Chapter 388: A Nationwide Uproar

The Wang family.

After the alarm turned silent, Grandpa Wang and the others sat in the courtyard and waited for Wang Teng to come back.

They had gotten some information from Chai Yu.
To them, these evil clansmen were a bunch of maniacs.
Also, the commotion caused by high-rank martial warriors was frightening.
Just listening to their battle was enough to make people’s hearts jump to their throats.

The Wang family was worried about Wang Teng when they didn’t receive any news from him.

“Leader Chai, are you sure you can’t contact my son?” Wang Shengguo walked over to Chai Yu and asked him for the third time under Li Xiumei’s nagging.

Wang, I don’t know where Wang Teng is, so I can’t contact him.” Chai Yu smiled bitterly.
However, he still replied to him honestly.

He couldn’t afford to provoke the Wang family now.

If there wasn’t a need, he didn’t want to offend them, especially his parents.

Thus, even though they continued questioning him, even though he didn’t have an answer and was starting to feel irritated, he had to remain patient.

“Look, someone uploaded their battle online.
This looks like Brother Wang Teng,” Wang Haoran suddenly shouted.

“What! Show me!” Grandpa Wang grabbed his crutch tightly.
You could tell that he was extremely nervous.
Wang Haoran and Li Xiumei hadn’t said anything, but Grandpa Wang had already turned to look at Wang Haoran.

“Grandpa, look, Brother Wang Teng is so impressive!” Wang Haoran held his phone and ran towards Grandpa Wang.

Everyone gathered over instantly.

In the video, Wang Teng was flying in the air.
He slashed a fiery blade glow with his blade and chopped the evil clansman to death.
Everyone felt high-spirited.

“Grandpa, look, there’s more!” Fang Qianwen shouted excitedly too.

She was already dashing over.

Everyone was crowding around Wang Haoran’s phone, so she couldn’t squeeze in.
However, she also wanted to watch the video.
In the end, she decided to just search for it herself.
To her surprise, she found another one.

This was a video of Wang Teng helping Fu Tiandao kill the 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.
By right, no one should be nearby, but someone controlled a drone and filmed this high-ranked martial warriors’ battle accidentally.
This person planned to film fireworks at first.

His device was high-class, and it was filmed at a close distance, so the clarity was better than the previous video.

Everyone saw Wang Teng carrying a huge cannon and firing at his opponent from afar.
They exchanged glances with one another when they watched this scene.
Their expressions turned weird.

He looked powerful, no doubt, but his way of fighting seemed a little… sneaky!

Erm… it must be an illusion.

“Cough, looking at his way of fighting, he’s serious about protecting himself.
He’ll be fine.” Wang Yanan coughed awkwardly and reassured the others.

“That’s right.
He’ll be fine.”

Everyone nodded as if they understood what was happening.


At this moment, Little White, who was lying lazily at the side, cawed.

“What is it?” Everyone was shocked.

The next second, a figure landed from the sky.
It was Wang Teng.

“Is everyone alright?” Wang Teng looked around and asked.

“We’re fine.
On the other hand, your battles seemed intense.
Are you hurt?” Li Xiumei went forward anxiously and sized up her son.

“Mom, I’ve told you that I’m very powerful.
The evil clansmen are like rats scurrying around the streets.
No one is my match,” Wang Teng boasted while straightening his chest.

The moment he finished speaking, he saw everyone staring at him strangely.
The kids looked as if they wanted to say something.

“What’s with that expression?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

We saw your battle video.
You are indeed very strong.” They all shook their heads and pretended to be amazed.

It was true that they thought Wang Teng was powerful.
However, the image they just saw made them want to laugh.

Wang Teng stared at them curiously.
He felt that their expressions were strange, but he couldn’t understand why.

He stopped thinking about it and turned to look at Chai Yu.

Before he could say anything, Chai Yu spoke up sensibly.
Wang, since you’re back, we will take our leave.”

Wang Teng nodded and thanked them.
“Leader Chai, everyone, thank you.”

“You’re too polite.” Chai Yu hurriedly waved his hand.
Then, he left with his men immediately.

Wang Teng watched them as they left.
He turned and spoke to Grandpa Wang and the others, “Mom, Dad, Grandpa, let’s go inside.
Everything is settled.
There’s nothing to worry about.”

Grandpa Wang felt that his family was very fortunate when he saw how Chai Yu and the other martial warriors treated Wang Teng.

In the past, the people from the City Protection Bureau were always conceited.
They never laid their eyes on the Wang family and would never send people to protect them.

Things changed over time.

He felt gratified.
He looked at Wang Teng and nodded with a smile.
“Alright, let’s go back.”

After he went in, his relatives asked him about the chaos again.
Wang Teng chose what to tell them and alleviated their uneasiness.

The younger ones found videos online and watched them with interest.
Occasionally, they would exclaim loudly and gather around to comment together.

Wang Haoran and Fang Qianwen were younger, so they were filled with admiration for Wang Teng when they saw his fighting scenes.

If the adults hadn’t pulled them away, they might have continued to pester him the whole night.

Wang Yalong and Wang Yanan were shocked too, but they felt complex at the same time.
They felt that their cousin was from an entirely different world.

The adults wanted to watch the videos after Wang Teng’s explanation, but they suddenly realized that the videos were gone.

Those videos had been deleted!

The higher authorities had acted.
They didn’t want those gruesome and bloody scenes to spread to too many people.

However, they left some of the videos for the public.
These were the less brutal ones.

The higher authorities had decided to release more information on martial warriors to the public, but they needed time.
They wanted to take it slow, lest they overwhelm them all at once.

Of course, with the advancement of the internet, many people had the good habit of searching online whenever they heard a piece of news.
Thus, many ordinary people still saw the videos, and it caused a huge uproar.

The frightening impact of a martial warriors’ battle made the ordinary people appear nothing.

A real life-and-death battle was full of blood and gore.
Normal civilians had never experienced anything like it.

In the past, they only knew that martial warriors were powerful.
The publicity of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition allowed more people to have a deeper understanding of martial warriors.

However, the impact wasn’t as direct as the chaos tonight.
It was a ghastly scene.

Donghai was an important city in the country.
Yet, even such a city couldn’t escape harm.
As ordinary people living in this area, they didn’t have any sense of security.

In front of these man-made disasters, they had no way of retaliating.

Many people felt small and helpless.
The powerlessness of not being able to control their lives made them apprehensive.

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