Chapter 392: As His Girlfriend!

The Lin Family.

Mother Lin thanked Wang Teng again.
Then she went to Father Lin’s room, probably to inform him about the incident just now.

When Wang Teng came up, he had sensed Father Lin standing in front of his room.
He was preparing to come out, but he went back after he saw Wang Teng.

Wang Teng shook his head secretly.

By right, a man should stand up when his family was getting bullied.

However, Father Lin’s condition was special.
An outsider would never understand the pain and despair he was going through without experiencing the sufferings personally.

Even more, this was his past comrade.

An abnormal gaze or even a hint of compassion or pity was enough to break a man down.

He did plan to help his family.
If Wang Teng didn’t arrive, he would have come out.

At this moment, Wang Teng and the Lin siblings were chatting in the living room.

“I have to thank you again.” Lin Chuhan felt warm in her heart when she looked at Wang Teng.

He always appeared whenever she needed him.

Was this fate?

“Don’t do that.
You have thanked me enough,” Wang Teng replied.

Lin Chuhan fiddled with her hair.
She suddenly remembered something and asked, “Oh right, why were you looking for me?”

“Cough, erm…” Wang Teng’s heart jumped, feeling nervous for no reason.
He coughed awkwardly and saw Lin Chuxia looking at him with curious eyes.
He said, “Why don’t we talk outside?”

“Why are you hiding it from me?” Lin Chuxia was unhappy.

What secret is it? Why does he have to hide it from me?

“Little girl, what do you know?” Wang Teng glared at her.

A man had things he didn’t want to say in front of others.
He had his shy moments too.

“What is it? Why are you so secretive?” Lin Chuhan was puzzled.

“Come with me.” Wang Teng forced himself to keep a straight face.

However, Lin Chuhan still saw a hint of uneasiness in his expression.
She was startled.
She shook her head and chuckled secretly before following him out.

At the door, Lin Chuhan said, “Alright, you can speak now.”

Wang Teng glanced at the door and felt speechless.
“Lin Chuxia, I can see you.
Go back into the house.
Don’t even think of eavesdropping with me here.”

Lin Chuxia poked her head out and pouted.
“Alright, alright.
I knew that I couldn’t fool you.”

She kept turning her head to look at them as she walked into the house unwillingly.

Wang Teng finally opened his mouth.
“Erm, my mom, wants me…”

He felt as if his words were stuck in his throat.
He paused three times before he finished the sentence.

Lin Chuhan got nervous.

Wang Teng’s mother mentioned her?!

What did his mother want?

For the first time, Lin Chuhan felt that Wang Teng was too slow.
Why couldn’t he finish the sentence in one go? She urged him, “Wants me to do what?”

“She wants you to come to my house for a meal.” Wang Teng gritted his teeth and finally said it.

What is it so difficult!

To think that he was not afraid even when facing a 9-star soldier-level or a general-stage martial warrior.
He could mock them without any fear.

Even when he was teasing ladies in the past, he did it smoothly.

Yet today, he felt so anxious and afraid while asking this lady to see his parents.

What an embarrassment.

“Your mom wants me to have a meal together?” Lin Chuhan widened her eyes in disbelief.
She blushed immediately.

“Erm… yes.
That’s it.” Wang Teng relaxed when he noticed that she was even more anxious than him.
He nodded like he had it all under control.

Lin Chuhan: …

What did he mean by that’s it? Stupid bastard.

He was passing the baton to her.

Lin Chuhan glared at Wang Teng and turned around, showing him the back of her head.
She said, “I’m not going.
We’re not that close.
Why must I go to your house?”

“Not close?” Wang Teng felt speechless.
“My mom gave me an order to bring you home.
Are you really not going?”

“That’s your problem,” Lin Chuhan said.

“I’ll go back and tell her that you don’t want to come,” Wang Teng said.

“You!” Lin Chuhan was furious.
If he did that, his mother wouldn’t have a good impression of her.

“Haha, come on, my mom just wants to see you and thank you for the help you gave me in the past,” Wang Teng said shamelessly.

“I didn’t help you.
You were the one helping me,” Lin Chuhan replied in a helpless tone.
She found his expression a little funny.

“Don’t say that.
I used to be a bottom-feeder in the past.
Without the positive influence from a star student like you, I wouldn’t have turned over a new leaf and gone on the right path.” Wang Teng was talking nonsense.
He dumped all the benefits of his rebirth and the system on Lin Chuhan.
She didn’t know the truth anyway.

