Chapter 393: Meeting The Principal Of Jixin Martial House

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Ever since Lin Chuhan came to have a meal with his family, their relationship gradually became closer.
After all, they had already met each other’s parents.

Huh, why did it feel a little weird?

By right, shouldn’t they confirm their relationship before meeting their parents?


It was past 11 pm.
Wang Teng ended his conversation with Lin Chuhan and started pondering on this problem.
After a few seconds, he shook his head.
He didn’t want to think too much.

Their relationship was going at a steady pace, so there was no need to force anything.
Everything would fall into place at the right time.

Today was the fourth day of the Chinese New Year.
Although holidays were meant to relax, he didn’t ease up his training.
He continued to cultivate at night.

There was nothing special about a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.

If he didn’t use his spiritual power, he wouldn’t be able to handle a single blow from a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He was too weak.

He must continuously improve himself!

He mainly relied on picking up attributes, but the accumulation of practices and cultivation also played an important role.
They might be the extra push he needed during a crucial moment of his breakthrough.
It would be a pity if he failed because he relied on the system only.

He sat cross-legged on his bed and started cultivating under the moonlight.

Wang Teng stayed at home most of the time.
Of course, he went out a few times.

On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, he adhered to his promise with Fu Tiandao and came to Jixin Martial House.

Today, the president of Jixin Martial House would come to inspect the Donghai branch.

Wang Teng had long heard of this legendary figure.
When he first embarked on the martial arts path, he chose Jixin Martial House because of this general-stage martial warrior.

Wang Teng washed up and ate his breakfast.
Then, he prepared to go out early in the morning.

“Where are you going?” Li Xiumei was puzzled.
A second later, her eyes lit up.
“Are you going on a date with Lin Chuhan?”

Wang Teng had been eating and lazing around at home for the past few days.
She had never seen him waking up so early and wearing formal clothes.

He must be going on a date!

Wang Shengguo glanced at his son from the top of his newspaper.
Did his son finally learn what he had to do?

“No.” Wang Teng felt speechless looking at his parents’ expressions.
Did they really think that he couldn’t find a wife? He explained in frustration, “The president of Jixin Martial House is coming to Donghai today.
He says he wants to meet me, so I need to go.”

“The president of Jixin Martial House!” Wang Shengguo was shocked.

The martial arts academies were opened to the public, so normal people had a better understanding of them.
The top three martial arts academies were more widely known, and hence, the general-stage presidents of these martial arts academies were household names.

Naturally, Wang Shengguo also knew about the president of Jixin Martial House.
Even Li Xiumei was familiar with his name.

“He wants to see you?” Wang Shengguo asked again.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.
“Alright, I have to leave.
It’s not good to be late.”

“Go on, go on.” Li Xiumei hurried him.
“Oh right, do you need to prepare any gifts?”

“There’s no need for that.
He wants to meet our son because he has high hopes for him.
With his status, there’s no need for those things,” Wang Shengguo replied.

Wang Teng waved his hand and left his house.

Jixin Martial House.

Wang Teng reached early.
The president wouldn’t be here so early, but he saw Fu Tiandao.

“You’re here!” Fu Tiandao smiled.
“You haven’t been here for a long time.
Come, let’s walk around.”

“I’ve been busy with cultivation.
I went to the Xingwu Continent some time ago and only came back for the year-end exam.
Then, the National Number One Martial Arts Competition started.
I would have come if I had the time,” Wang Teng explained.

Fu Tiandao nodded.
He understood.
“No wonder you’re so powerful.
You’re talented, but you work harder than others.
This is a rare trait.”

Wang Teng nodded to himself.
Even others could see that he was working hard.

He was a good, hardworking child!

He felt proud in his heart, but his mouth said, “I’m not that hardworking.
Just a little.”

Fu Tiandao: …

He had heard of how shameless this young man was.
The rumors were true.

Fu Tiandao brought Wang Teng to the martial disciple building.

Wang Teng felt emotional when he saw the familiar environment.
This was where he had started.
At that time, he woke up bright and early just to collect those small attributes.
Those were the tough days.

They went from the first floor to the third floor.
Wang Teng even saw Yu Hao, Xu Jie, and Bai Wei practicing hard on the second floor.
They were intermediate-stage martial disciples.

Wang Teng called them.

“Brother Teng!” They were surprised.

“Brother Teng, why are you here?” Bai Wei asked.

“I came to take a look.” Wang Teng smiled and didn’t say much.

They exchanged greetings and agreed to meet soon.

On the third floor, Wang Teng saw Zhang Shaoyang.
When Wang Teng left, he was already an advanced-stage martial disciple.
Although he had improved greatly, he was stuck at the advanced-stage martial disciple level.

Practicing martial arts was extremely difficult for a normal person.

Zhang Shaoyang belonged to the average category.
After all, geniuses were rare, or they would be everywhere.

Zhang Shaoyang felt complicated when he saw Wang Teng leaving.
He sighed.

The person who used to train with him had already reached such heights.
He found it hard to accept the difference.

But what could he do? He couldn’t be compared to him, so he had to train even harder.

