Wang Teng looked at the additional row at the bottom—Blank Attribute: 60.

He touched his chin.
At the moment, he was in a dilemma.
How should he use this blank attribute?

He scanned the attributes panel from top to bottom.

Well, let’s try one by one.

Wang Teng started by adding some blank attributes to Enlightenment.
The 83 points of Enlightenment jumped a little and became 83.1!

Ratio 10:1.

Wang Teng nodded to himself.

He added some blank attributes to Spirit.
Similarly, his spirit attribute increased by 0.1.

It had a ratio of 10:1 too.

Then, he added some attributes to his fire and ice talent.
Both of them increased by one point.

Ratio 1:1.

When he reached his Spiritual Sight, he thought that the ratio would be the same.
Wang Teng added 1 blank attribute point, but Spiritual Sight only increased by 0.1.
The ratio was 10:1.

Spiritual Sight is a more advanced talent? Wang Teng couldn’t help but think this way.

He continued experimenting.
He realized that the Force at the bottom and all the Force skill scriptures, as well as the battle techniques, were all 1:1.

However, he couldn’t add any blank attributes to his Overall Battle Power.

It looks like I have to raise the other attributes to increase my Overall Battle Power. Wang Teng pondered.

After the round of experiments, he had used up 11 blank attributes and was left with 49.

Wang Teng contemplated for some time.
He added 20 points to his fire Force and used the remaining 29 points on the Fire Kirin Sword Skill.


Specialization was better than knowing a little of everything.

He had a limited number of blank attributes, so he could only upgrade one attribute as quickly as possible.

Enlightenment: 83.1

Spirit: 12.2

Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (11/300) Beginner stage ice talent (13/300), Spiritual Sight (beginner stage 1.1/10)

Force: 62/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

5/100 Ice (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

Scripture: Red flame scripture (foundation 2/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 2/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (mastery for fist, sword, blade, footwork), gun skill (small achievement), Fire Kirin Sword Skill (foundation 40/100), Phantom Ice Fist (foundation 9/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks)

Overall Battle Power: 191

Blank Attribute: 0

He looked at the changes in his attributes panel and nodded in satisfaction.

Blank Attribute is a good thing.
I hope there’s more of it! Wang Teng exclaimed in his heart.

However, he also knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get so many blank attributes at once.
That gigantic crow was extremely powerful.
That was why it had dropped so many attributes.

Such incidents relied on luck!

If that mysterious martial warrior didn’t appear, he would be dead.
He wouldn’t have the chance to pick up the attributes.

He shouldn’t wish for good luck to fall into his laps!

Wang Teng shook his head and adjusted his mentality.

In the afternoon.

The first lesson in the afternoon was with their headteacher, Fan Weiming.

He walked into the classroom and said sternly, “Students, the university entrance exam is two weeks away.
You must use your time wisely for revision.
But remember to rest properly too.
Adjust your schedule and don’t fall sick.
When you go home, ask your parents to make good food for you.
Eat nutritiously…

“Also, the Ministry of Education just released a statement.
They said that there are some changes to the martial arts course exam.”

All the students looked at him.

Wang Teng suddenly got more interested when he heard this.

There would be changes made to the university entrance exam every year.
He wondered what these changes were this year.

Also, it was related to the martial arts course exam.

Fan Weiming opened his mouth under everyone’s anticipated gazes.
“There will be an increased enrollment for the martial arts course this year.
Intermediate stage martial disciples can also participate in the martial arts course exam now.”

“Increased enrollment!”

“Is that true?”

“Intermediate stage martial disciples can participate too? Does that mean that I have a chance to get into the martial arts course?”

Many students were excited, especially those that had reached the intermediate stage.
They virtually danced with joy.

The beginner stage martial disciples were in low spirits, though.

There were only five advanced stage martial disciples in Donghai No.
1 High School.
But, there were many beginner stage and intermediate stage martial disciples.

This was a huge piece of good news for intermediate stage martial disciples.

The university entrance exam was a turning point in life.

If they joined the martial arts course, they would be able to enjoy more resources.
This would give them a higher chance of becoming martial warriors in the future.

In the past, many people were unable to become advanced stage martial disciples before turning 20.
Hence, they couldn’t get into the martial arts course and couldn’t become martial warriors.

This year, the martial arts course was increasing the quota.
Their chance was finally here.

How could they not be excited!

“Alright, settle down.
Wait for me to finish speaking.” Fan Weiming clapped his hands.

The students gradually became silent.
They looked at Fan Weiming.

Fan Weiming said, “If there’s anyone who wants to apply for the martial arts course, remember to register with me at my office within this week.
The dean’s office needs to compile the number and send it to the Ministry of Education.

“You will only be given your identity card for the exam if you register.
Without this identity card, you will not be able to take the martial arts course exam.
Please remember this.”

He paused for a second before continuing.

“However, there’s one thing you need to inform your parents clearly.
There’s an actual combat assessment with a certain risk.

“The internet is well-developed, so all of you probably know that there’s a particular risk.
However, you might not have an idea how high the risk will be.

“Let me tell you then.
There’s a specific death rate for the actual combat assessment.
If the death rate doesn’t exceed this benchmark, the authorities won’t take any notice of it.
That means that if you die, you will just be dead.

“Thus, if you are not confident, don’t have the idea of leaving things to chance.
I’d rather you repeat a year and take the exam next year.

“Okay, I’ve said everything.
Prepare your textbooks.
We are starting our lesson.”

Fan Weiming gave the students some time to digest the news after he finished speaking.

As expected, the students below started discussing in hushed voices.

“There’s a death rate? I always thought that you would get injured at most.”

“I’ve asked a senior before.
He said that no deaths have occurred for the past two years.
Was he lying to me?”

“Maybe not.
Even if there weren’t any deaths for the past two years, what about the earlier years?”

“I should go back and research carefully.
If there’s a death rate, I need to consider it carefully.”

Some students were frowning.
The happiness a moment ago had subsided a little.

“Ah… If I want to participate in the martial arts course exam, I need to start doing my ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’.
There are only two weeks left.
There’s not enough time!” someone suddenly shouted.

“Oh right.
I haven’t started reading the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’.
How am I supposed to take the exam?”

“They’re making it difficult for us.
Why didn’t they inform us earlier…”

The topic got steered in another direction.
A moment ago, they were still worried about the death rate.
Now, they were all stumped by the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’.

Wang Teng shook his head.
It was just an increase in seats.
That had nothing to do with him.
His current ability was enough to deal with the university entrance exam.

“Huh?” Wang Teng suddenly turned his head.
He noticed that Lin Chuhan’s emotions seemed a little weird.

Her eyes were shimmering, but there was hesitation and fear on her face.

“Class Monitor Lin, are you an intermediate stage martial disciple?”


Wang Teng thought of a possibility.
He couldn’t help but ask her, “Are you thinking of applying for the martial arts course too?”

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