Chapter 389: Seeking Repayment From Others

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The first day of Chinese New Year.

Everyone received an astonishing piece of news when they woke up in the morning.
Donghai got attacked by hooligans on new year’s eve.

They felt that it was madness just hearing this news.

New year’s eve was supposed to be a day of reunion for families.
Why would someone stir up troubles on this day? What agenda did they have?

An ordinary person was unable to understand the thoughts of the evil clan.
They could only curse with righteous indignation, “Crazy bastards!”

Wang Teng didn’t care about what happened online.
It wasn’t his job to worry about it.

He was just a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior, so he just needed to take care of his own family.
There would be higher authorities pacifying the public and dealing with the aftermath.

Wang Teng called Lin Chuhan and confirmed that nothing happened after he left.
He finally felt at ease.

He stayed at home and accompanied his family for two days.

Li Xiumei couldn’t bear to see him lying around at home anymore.
Hence, she called him to invite Lin Chuhan over for dinner.

When he wasn’t at home, she would miss him terribly and urge him to come home quickly.

Yet after he stayed for a few days, she couldn’t stand it anymore and reprimanded him with disdain.

Hmph, are you even my biological mother?

Alright, alright.

Wang Teng changed out of his pajamas and tidied up his appearance.
Then, he drove to Lin Chuhan’s house.

Along the way, he saw many damaged buildings.
In the past, the streets were always busy this time of the year, but now, everyone was scared and didn’t dare to leave their houses.

When he was a couple of blocks away from Lin Chuhan’s house, Wang Teng called her.
The moment the call connected, he frowned.
“Why is it so noisy?”

Lin Chuhan hesitated.
“Something happened at home.
What’s the matter?”

“Why? I can’t look for you without a reason?” Wang Teng asked.

“That’s not what I mean…” Lin Chuhan panicked.
Her issue at home might be on her mind, so she didn’t have the time and effort to explain to Wang Teng.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore.
I’m near your house.
I was going to look for you anyway.
Wait for me.
I’ll help you resolve it.” Wang Teng hung up without waiting for Lin Chuhan’s reply.

He had already heard some things on the phone.
There was a woman’s voice, and she didn’t sound friendly.

By right, most of Lin Chuhan’s family problems were solved.
Why did someone come to pester them now?

Wang Teng was only a few hundred meters away from her house.
He stopped right outside her door and knocked on it.

Lin Chuxia opened the door instantly.

It looked like Lin Chuhan had asked her younger sister to open the door upon learning that Wang Teng was coming.

“Brother-in-law, you came at the right time.
Someone’s way over his head and wants to force my sister to marry him.” Lin Chuxia spurted out an astonishing piece of news the moment she saw Wang Teng.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
His gaze turned cold as he said with a slight smile, “Come, let me see who’s so powerful.”

Lin Chuxia pulled Wang Teng and ran upstairs.

On the second floor, in the living room.

A couple dressed lavishly and a young man was sitting on the sofa, looking like they were the host here.
Their faces were covered with haughtiness and superiority.
They seemed to feel that they were honoring the other part with their presence.

The rich lady sitting among them was talking non-stop.
“My dear, our families have known each other for many generations.
When Old Lin got into trouble, our family helped you greatly.
Why are you still hesitating?

“Also, Zijin is an outstanding martial arts student from Donghai Technology University.
He’s already a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior at this age.
How is he not suitable for Chuhan?

“You should know about the chaos yesterday, right? Without the protection from the martial warriors, normal people like us will be in danger.
My son helped the City Protection Bureau to catch evil clansmen on new year’s eve.
He has netted great contributions.
The higher authorities can’t wait to reward him.”

The rich lady wore a proud expression as she complimented her son.
She couldn’t stop.

The young man beside her straightened his back, his gaze arrogant.
He sneaked a peek at Lin Chuhan.

Every time he saw Lin Chuhan’s face, he would be stunned.
He didn’t know that the ordinary-looking little girl from back then would become so beautiful one day.

Donghai Technology University and Donghai University were both situated in the university town.
They weren’t far from each other.
As a result, news of the popular figures in the school spread quickly between the universities.
It was normal for him to catch rumors about the famous campus belle of the other university.

Wang Zijin saw Lin Chuhan in a photo uploaded on his school’s website.
He was struck dumb.
Then, he accidentally found out about the history of the two families.

He persuaded his parents to come to Lin Chuhan’s family and make her his.
After all, there was no chance for him to chase a campus belle like Lin Chuhan in school.

and Mrs.
Wang knew the condition of Lin Chuxia’s family.
In the past, because of friendship, they had helped the Lin family occasionally.
However, they slowly discovered more about Lin Chuxia’s strange physique.
She couldn’t be cured even after spending a large sum of money on treatments.

They felt that the Lin family was a bottomless pit, so they didn’t want to be attached to them anymore.
Gradually, they distanced themselves from the Lin family.

This time, they couldn’t bear the pleas from their son, so they had to come.
After asking around, they learned that Lin Chuxia had already recovered from her illness.

If not, they wouldn’t have come to the Lin family to propose marriage.

The Wang family thought that with their family’s condition, the Lin family would agree to their request without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, Mother Lin and Lin Chuhan didn’t buy their nonsense.

Mother Lin frowned slightly when she heard this.

The Wang family avoided them in fear in the past.
She understood their thoughts, so she didn’t mind their actions.

Whether or not they helped her, it was their choice.
She understood.
There was nothing to complain about.

However, they hadn’t had any interactions for many years, and she had returned them all the money she owed.
Yet, they came today suddenly and spoke in such an overbearing manner as if they were giving them a favor.

Did they think that she owed them a few million?

She was disgusted at how they blackmailed her with repayment.

Mother Lin took much effort not to flare up.
She said unhappily, “Mr.
Wang, Mrs.
Wang, I’m thankful for your help in the past.
However, Chuhan has the right to decide her own marriage.
I’ll not interfere in it.”

“Look at what you’re saying.
What ideas will a child like her have? I think we can make the decision together and let the youngsters cultivate affection for each other later.
After they graduate, they can get married,” the rich lady said.

“Aunt, you don’t have to persuade me anymore.
I will not agree,” Lin Chuhan said coldly.

“Sigh, what are you saying? I’m talking to your mother.
Why are you interfering? Don’t you know your manners? After you enter the Wang family, you need to change this habit.” The rich lady raised her eyebrows and spoke to Lin Chuhan with disdain.

“Enough!” Mother Lin couldn’t bear it anymore.
She stood up abruptly and shouted, “I will educate my own child, not you.
I don’t think she has said anything wrong.
If there’s nothing, please leave.”

“You…” The rich lady’s chest heaved up and down furiously.
Her face turned green in anger.
“You’re so ill-mannered..
Is this how you treat your benefactor? We are doing you a favor by allowing your child to marry into our family.
Why are you holding your heads so high? Do you think that you can be arrogant just because you gave birth to a beautiful daughter?”

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