Chapter 394: Sudden News And Going Back To School

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In the cafeteria, everyone was astonished to see Wang Teng sitting beside the president and chatting happily with him, just like Fu Tiandao.

The Tiger Warrior Team sat together.

Lin Zhan gave a bitter smile.
“That fellow is full of surprises.
I’m afraid he came here today to meet the president.”

“We are still struggling at the grassroots, yet he has already climbed to the top,” Yan Jinming lamented.

“Let’s work hard to reach the 5-star soldier level as soon as possible.
By then, we will be high-rank martial warriors,” Lin Zhan said.

“Advancing to 5-star soldier level isn’t that easy.” The others shook their heads bitterly.

They had spent so much time and effort to crawl to the 4-star soldier level.
Imagine how hard they had to climb to reach 5-star soldier level.


Extremely difficult!

On the other side, Xu Jie and his friends glanced at one another with bewilderment in their eyes.

That was the president of the Jixin Martial House.
He was a general-stage martial warrior and Wang Teng was sitting beside him! He was chatting with a boss-level character!

They looked at themselves.
They were still high school students!

The three of them suddenly felt a wide trench between them and Wang Teng.

All of them went through the same nine years of compulsory education.
Why was Wang Teng so outstanding?

They couldn’t find an answer.

Wang Teng didn’t know what others were thinking.
At this moment, he was struck dumb by something Ye Jixin had said, “A dimensional rift linking to Darkland has appeared on Earth.”

Wang Teng was appalled.
His gaze changed as he asked, “Are you sure?”

Fu Tiandao felt dry in his throat.
He swallowed his saliva uncontrollably.

Ye Jixin made sure that only the three of them could hear his voice.
This was a general-stage skill.

“It’s true.” Ye Jixin knew that they wouldn’t be able to accept this at once.

Dark apparitions were frightening.
The Xingwu Continent had suffered terribly because of them, having been plunged into the abyss of misery.

Fortunately, Earth wasn’t affected yet.

However, a dimensional rift connecting to Darkland had appeared on Earth.
The implications were serious.

“How’s the situation there?” Wang Teng asked after a long moment of silence.

“We can still control it.
The dimensional rift isn’t connected to Darkland directly.
It requires one to jump from the Xingwu Continent to Earth.
We’re lucky to have discovered it early, so our people are stationed in the Xingwu Continent.
However, no matter how we spin it, a dimensional rift has appeared.
This means that Earth is no longer safe,” Ye Jixin said.

Wang Teng heaved a small sigh of relief.
There was still some buffer time.
If the dark apparitions invaded Earth without any warning, they would suffer a devastating blow.

“Where is the dimensional rift?” he contemplated before asking.

Ye Jixin hesitated.
“Since you’re already a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior, you will know it sooner or later.
There’s no harm in telling you first.
The dimensional rift is at Beijiang.”

“Beijiang.” Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.

Beijiang was a vast territory with a sparse population.
It was relatively safer for the dimensional rift to appear there.

If it had appeared in a densely populated city, it would have been a catastrophe.

Ye Jixin read his expression and said, “I know what you’re thinking.
It’s indeed easier to control the dimensional rift there, but it’s still on our land.
We’ll need to work together to overcome this obstacle.”

Wang Teng nodded.
Without a doubt, a large number of martial warriors would be dispatched to Beijiang.

“Just like I’ve mentioned before, the main battle is in the Xingwu Continent.
The battlefield will only come to Earth if things go out of control there.” Ye Jixin said, “I’m telling you this because you are part of the Jixin Martial House.
You can prepare beforehand with this knowledge.

“Your school will probably tell this to the students who meet their requirements and arrange for you to go to the battlefield.
The country has groomed you all for so long.
It’s time to repay your nation.”

When Wang Teng left, Jixin Martial House released the remaining money from the SSS-grade contract to him.
He could use it any time.

However, those hundred million were dispensable to him.
It didn’t affect him much.
He had progressed too quickly, so this money had lost its value in his eyes.


Wang Teng was in deep thought as he went home.
He wouldn’t shirk from his responsibility as a martial warrior.
However, his parents and families were ordinary people.
They had no chance against dark apparitions.

I must become more powerful quickly.
Once I reach a certain height, my family will get more protection.
Wang Teng thought to himself.

At the same time, he passed the dan medicines, weapons, and rune items he made to Wang Shengguo.
He asked his dad to develop the family’s business as fast as he could.

In the past, Wang Teng was afraid of other martial warriors, so he didn’t dare to let his family advance too quickly.

But he was a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior now.
He believed that he could advance to the general stage soon too.

Also, many important figures had taken notice of him.
Although they didn’t say much, their attention alone was an invisible form of protection.

The higher authorities also understood this.

They couldn’t touch the family of a talented martial warrior who had the potential to reach the general stage.

Most people weren’t blind and wouldn’t dare harm the Wang family even if they affected the interest of others’ businesses.

Wang Teng hoped that the Wang family would become more powerful so that they could ensure their own safety without him.
After all, he wasn’t at home most of the time and couldn’t take care of everything.
He had to rely on the country to protect them.

In comparison, he still believed in his own strength more.
Relying on yourself was better than relying on others.

For the next few days, he stopped being lazy and started cultivating with all his focus.
However, before school started, he still had to visit some people.

On the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, he went to visit his headteacher in high school.
Wang Shengguo might have given his headteacher some money to take care of him, but he couldn’t deny his teacher’s concern towards him.
He was amiable most of the time and turned a blind eye whenever he took a leave or slept in class.

Where else could he find such a good headteacher?

He should visit him during the Chinese New Year.

