Chapter 395: This Is A Basic Martial Warrior Skill

When school started, the first thing Wang Teng did was to look for Dan Taixuan.
Unfortunately, she had already left.
She wasn’t in school.

What about the surprise?

This liar!

Wang Teng was filled with hidden bitterness.

On the first day of school, the school broadcasted the rankings of the students who had participated in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.

Two students made it to the top ten.
This was an honor.
At the same time, it also represented the resources allocated to the school.

Many people understood this.
Those that didn’t were enlightened by the unintentional hints from others.

This was a good thing!

Resources were essential for martial warriors.

Their achievements had affected the whole university.
Unknowingly, Wang Teng and Han Zhu’s reputations soared.

Especially Wang Teng’s.
He was the champion.
It felt so unreal.

They were all freshmen, but why did Wang Teng seem like a fourth-year senior? Why were they still newbies?

Where did the issue lie?

The students were confused, but it didn’t stop them from looking at Wang Teng with pride.
To them, he was the leading figure of Huanghai Military Academy.

The students were elated.
The school was delighted.

Everyone was happy.

Huanghai would welcome an explosive growth period.
The strong would become even stronger.
Huanghai’s future was promising.

While everyone was still immersed in this glory, Wang Teng was called by Peng Yuanshan.
Close to a hundred students were gathered in the actual combat building.

Wang Teng saw many familiar faces.
Most of these students were the top 100 students of the school.
They had been defeated by him in the past.

Their faces turned black when they saw Wang Teng.

Getting defeated by a freshman was a stain on their reputation.

However, this fellow joined the National Number One Martial Arts Competition secretly and even became the champion.
They had to be convinced even if they didn’t want to.

Thinking about it, losing to a god’s favored child was nothing embarrassing.

Besides the students, Wang Teng also sensed a few powerful auras.
The instructors present were all 6-star and 7-star soldier-level martial warriors.
There were five of them.

That was not all.
There were also around seven 5-star soldier-level martial warriors.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.

“Old Nie, I’ll pass this fellow to you.” Peng Yuanshan spoke to a 7-star soldier-level instructor and left.

Wang Teng: ??

This was the school’s arrangement for him?

The instructor called Old Nie looked at Wang Teng and said, “You must be Wang Teng!”

“Nice to meet you!” Wang Teng greeted him obediently.

Although they were at the same level, he would give an instructor the respect he deserved.

“Not bad.
Come in.
We are all waiting for you.” Old Nie nodded.
He seemed satisfied with Wang Teng.


Han Zhu and his friends waved at him.

Wang Teng walked over.
He had gotten close to Han Zhu and his friends during the martial arts competition.

This was called forming a new social circle.

No one spoke.
They were waiting for Old Nie to open his mouth.

“Alright, since everyone is here, let’s get straight to the point.

“First, let me introduce myself.
I’m Nie Jianqiang!”

Everyone: …

Nie Jianqiang!

What a good name![1]

Everyone held back their laughter as they repeated the instructor’s name in their minds.
Nie Jianqiang continued, “We’ll head to the Xingwu Continent tomorrow and join the Black Sparrow Troop.”

His words were like a stone raising a thousand ripples on a lake’s surface.

No one was surprised that they were going to the Xingwu Continent.
All of them had been there, and they were already used to it.

But they were going to join the Black Sparrow Troop.
It was obvious that they weren’t going on a holiday.

What were they going to do?

What else? They must be going on the battlefield!

Missions in the Xingwu Continent were fraught with dangers.
Some of them had taken military missions before.
They were much more dangerous than normal missions.

However, no one had been on a battlefield.

Without a doubt, wars were even more dangerous than missions.

Death was common on the battlefield.
They might become one of the corpses on the ground the moment they joined the war.

Many people in the crowd were shocked.
However, there were some excited ones too.

“I can finally go on the battlefield.
I’ve been waiting for a long time.” Han Zhu’s eyes were glistening.

Wang Teng: ??

Is he a battle maniac?

“Why are you looking at me? You can only gain military exploits on the battlefield.
My ambition is to become a general,” Han Zhu said.

“Haha, a general.
Your dream is bold.” Wan Baiqiu glanced at him in disdain.

Old Nie had gathered them today to inform them of this matter and some other miscellaneous stuff.
They were dismissed thereafter.

“Let’s go to the logistics building to get some items,” Han Zhu said.

No one objected.
Items were sparse in the Xingwu Continent.
You might not be able to find any even if you had the money.
Furthermore, where were you supposed to buy them on the battlefield?

Exchanging items in school was much easier.
It was cheaper too.

No one was stupid.
They understood this logic.

They were all fourth-year students who had completed numerous missions over the past four years.
They were experienced in how to tackle different situations and how to prepare.

When they reached the logistics building, Han Zhu and the others started a shopping spree caring about their school credits.
They bought many different kinds of dan medicines, those that could replenish their Force and heal their injuries.
These were lifesavers.
There was no such thing as too many of them.

They also bought weapons and battle uniforms and replenished all the items they lacked.
It was as if they wanted to arm themselves to the teeth.

Wang Teng took a look at the items and bought a 9-star battle uniform.
He then started pondering on what to get.
He had to buy a rune bow and a rune gun.

Then, he remembered that he had a few hundred million given by Jixin Martial House.
It would be a waste if he didn’t spend the money.

Hence, he decided to buy the weapons from Jixin Martial House’s internal website.

Their delivery was fast, so he should be able to receive them tonight.

He looked at the dan medicines and realized that he could make all of them.
The quality of his dan medicines would be better too.

Hence, he only bought a few spiritual herbs.
He planned to make the dans himself.

Han Zhu and the others were puzzled.

“Why are you buying so many spiritual herbs?” Han Zhu asked curiously.

“You also bought a 9-star battle uniform.
F**k, you’re rich,” Wan Baiqiu shouted.

“Not really.
I’m not that rich.” Wang Teng kept his battle uniform and spiritual herbs.
He felt fortunate that he had earned a small fortune with Zhuge Xiaoliang last semester.
If not, he wouldn’t have all these school credits to spend.

“These spiritual herbs are for making spiritual dans.
I prefer making my own dan medicine.”

“Make your own?!”

“You know how to make dans?”

Han Zhu and the others were astounded.

“What’s wrong with that? This is a basic martial warrior skill,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

To hell with a basic skill.

If it is a basic skill, why don’t we know?

This fellow must be acting.

Han Zhu and the others glanced at Wang Teng in contempt.
They resented showoffs like him the most.

“Erm, can you help me make some?” The next instant, Han Zhu started licking his boots with a fawning smile.

“Me too, me too.” Wan Baiqiu jumped in instantly.

They had changed their attitude so quickly.

These two people trusted Wang Teng.
They didn’t even suspect if he could make them or not.

Du Yu, Zhang Fengyu, and the others were too shy to open their mouths.
They weren’t as close to Wang Teng as Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu.
At the same time, they doubted whether Wang Teng was able to make the dans.

I have to make them anyway, so adding two more portions won’t make a difference.
However, you need to prepare your own spiritual herbs.” Wang Teng didn’t reject them.
To him, making these dans wouldn’t cost him much time.

This was how fast an efficient man was!

“No problem!” The two seniors replied instantly.
They immediately searched for the relevant spiritual herbs and passed them to Wang Teng.

[1] Jianqiang means to persevere in Chinese

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