Chapter 386: The Surprise Appearance Of Dark Force

The president of Donghai’s martial arts association, Qin Hanxuan, flew towards them.
After getting near, he exclaimed, “Old Fu, you killed him? To think that I hurried over to help you.”

“Haha, I killed him with Wang Teng’s help,” Fu Tiandao laughed and replied.

“Wang Teng?!” Qin Hanxuan thought he had heard wrong.
He turned and looked at Wang Teng.

He was only a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior, right?


He was able to step on air.
That meant that he was at least a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Even so, it was hard for them to deal with a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.

“President Qin,” Wang Teng greeted Qin Hanxuan.

“It has been a while since I’ve seen you.
I almost couldn’t recognize you,” Qin Hanxuan replied with a bitter smile.

He had seen many gifted youngsters, but Wang Teng was definitely a first.

When he first heard that Wang Teng had become the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, he was flabbergasted.
From the looks of it now, his actual ability had reached 7-star soldier level.
He was at the peak of his generation.
He even helped Fu Tiandao kill a 9-star soldier-level evil clansman.

“How’s the situation on your side?” Fu Tiandao asked.

“The general-stage martial warriors from Donghai came to help.
The situation is under control now,” Qin Hanxuan replied.

“That’s good.
These evil clansmen deserve to die.
How dare they harm our people on new year’s eve,” Fu Tiandao yelled angrily.

“There are a few more rats left.
Let’s not waste time.
The sooner we catch them, the sooner everyone can stop worrying,” Qin Hanxuan said.

Wang Teng and Fu Tiandao nodded.
They parted and started roaming around Donghai, searching for evil clansmen.

Wang Teng strode in the air while observing his surroundings.
Unconsciously, he arrived near Lin Chuhan’s house.

He flew towards her house immediately.

It was dark and quiet.
It didn’t seem to have suffered any damage from the evil clansmen.

This was a poor neighborhood.
The evil clansmen mainly chose the wealthy districts to attack, so this might be why this region had escaped the chaos.

However, Wang Teng was still worried.
He landed on the ground and knocked on Lin Chuxia’s window.

There was no sound in the room.

“It’s me, Wang Teng,” Wang Teng said.

After some time, the window opened forcefully, and two heads popped out.
They were Lin Chuxia and Lin Chuhan.

“Why are you here?” Lin Chuhan asked.

“I was in the area, so I came to check on you.” Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that they were fine.

“What happened? We heard explosions in many areas.
It sounded like martial warriors’ fights,” Lin Chuhan said.

“There’s an invasion of the evil clan.
However, they have been suppressed,” Wang Teng explained.
He continued, “Stay at home.
Don’t turn on the lights.
Remain vigilant until the authorities confirm that it is safe.
I need to search the area, so I’ll leave first.”

Be careful,” Lin Chuhan said worriedly.

Wang Teng glanced at Lin Chuhan and smiled.
He nodded and soared into the sky, disappearing into the darkness.

“Sister, he’s able to travel without wings.
Does it mean he’s at the 7-star soldier level already?” Lin Chuxia asked curiously.

Lin Chuhan glanced around cautiously before closing the window.
She nodded and replied, “Yes, he’s a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.”

“Brother-in-law is amazing!” Lin Chuxia exclaimed.

“You’re becoming his fan!” Lin Chuhan tapped her forehead.
However, her heart felt heavy.
He became stronger again.

After Wang Teng left, he continued patrolling the city.
Once he found an evil clansman, he would kill anyone that resisted.
Those that were suspicious would get knocked out by his brick and dragged away.

He didn’t care how the City Protection Bureau or the police would deal with them.

Most of the high-rank martial warriors were already taken care of.
The remaining ones couldn’t kick up any fuss.
After high-rank martial warriors like Wang Teng entered the battle, the chaos was soon suppressed to a minimum.

Of course, to Wang Teng, it wasn’t just about stopping the rebellion.
The most important thing was to pick up attributes.

Many martial warriors had lost their lives in the chaos tonight.
Naturally, many attribute bubbles were dropped.
He didn’t know if they were dropped by Donghai martial warriors or the evil clansmen, but he picked them up anyway.

However, these bubbles were scattered all over the city, so it was troublesome to collect all of them.
Wang Teng had no choice but to run around the entire city.

7-star soldier-level martial warriors were fast.
He executed his maximum speed and toured Donghai in a short time.
Not much time was wasted.

The Donghai martial warriors patrolling near him thought that he was hardworking and looked at him in approval.

Look at him.
He’s a genius, but he doesn’t act like a prince.
He immediately lent a helping hand when he was needed.
He’s the role model of our generation!

Many old martial warriors nodded in satisfaction.
They wondered if they should present Wang Teng with an excellent youth plaque or a leading figure of the new generation plaque.

That sounded like a good idea…

Yes, it could be done.

Around 10 pm, the authorities finally gave the all-clear notice.
The ordinary civilians were relieved.

This chaos came suddenly but ended quickly.

The large-scale battle only lasted for a short time.
Most of the time was spent clearing up the scene and rescuing the civilians.

The evil clansmen were caught and the civilians were saved.
Of course, there might be some fish that had escaped the net.
These evil clansmen were humans.
If they hid in Donghai with the civilians, it would be hard to sniff them out unless they announced their identity.
However, they couldn’t cause much trouble.

The authorities didn’t leave.
The City Protection Bureau, the police, and even the military formed patrol teams to prevent other accidents from happening.

They couldn’t just withdraw their forces after such a huge event occurred.

Wang Teng picked up a large number of attribute bubbles.
He looked at the changes on his attributes board and sighed.
The wealth of the dead was the fastest route to riches.

Metal Force: 2350/5000 (7-star)

Wood Force: 1880/5000 (7-star)

Water Force: 2160/5000 (7-star)

Fire Force: 3280/5000 (7-star)

Earth Force: 2450/5000 (7-star)

Wind Force: 156/5000 (5-star)

Dark Force: 3660/4000 (6-star)

This time, seven of his Force attributes rose tremendously.

The main reason they increased was that he killed a few high-rank martial warriors.
The attributes dropped by these martial warriors were all in the hundreds.

Metal, wood, fire, water, and earth were common, so there was no lack of these attributes.

The wind Force came from the 9-star soldier-level martial warrior, Fu Tiandao.

He had dropped many attributes in his fight.
Wang Teng’s wind Force was at the 4-star soldier level.
With the help of this increment, he managed to advance to the 5-star instantly.

Finally… dark Force!

Wang Teng frowned when he saw dark Force among the attributes.
His expression turned solemn.

Was the Zhenli Clan connected with the dark apparitions?

Or did dark apparitions sneak into the Zhenli Clan?

Or did some people get bewitched and assimilated?

He saw people getting assimilated before.
These human martial warriors hid their identities very well before they got exposed.
It was hard to sense anything amiss.

No matter what it was, it wasn’t good news.

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