Wang Teng didn’t forget to bring gifts along.
Fan Weiming was elated upon seeing Wang Teng.
He beamed from ear to ear as he accepted the gifts.

This is a good student.

He’s not only talented, but he’s also sensible.

Fan Weiming had watched the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, so he knew Wang Teng was the champion.

At that moment, he was stunned.
His student became the champion.
It all felt like a dream.

How old was he? He had just graduated from high school not long ago and was already so impressive.
How far could he go in the future?

During the Chinese New Year, he kept boasting to his wife and son.
He claimed that Wang Teng managed to achieve this glory because he took care of him during high school and educated him properly.

Not only did he boast to his family, but he also boasted to his neighbors too.
His wife and son knew his character, so they didn’t take his words to heart.

However, never in their dreams did they expect Wang Teng to visit him personally with gifts.

His wife and son were overwhelmed, especially his son, who wanted to go the martial arts path.
He admired Wang Teng and was thrilled when he saw the real person.
He kept pestering Wang Teng with questions.

In the afternoon, Fan Weiming persuaded Wang Teng to stay for lunch.
It was hard to turn down his great hospitality, so Wang Teng agreed.

This meal caused a huge commotion.
Fan Weiming told everyone about Wang Teng visiting him when he went out to buy groceries.
He was afraid that his neighbors would miss this news.

On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, Wang Teng met with Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and a few of his friends.

They couldn’t chat properly at Jixin Martial House, so they had agreed to meet up later.

Xu Jie and Yu Hao had changed tremendously.
Following their practice of martial arts, their energy and vitality also changed.
You could tell that their families had supported them greatly.

“Our families knew that you entered Huanghai Military Academy and were present at your graduation banquet.
They were envious when they saw the huge changes you brought to your family.
Therefore, they hoped that we could attain some achievements and contribute to our families.
Unfortunately, they don’t understand how tough the martial arts path is.
To reach your level, talent is the key component.
We aren’t as talented as you,” Xu Jie complained.

“That’s right.
Brother Wang Teng is the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
There’s only one of him in the entire country.
How are we supposed to compare to you? Our parents are so naive,” Yu Hao said with a forced smile.

This was what they called ‘other people’s child.’

They talked about many things, most of them related to martial arts.
Martial arts was the trend now, and all of them planned to go on this path.
Their conversation naturally circled around this topic.

Honestly, Wang Teng was shocked when he learned that Bai Wei was practicing martial arts too.
He didn’t ask her for a reason, though.

As they chatted, Wang Teng realized that she was quite gifted.
She didn’t practice much and still managed to become an intermediate-stage martial disciple.
She had an easier time than Yu Hao and Xu Jie.

The two young men expressed their jealousy openly.
They couldn’t be compared with Wang Teng, and Bai Wei was stronger than them as well.

Based on Bai Wei’s progress, she might be able to take a step further before the university entrance exam.
It would allow her to enter a good university.

After the gathering ended, Wang Teng sent her home.

Bai Wei bit her lips.

“Don’t think too much.
Continue practicing.
The times have changed.
You can only protect your loved ones if you become stronger.” Wang Teng understood how she was feeling.
He paused for a moment before he continued, “If you face any troubles, don’t hesitate to find me.”

“Okay.” Bai Wei smiled.
She said firmly, “I’ll definitely catch up with you and not lag too much.”

“I’ll wait for you,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

School started before the end of the Chinese New Year.
Wang Teng said goodbye to his parents and returned to Huanghai Military Academy.

All the students had come back.
Wang Teng saw Hou Pingliang and his friends on the way.

The moment they met, they rushed towards Wang Teng and punched him violently.
“F**k, you’re too amazing!”

“Boss, do you need a sidekick?” Song Shuhang asked shamelessly.

“Dad, you need a son?” Lu Shu was even more shameless.

“Seriously!” Wang Teng didn’t know what to say.

He knew why they were acting like this.
For the past few weeks, everyone who saw him would remember that he was the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
He felt frustrated hearing it all the time, but he could only get used to it.

“I can’t sense how strong Brother Teng has become.
I feel like I’m facing a frightening beast when I’m in front of you, a beast that can step me to death with a single foot.” Baili Qingfeng was extremely tense.
He looked as though Wang Teng was going to kill him.

Wang Teng: …

Hou Pingliang: …

Lu Shu: …

Song Shuhang: …

“Baili, when will you change your personality? Why do you think that everyone wants to kill you?” Wang Teng placed his hand on his shoulder and asked helplessly.

“I’m a kind man.
Maniacs always want to kill a kind man like me,” Baili Qingfeng replied.

“Do I look like a maniac?” Wang Teng felt speechless.

Baili Qingfeng hesitated.
“Erm… no.”

“You hesitated.
Oh my god, you hesitated!” Wang Teng pointed at him with wide eyes.
This brat really felt that he wanted to kill him.

“Cough, I didn’t.
I just think that you’re dangerous.
I can’t beat you, so I don’t feel safe around you,” Baili Qingfeng said.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

This man’s mind worked differently for sure.
He might have a screw loose.

Hou Pingliang and the others chuckled.
With Wang Teng’s ability, it wasn’t easy to see him suffer a loss.

“How powerful are you now? Will you still be studying with us?” Hou Pingliang suddenly asked.

“I’ll have to wait for the school’s arrangement.” Wang Teng shook his head.

There was no way he could cultivate with the other freshmen, but he couldn’t drop his studies either.
He needed to continue studying.
At the same time, he didn’t want to waste too much time on it since he just had to pick up attributes.

Special circumstances required special treatment.
The school would have already sorted it out for him..
They should have come up with a suitable curriculum.

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