Fu Tiandao brought Wang Teng to the martial warrior building.
It was Chinese New Year, so many martial warriors didn’t go to the Xingwu Continent.
They would gather in the martial arts academy for training whenever they had the time.

They weren’t newbies.
Many of them recognized Fu Tiandao and greeted him.

All of them got curious when they saw Wang Teng standing beside Fu Tiandao.
They started discussing among themselves.

“Who is that youngster? Principal Fu seems polite around him.”

“Could it be a genius from some martial arts elite family?”

“Where did your eyes go? He is Wang Teng, the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.”

“Oh my god, no wonder he looks familiar.
It’s him.”

“He’s so young.
I heard that he’s at least at the 6-star soldier level.”

“Is this what we call a genius?”

“Does it feel good to be admired by others?” Fu Tiandao smiled and asked.

“Too much fame will make you lose yourself.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“You don’t act like a youngster at all,” Fu Tiandao complained.

“I’m so handsome and young-looking.
How am I not a youngster?” Wang Teng touched his face proudly.

Fu Tiandao: …


They arrived on the fourth level and saw Lin Zhan and the Tiger Warrior Team.

Lin Zhan was heavily injured in the Xingwu Continent.
Fortunately, he had consumed many high-class dan medicines and managed to recover completely over the past few weeks.
He was in the middle of a duel at the moment.

A crowd was gathered around the contestants, cheering them on loudly.
It was a lively scene.
When they saw Fu Tiandao, they hurriedly greeted him and cleared a path for him.

“You all are having fun.” Fu Tiandao laughed heartily.

“Staying at home is boring.
Our bones are getting rusty,” someone said.

“Hahaha, as a martial warrior, I can’t stand it when I don’t move for three days.
It has been more than that.” Someone chuckled beside him.

“My wife forced me to stay at home since I’m always out.
I gained more than 5 kg, you know.
If I don’t start practicing soon, I’ll get tormented by others when I return to the Xingwu Continent.”

The spectators shared their complaints one by one, livening up the atmosphere.
It seemed that Fu Tiandao never put on any airs when he was around the members.
They could converse with him casually.


Lin Zhan threw his opponent off the ground with his battleax.
Force exploded in the violent impact.
It looked like Lin Zhan had also been working hard.

“I’m not fighting anymore.
Lin Zhan, your ax is as powerful as always.” The martial warrior opposite him waved his hand.

“Hahaha, let’s fight again next time.
Don’t disappoint me.” Lin Zhan laughed.

Liu Yan and the Yan siblings stopped too.
They were dueling in team mode.
They knew when to stop.

Wang Teng called them when he saw them walking down the arena.

“Wang Teng!”

They were pleasantly surprised and quickly gathered around him.

“It’s been a while!”

“I heard that you became the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
Impressive,” Liu Yan praised him highly.

“Moderately impressive,” Wang Teng replied.

“You’re still as cheeky as ever.” Liu Yan rolled her eyes.

Yan Jinyue covered her mouth and giggled while Yan Jinming and Lin Zhan shook their heads.

“You left in a hurry last time.
I didn’t manage to thank you properly,” Lin Zhan said.

“Let’s not be polite with each other.”

They talked about their current circumstances as time quickly passed.

At 10 am, the president of Jixin Martial House came.

Everyone waited in the plaza and saw a row of sedans driving into the martial arts academy.

A bunch of men in black swarm down the cars.
They gathered around the luxurious sedan in the middle and waited respectfully.

The car door opened, and a middle-aged man got out.

“President!” Fu Tiandao quickly went forward and greeted the man with respect.

“Old Fu, it has been a while.
How have you been?” Ye Jixin patted his shoulder and smiled.

“Everything has been going well.
Thank you,” Fu Tiandao replied.

They chatted as they walked into the martial arts academy.
The martial warriors around them were also excited.
They discussed in low voices.

“Is that the president? His aura is so powerful!”

“Of course.
He’s a general-stage martial warrior.
Among all the general-stage martial warriors in the country, he’s one of the top few.”

“I’ve only heard of his name in the past.
Today, I finally got to meet him.”

Ye Jixin waved his hands at everyone.”Thank you for everything you’ve done for the Jixin Martial House.”

“You’re too kind!”

“That’s right.
President, this is what we should do.”

“Without the grooming and protection of the martial arts academy, we won’t be where we are today…”

Wang Teng could see that everyone had a strong sense of belonging to the Jixin Martial House.
But he could understand them.
It was extremely difficult for normal martial warriors to rise in rank.
Martial arts academies gave them this chance.

You could say that many people would never be able to find another opportunity without martial arts academies.
Some could, but they were the minority.

Ye Jixin toured the martial arts academy and accompanied everyone for lunch in the cafeteria.
Wang Teng and Fu Tiandao sat beside him, one on each side.

Ye Jixin smiled at Wang Teng.
“I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time.
I finally got the chance today.”

“I’ve admired you for a long time too,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“I saw your performance during the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
Honestly, I have to admit that you’re quite outstanding,” Ye Jixin said.

“You’re flattering me.”


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