking about doing business here?

He had so many ideas!

Niu Li smiled and shook his head.
It wasn’t easy to do business here.
You needed to be capable and have a strong background.
At the same time, you must have sufficient funds.

If not, the other big organizations would skin you and even eat your bones.

He continued, “There are some entertainment facilities too.
Martial warriors and soldiers have to relax occasionally since they’re always fighting and facing death on the battlefield.
If not, they would go crazy from all the pressure and depression.”

Everyone nodded.
This was a humane design.

Niu Li walked in front and introduced all the facilities to them.
Finally, they stopped in front of a residential area.

The residential area was huge and was designed like a district.
The buildings were simple and practical without any extravaganza.

There were many rows of five-story buildings lined up neatly.

“Alright, this is the residential area.
You will be living in block 26.
One room per person.
Find your room yourself.

“Your job today is to familiarize yourself with this place and tidy up.
We’ll start our military drill tomorrow.
Gather outside your dormitory building at 7 am tomorrow.
I’ll come and look for you.

“Also, there are many interesting places in Black Sparrow City.
You can visit them all you want.
However, I need to remind you not to barge into places you aren’t allowed to enter.
Control your curiosity.
If not…” Niu Li glanced at the students.
He revealed his white teeth and said, “You’ll be at the disposal of military law!”

The students’ expressions turned serious.

Military law? This wasn’t a joke.

They were all military students, so they understood what this meant.
They nodded obediently.

“Old Nie, if there’s nothing, I’ll make my move first.
Remember to find me for a drink after you settle your business.
I’m having a break for two days.
I can finally unwind a little,” Niu Li turned and said to Nie Jianqiang.

I’ll have a drink with you at night.” Nie Jianqiang smiled and agreed.

After Niu Li left, Nie Jianqiang looked at the students and said, “Let me briefly explain what the military drill is.

“The main purpose of this military drill is to test your abilities.
You are all newbies, so the military has to know your strength to better assign you missions.
Tomorrow, the veteran soldiers will fight with you.
They have more battle experience and sharper battle instinct, so be careful.

“If there’s no question, you can leave.
You can tour the city after you tidy up your rooms.”

He left after he finished speaking.
The newbie soldiers glanced at each other, not knowing what to do for a few seconds.

Then, they dispersed to find their rooms.

The rooms were probably assigned based on their rankings.
Wang Teng and his friends lived beside each other.

Before he entered his room, Wang Teng arranged with them to meet half an hour later for a stroll.

Wang Teng’s room number was 306.
He took out his military tag and scanned it on the knob.


The door opened.

The military tag had many functions.
They needed it to open their rooms, buy things, and enter the city.
It was like their identification card in the military.

Their military exploits would be recorded in their military tags too.
One scan and everything would be revealed.

Wang Teng entered his room.
The arrangement inside was simple.
There was a bed, a table, chairs, and daily necessities in the washroom.
No extra items were given.
This suited the style of the military.

All of them had one room to themselves.
Martial warriors were different from ordinary soldiers.
They needed to cultivate every day, and everyone had their secret skills.
If they stayed together, it would be extremely inconvenient.

Wang Teng toured the room.
There was nothing to tidy up.
The room was very clean.
All he had to do was to make his bed and sweep the place a little.

Half an hour later, Wang Teng and his friends walked out of their dormitory and strolled around the city aimlessly.

They went to the street with the shops and businesses.
They hadn’t noticed it before, but when they came closer, they saw many familiar names.

Taobao Offline Store!

Tencent Weapons Flagship Store!

Dami Rune Flagship Store!

Jindong Offline Store!

Tianmao Supermarket!

“Let’s go to the Tencent Weapons Flagship Store.
I heard that Tencent has released a new model of battle sword, and it’s exclusive to the Tencent Flagship Store.
Many people bought it,” Wan Baiqiu said.

“Isn’t your weapon a whip? Why are you interested in battle swords?” Han Zhu asked in surprise.

“What do you know? I only learned the whip because I don’t have any sword talent,” Wan Baiqiu retorted.

“Old Han, swords are loved by both men and women,” Wang Teng smiled and said.
He took the initiative and entered the Tencent Flagship Store first.

“Tsk, you are the ones who don’t understand.
Blades are the romance of men,” Han Zhu said proudly.
He held on to his own view.

