Chapter 397: A Dawdler Can Have A Dream Too!

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Black Sparrow Troop!

Black Sparrow City.

Just like the Crimson Tiger City, this city was named after the military troop.
There were garrisons situated all around the city walls like a military town.

The Force floating airship floated down from the sky, landing on a plaza outside the Black Sparrow City.

The Black Sparrow City was heavily guarded.
All the vehicles and Force floating airships had to be inspected first if they wanted to enter the city.

Wang Teng and the others came down from the Force floating airship under Nie Jianqiang’s lead.

There were already people waiting for them in the plaza.

“Old Nie, it’s you.” A soldier wearing a military uniform stepped forward.
He laughed loudly.

“Niu Li!”

Nie Jianqiang was startled.
He didn’t expect this man to welcome them personally.

Mind you, he was active all year round at the frontline.

In the past, a general-stage martial warrior claimed that Niu Li could fight with a team of a hundred elite soldiers alone.
His mobility and agility were better than a team of soldiers too.

All the teams he led had made outstanding contributions repeatedly on the battlefield.
They always played an important role during crucial moments.

Why would someone like him have the free time to welcome them?

“You seem shocked.
Are you surprised that I came to welcome you?” Niu Li laughed heartily.

“A little.” Nie Jianqiang nodded.
“You’re a busy man.
It’s hard to catch you normally.”

“I just finished a mission and came back for the handover.
When I heard that the elites from Huanghai were coming, I volunteered myself to greet you guys.
I hope to find some outstanding talents for my team, too,” Niu Li said.

“It’s rare to see you showing interest in a bunch of greenhorns.” Nie Jianqiang’s eyes turned bright.
He smiled and continued, “There are a few impressive students in this batch.
Let’s see if you can pick them out.”

“Oh?” Niu Li was astounded.
He looked at the students behind Nie Jianqiang.

One glance and his gaze paused.

There was someone he couldn’t see through.

“That student.” His gaze landed on a figure who was looking right and left.
He didn’t seem as obedient as the other students, neither did he act like a student from a military academy.
A smile appeared at the corner of his lips.
“Is he a troublemaker?”

“What do you think?” Nie Jianqiang asked cheerfully.

“Not bad.
But we will need to take him out for a gallop to see if he’s a mule or a horse.” Niu Li didn’t give him a direct answer.
“Come on, let’s chat along the way.
I’ll bring you all to settle your military identification first.”

Nie Jianqiang nodded.
He signaled the students to follow him.
Then, he said to Niu Li in a meaningful tone, “That fellow is different from the other students.
You must not look down on him.”

“Oh?” Niu Li was even more surprised.
However, he just smiled and didn’t say much.

Wang Teng followed the crowd.
He had noticed Niu Li’s gaze just now.

That man seemed to hold a high position in this troop.
Well, he can observe me all he wants.
No harm done.

Everyone passed the inspection and entered Black Sparrow City successfully.

Many students were burning with curiosity.
This was their first time visiting a military troop stationed in the Xingwu Continent.
They underwent proper military education in school, so they didn’t look right and left blatantly like Wang Teng.
Nonetheless, their pupils were spinning in their eyes as they sized up the city.

Wang Teng noticed that the Black Sparrow City was similar to the Crimson Tiger City.
The buildings were all simple and low.
There were military weapons everywhere, and they met patrols frequently as they walked on the streets.
It was almost the same.

Of course, the arrangements and infrastructure of the buildings were different.

Niu Li brought them to a three-story building.

The moment the soldier in front of the building saw Niu Li, he saluted with respect.
“Lieutenant Colonel Niu.”

Wang Teng was startled.

This ordinary-looking soldier was actually a lieutenant colonel.

He finally noticed the emblem on Niu Li’s shoulder—two silver stars.
This was the emblem of a lieutenant colonel.

Wang Teng had done some research in the past.
There were several levels in the military.

From the bottom to the top, there were: sergeant, company officer, field officer, general, and commander.
The colors representing them were yellow, blue, silver, crimson, and gold, respectively.

These levels were further segregated into different ranks.
They were differentiated by the number of stars.

It wasn’t easy to get a military title.
You needed to possess a certain ability and accumulate enough military exploits.

Wang Teng was only a low-rank sergeant.
He was given a military uniform in the past with one yellow star on it.

Although he had brought it along, he didn’t wear it.

Niu Li was a lieutenant colonel.
He must have achieved many military exploits on the battlefield.

This was a powerful boss!

Wang Teng could tell that he was at the 7-star soldier level too.
However, his military exploits threw him a thousand miles back.

It’s not difficult for me to become a colonel, right? Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself.

His ambition was never small.

He would aim for a colonel rank first.
Once he entered the general stage, he would consider becoming a general.

A dawdler could have a dream too!

Niu Li nodded and said to the soldier, “These are new recruits.
Bring them for registration and get them their military tags.”

“Yes, sir!”

The registration process was very simple.
After confirming their identity, their military tags would be made on the spot.

Although there were around a hundred students, it took less than an hour to get them assigned.

Wang Teng received his military tag.
There wasn’t much information on it, only his name and his military rank.

Junior sergeant.
This was Wang Teng’s rank.

He had a military rank.
Most new soldiers didn’t have a rank.

Wang Teng nodded secretly.
Then, he turned and looked at the military tag in Han Zhu’s hand.

Senior sergeant!


Wang Teng was confused.
Han Zhu’s rank was higher than him.

This didn’t make sense.

He peeked at Wan Baiqiu’s tag.

Senior sergeant!

Another one!

Wang Teng: …

“What’s up?” Han Zhu asked when he noticed Wang Teng’s strange expression.

Wan Baiqiu had seen it too.
She was puzzled.

“Why are you a senior sergeant? Aren’t military ranks hard to get?” Wang Teng asked in frustration.

“Oh, this.” Han Zhu understood.
“What’s so strange about it? We have been around for four years and took many military missions.
Look at Du Yu and the others.
They are junior sergeants too.”

“Haha, no wonder.” Wang Teng smiled in embarrassment.

It looked like sergeants were nothing.
He was too naive!

He needed to become a colonel if he wanted to show off.

“We earn military exploits to get our military ranks.
On the other hand, you were made a junior sergeant the moment you entered university.
Why aren’t you satisfied yet?” Wan Baiqiu was furious.

“Who says that I didn’t work hard? I had to battle with many seniors to keep my military rank.
The president threw me into a trap back then,” Wang Teng complained.

“I heard that you tormented the second-year students until they wanted to cry.
How can you be so shameless?” Wan Baiqiu looked at him with a weird gaze.

“Bullshit, I was just a naive freshman.
I could only shiver in fear under the pressure of the seniors.
You don’t know how hard it was for me at that time,” Wang Teng firmly denied it.

Was he that kind of person?

He would never bully his seniors.

The seniors behind him sobbed silently.


“Hah.” Wan Baiqiu and Han Zhu snorted..
This fellow wasn’t just sinister; he was thick-skinned as well.

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