As expected, Lin Chuhan believed him.
She believed that she had influenced Wang Teng and felt a little happy.
However, she maintained the proud expression on her face and said, “That’s the result of your hard work.
It has nothing to do with me.
What’s more, you’ve helped my family so much.
How can I accept your mom’s gratitude?”

“My mom says that she must thank you.
If you don’t come today, she will find time to pay a visit to your family.” Wang Teng rolled his pupils and released his trump card.

Lin Chuhan was astounded.

Oh my god, come to my house?!

Lin Chuhan shuddered when she thought of the scene.
This was too scary.

However, she wasn’t stupid.
She reacted an instant later and stared at Wang Teng with suspicion.
“Are you sure you’re not lying?”

“Why will I lie to you? You can come to my house and ask my mom if you don’t believe me,” Wang Teng said confidently.

Lin Chuhan was speechless.
“In the end, I still have to go to your house.”

“Come on, it’s just a simple family lunch.
Nothing will happen.
If you’re worried, you can bring Chuxia along.
She’s been to my house before and is more familiar with my parents.
You should feel at ease with her around,” Wang Teng continued persuading her when he noticed she was contemplating it.

“I can bring Chuxia?” Lin Chuhan wavered.
Wang Teng was good at convincing people, so she found it hard to reject him.

“Of course.
No problem at all.” Wang Teng nodded without any hesitation.

Lin Chuhan hesitated for some time.
Suddenly, she bit her lips and asked, “Tell me, what’s my identity?”

A smile appeared at the edge of his lips as he looked at Lin Chuhan’s expression.
He moved closer and whispered beside her ear, “My girlfriend.”

“Ah!” Lin Chuhan screamed in shock and shoved Wang Teng away.
Her beautiful face turned red, including her long neck and her pretty ears.

“Who wants to be your girlfriend?” She ran into her house like a gust of wind.

Wang Teng smiled and shook his head.

Women would never tell the truth.

A man must be thick-skinned if he wanted to be the one in command.
His timid actions earlier were all an illusion.

Wang Teng nodded to himself.

That wasn’t him.
He was just setting up for this moment.

When Wang Teng walked into the house, Lin Chuhan had regained her composure.
She had already told Lin Chuxia about it too.

Lin Chuxia seemed relaxed.
She said calmly, “Brother-in-law, you were not acting like yourself, so I thought you had some secrets.
But was this it?”

Wang Teng was speechless.
This young lady was looking down on him.
“You’re just a kid.
What do you know?”

Lin Chuxia didn’t retort.
She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and sniggered in her heart.

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes at Wang Teng, her eyes filled with emotions.

He didn’t know how Lin Chuhan had explained it to Mother Lin.
Anyway, they spent some time preparing.

When they left the Lin family’s house, Lin Chuhan was carrying many bags in her hands.
She looked exactly like Wang Teng the last time he visited them.

Wang Teng felt his head turning numb when he saw Mother Lin’s delighted expression.
He fled frantically with Lin Chuxia and Lin Chuhan.

Deer Garden, Wang family.

Wang Teng parked his car and brought the Lin sisters to his house.
He had already sent Li Xiumei a message along the way.

The moment they stepped into the house, Li Xiumei welcomed them enthusiastically.
Her gaze immediately landed on Lin Chuhan.

“Auntie!” Lin Chuhan called shyly.

“You must be Chuhan, right? Wang Teng has been talking about you all the time.” Li Xiumei smiled as she looked at the young lady.
She pulled her hand and led her into the house.

He mentions me to his mom? Lin Chuhan glanced at Wang Teng.
She was surprised.

̄へ ̄

Wang Teng looked at Li Xiumei bitterly.
When did he talk about her? His mother’s words could easily cause a misunderstanding.

“Auntie, do you still recognize me?” Lin Chuxia ran beside Li Xiumei and asked.

Li Xiumei looked at Lin Chuxia’s face and exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh my, you must be Chuxia.
Wang Teng told me that you’ve recovered.
I almost couldn’t recognize you.
You’re so pretty.”

“Yes, I have recovered all thanks to Brother Wang Teng,” Lin Chuxia nodded and replied.

“That’s great, that’s great.” Li Xiumei smiled as she led the two sisters into the house.

As for Wang Teng, who cared about him?

Wait, there was a small kid that remembered him.

Doudou was playing in the living room.
When she saw Wang Teng, she stumbled and ran over immediately.


Wang Teng carried her and raised her high up.
She giggled happily.

Seeing this scene, Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were confused.
They didn’t know that Wang Teng had a younger sister.

When Lin Chuxia came to the Wang family in the past, she hadn’t seen Doudou.
Hence, she felt even more puzzled.