“Have you forgotten that I’m skilled in both sword and blade?” Wang Teng sniggered.

“F**k!” Han Zhu was speechless.
He forgot that this fellow was a pervert.
He was well-versed in the sword and the blade.

The Tencent Weapons Flagship store was easily recognizable.

There was a fat and stupid-looking penguin outside the store.
It felt pleasing to the eye for some reason.

“Welcome!” A beautiful assistant immediately came forward to greet them.

“We want to take a look at the recently launched battle sword by your shop.” Wan Baiqiu was straightforward.

“Alright, follow me.” The assistant wasn’t surprised.
She brought them to the second floor and stopped in front of a counter.

There were already many people surrounding the counter.
They were all staring at a sword put on display.

“This is the newly launched Flamingo Model battle sword.
The main material is a rare ore found in the Xingwu Continent, the flamingo stone.

“Not only that, but our Tencent blacksmiths have meticulously designed a forging procedure for it.
This is how this newest model battle sword came into being.
Its power, flexibility, and sharpness are all better than the Crimson series…”

The assistant introduced the sword professionally before revealing the price.

“You don’t need to pay 500 million for this sword.
It doesn’t even cost 400 million.
To get this novel and powerful limited edition sword, you only need 399 million.

“Is anyone planning to get one?”

Han Zhu: …

Wan Baiqiu: …

The customers around the counter: …

“Hahaha, 399 million? This price is not bad.
Let’s take a look first.” Wan Baiqiu squeezed a smile on her face.

The customers around them gave a polite and refined smile.

This was… the smile of a poor person!

The beautiful assistant gave a mesmerizing smile too.
She nodded and said, “Alright, take your time.
If you have any intention of buying, please tell me.”

“No problem.
We’ll take a look ourselves,” Wan Baiqiu said.

After the assistant left, Wang Teng said, “399 million is not very expensive.
You are fourth-year seniors now.
You should be able to earn this money after completing a couple of missions.”

I have been doing missions for many years, but the most I have had on me is 200 million.
What’s more, the money would be gone in three days,” Wan Baiqiu complained.

“Seriously? How can it be so tough?” Wang Teng widened his eyes in surprise.
They were 4-star and 5-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Why were they in such a pitiful state?

“Most of our money is spent on cultivation resources.
Force skill scriptures and Force battle techniques are all expensive.
It’s hard to save money.” Han Zhu raised his head and looked at the sky with a longing expression.

He was yearning for more money!

Wang Teng shook his head.
He felt that… he was so lucky!

He didn’t need to spend money on skill scriptures.
He didn’t even need any dan medicines or energy stones.
All he needed to do was pick up attributes.
What a good feeling!

This was how he could save money.

Wang Teng lamented.

In the end, they left the Tencent store without buying anything.
Poverty had severely limited their purchasing power.

But poverty didn’t stop them from window shopping.

They entered the Taobao store next.
There was a wider range of items here with a similarly broader range of prices.
This was for the common people.

There were more customers in this shop compared to the Tencent store.

There weren’t any assistants, though.
The customer just needed to scan and pay for whatever items they wanted.
Then, they could bring the items back.

They took one look around the shop and came to the transaction area.

This was where the martial warriors would sell their items to the store.
They could bring any items here and check their quality and price.
If they found it suitable, they could sell it to Taobao.
If not, they could leave too.
It wasn’t compulsory to sell.

However, the items were all kept confidential.
Outsiders wouldn’t be able to see the items.
Wang Teng and his friends paced outside the transaction room.
They found it boring, so they wanted to leave.

At this moment, three martial warriors walked out, their conversation floating into Wang Teng’s ear.

“The price they gave us is not bad.
You should sell your furnace.
You’re not an alchemist.
It’s useless to hold onto it.”

“That’s right.
Hurry up and sell it so that you can exchange it for other resources.”

“Let me think about it.
You know the origins of the furnace.
I feel that it’s quite special.
It might be able to fetch a higher price.
Those people aren’t able to see the value of it.”

“Seriously, everyone knows that Taobao’s appraisers are professionals.
If they can’t tell the value, who else do you want to find?”

They walked further and further away as they chatted.
Suddenly, a voice was heard behind them.

“Misters, please wait for a moment!”

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