Chapter 387: Put On Another Show!

Wang Teng felt that there was a need to notify others about the presence of the dark apparitions.

However, he couldn’t tell them that he knew about the dark apparitions because he picked up dark Force attributes.

If he said that, he might get cut into pieces and taken to the laboratory for an experiment.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He had a rough idea in his mind.
If he was able to find the corpse of the martial warrior who dropped this dark Force attribute, he might be able to discover something.

After making up his mind, he started searching for the corpse as he calculated his gains.

Besides the increase in his seven elements, his spirit and enlightenment rose too.

Enlightenment: Enlightenment (295/1000)

Spirit: Emperor Realm (332/1000)

Martial warriors would drop these two kinds of attributes the moment they died.
Hence, these two attributes saw some improvement too.

High-rank martial warriors had high enlightenment and spirit, so they dropped more attributes than low-rank martial warriors.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel and sighed.

Fortunately, he had the contributions of the high-rank martial warriors.
If not, he didn’t know how long he needed to take to break through to the emperor realm.

The other changes were from the talents and scriptures he picked up.

It was a great harvest, but Wang Teng still sighed.

He would be happy if all these attribute bubbles came from the martial warriors from the evil clan.
But he couldn’t deny the fact that part of them came from Donghai martial warriors.

He wasn’t a compassionate person, but it still made him irritated.

This was new year’s eve, yet this accident happened.
Many Donghai martial warriors lost their lives, breaking many families apart.

Anyone would curse these evil clansmen.

Below him, a few members of the City Protection Bureau were dealing with the corpses of evil clansmen.
Wang Teng’s gaze paused on a particular body.
He flew down immediately.


The members of the City Protection Bureau looked up and saw a figure floating down from the sky.
They immediately bowed respectfully.
One of them asked, “What orders do you have?”

“Let me take a look.” Wang Teng waved his hand, walked in front of a body, and flipped it over with his Force.
Then, he secretly activated his dark Force and instilled it into the Force nucleus of the body.

The next moment, a wisp of dark Force burst out from the corpse’s Force nucleus.

The appearance of the corpse immediately changed.

Black patterns appeared on the surface of the corpse.
The black blood vessels popped out and started wiggling like small snakes.
It was extremely frightening…

He had put on another show!

He was multi-talented!

Wang Teng gave himself a thumbs-up silently.

At the same time, he sighed in relief.
His efforts weren’t in vain.
He immediately retracted his dark Force, leaving no traces behind.

Now, he just needed to think of a believable excuse.
With his status, no one would suspect him.

The ultimate talent of the human race was related to the dark apparitions?

What kind of joke was this?

No one would be able to find hints of dark Force on him because he had the system to cover it up.

This was why he chose to act.
If not, he wouldn’t want to be the first to discover this matter even when the dark apparitions were involved.

The members of the City Protection Bureau turned pale in fright.
“What’s this?”

“Inform the chief quickly.” Someone reacted swiftly.

After some time, the chief of the City Protection Bureau rushed over with a stern expression.
He asked, “Who discovered it?”

“Chief Tan, it’s me.” Wang Teng recognized the other party.
When he tipped them off on the gathering of the Zhenli Clan last time, Chief Tan had led the team personally to catch them.
He had seen him then.

“You’re… Wang Teng!” Chief Tan was astounded.

“Chief Tan, you know me?” asked Wang Teng.

As they were talking, a few more figures flew down from the sky.
It was Governor Jiang, Dan Taixuan, and other general-stage martial warriors.

“Master, Governor Jiang…” Wang Teng greeted them.
He hesitated when he looked at the third person.
He didn’t know who this was.

“This is General Chen from the Donghai military,” Dan Taixuan introduced the guy.

“General Chen,” Wang Teng hurriedly greeted him.

“I know you.
You have great ability at a young age and are responsible.
Not bad,” General Chen smiled and said.

“You’re flattering me,” Wang Teng replied humbly.

“The last time I saw you was during the university entrance exam.
At that time, I felt that you would stand out from your generation and even wanted to take you in as my disciple.
However, I had just advanced to the general stage and had many things to attend to.
So I decided to observe you first.
I didn’t expect you to grow so quickly.
Taixuan even took you in as her disciple.” Governor Jiang shook his head in pity.

“I’m just luckier.
Old Jiang, you’re not as lucky as me.” Dan Taixuan smiled delightedly.

An outstanding disciple would make anyone proud wherever they went.
This wasn’t the first time Wang Teng made her feel good.

Not only that, he was simple to handle.
He had reached this stage without much guidance on her part.
Dan Taixuan was starting to like Wang Teng more and more.
She had made the right choice in taking him in as her disciple.

She wondered if she should treat Wang Teng better in the future.

“Gloat all you want,” Governor Jiang retorted with a snort.

Chief Tan was flabbergasted.

This Wang Teng was impressive.

He managed to have a general-stage martial warrior as his master, and both Governor Jiang and General Chen had high hopes for him.
He was even more popular than him.

It looked like he had to treat him politely in the future.
He must not see him as solely a talented young man with huge potential.

He didn’t have the guts to provoke someone with such a huge background.

When Fu Tiandao, Qin Hanxuan, and the other important figures got the news, they hurried over.

“Alright, since everyone is here, let’s talk business.” Governor Jiang looked around him and asked, “Wang Teng, tell us how you noticed there was something wrong with the body.”

“My spiritual power is stronger, and I have seen humans turning into dark apparitions twice.
I felt that something was wrong during the chaos just now, so I thought I should be careful.
There’s no harm in being cautious.
I went down to take a look when I noticed the problem.” Wang Teng lied without batting an eye in front of everyone.
Excuses spurted out of his mouth like flowing water.
He was just spouting nonsense with a straight face.

Also, based on experience, no one would deny what he said.

He didn’t care if the others believed him, though.
If he didn’t know better, he would have convinced himself.

“People with stronger spiritual power are more sensitive to Force.”

Governor Jiang and the others didn’t suspect him as he was speaking confidently.
They nodded in deep thought.

Wang Teng secretly told Dan Taixuan the realm of his spiritual power.
Dan Taixuan glanced at him in surprise.

Then, she used voice transmission to tell Governor Jiang and General Chen that Wang Teng had reached the emperor realm.

Both of them were shocked.
They exchanged glances secretly but didn’t ask anything.

“The evil clansman didn’t use any dark Force even when he died.
Looks like he didn’t want others to discover it,” General Chen said.

“There must be a reason why the dark apparitions are hiding in the Zhenli Clan.” Dan Taixuan nodded.

“We are in troubled times.
We must investigate this properly.
Don’t drop your vigilance.” Governor Jiang sighed.
A sharp glint flashed past his eyes as he spoke with a stern face.

Since Governor Jiang had made his decision, his subordinates had to execute the order.
The corpse soaked in dark Force was carried away.
These people had abandoned themselves.
Their best destination was the laboratory where they would be used for experiments.
That was all they were worth.
No pity would be given to them.

Wang Teng’s business was done.
He bade farewell to Dan Taixuan and hurried home.

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