Wang Teng couldn’t explain Doudou’s past in front of her, so he used voice transmission to explain to Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia.

The two ladies were enlightened.
When they looked at Doudou again, there was compassion in their eyes.

Everyone went to the living room.
Li Xiumei prepared some snacks and fruits and called the Lin sisters to eat.

As the old saying went, three women make a market, four a fair.

After the initial awkwardness, the three ladies, with the help of Li Xiumei’s enthusiasm, mixed freely with one another and had a great time chatting.

Wang Teng couldn’t interrupt them at all.

Doudou secretly whispered to him, “Brother, who are these two sisters?”

“They are my friends,” Wang Teng whispered back.
“Do you want to play with that sister?”

Doudou tilted her head and thought for a moment.
She then nodded.

She didn’t have any playmates, so she got a little excited when she saw Lin Chuxia.

“Go ahead.” Wang Teng smiled.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” Doudou was concerned.

“She won’t.
She’d love to play with you.
You’re so cute,” Wang Teng comforted her.

“Really?” Doudou still hesitated.

“Of course.
Why will I lie to you?” Wang Teng patted her back and looked at her in encouragement.

Doudou gathered her courage and walked towards Lin Chuxia.

Lin Chuxia was puzzled when she saw the little girl walking towards her nervously.
Wang Teng explained the situation to her through voice transmission.
She smiled and waved at Doudou.

Lin Chuxia was still young, and she didn’t have any playmates when she was a child.
Hence, she hit it off with Doudou.
The two little girls started playing happily with each other.

After some time, Li Xiumei went to prepare lunch.
Lin Chuhan didn’t want to sit around doing nothing, so she joined her.

Little White flew back during lunch.

Wang Teng took out some star beast meat and passed it to Lin Chuxia and Doudou.
He allowed them to feed Little White.

The two young ladies were immersed in the feeding process.
They had a lot of fun.

If Li Xiumei hadn’t asked them to wash their hands and eat lunch, they wouldn’t have stopped playing.

By the time Li Xiumei and Lin Chuhan finished cooking, Wang Shengguo had come back.
He widened his eyes in surprise when he saw Lin Chuhan walking out of the kitchen with the dishes.

What is this?

Did I step into the wrong house?

He was in a daze.

Before Li Xiumei urged Wang Teng to leave the house, he had already gone out to visit some business partners.
Hence, he didn’t know that Lin Chuhan was coming to visit.

Lin Chuhan was stunned for a moment too.
She greeted him hurriedly, “You are Uncle Wang, right?”

“You are?” Wang Shengguo felt that this young lady looked a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he saw her.

“Dad, she’s Lin Chuhan,” Wang Teng walked over and introduced Lin Chuhan.

“Oh right, no wonder you look familiar.
Your headteacher showed me your photo when you were still in high school.
However, this is my first time seeing you personally.
You are prettier in reality,” Wang Shengguo patted his forehead and exclaimed.

“You flatter me.” Lin Chuhan felt a little embarrassed.

Li Xiumei carried some dishes and walked out.
“Wash your hands quickly and get ready to eat.”

All the dishes were placed on the dining table.
Everyone sat down and started eating.
Li Xiumei kept taking food for Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia.
Lin Chuhan almost couldn’t handle her enthusiasm.

Wang Shengguo would ask Lin Chuhan a question or two about her studies every now and then.
He was satisfied with this future daughter-in-law.

He felt he had made the right decision to get Lin Chuhan to be Wang Teng’s table buddy in high school.
He enjoyed the benefits of a favorable position.
What a wise move.

After lunch, Lin Chuhan stayed at Wang Teng’s house a while longer and chatted with Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo.
Then, she bade farewell to them and went home.

Naturally, Wang Teng sent the sisters back.

Once in the car, Lin Chuhan loudly burped.
She finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Wang Teng smiled.
“How do you feel?”

“They’re so friendly!” Lin Chuhan had lingering fears.
“If I eat like this every day, I’ll grow fat.”

Wang Teng burst out laughing.

“Why are you still laughing?” Lin Chuhan complained.

“Food is a blessing.
Even if you put on 10 kg, you won’t be fat.
You’ll just have a full figure,” Wang Teng said.

“No way, I don’t want to,” Lin Chuhan replied angrily.

“I think it was delicious.
I hope that I can eat delicious food every day,” Lin Chuxia patted her stomach and said longingly.

“Foodie!” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes at her sister.

“If you like, you can come to my house more.
My mom will love it,” Wang Teng said.



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