Chapter 381: The Troublesome Rat

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“Wang Teng, what are you thinking about?” Wang Yanan walked over and started a conversation.

Won’t it be great if this moment can last forever?” Wang Teng smiled.


Who doesn’t want this kind of life?” Wang Yanan nodded.

They looked at fireworks and chatted casually.
Wang Yanan was extremely curious about Wang Teng’s university life, especially anything related to martial warriors.

The martial warriors’ world was full of wonders and mysteries to the regular civilians.

Wang Teng didn’t keep much from her, answering all of her questions.
As for the brutal and gruesome parts, he would just mention them briefly.

Even so, Wang Yanan detected something amiss from his words.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded in the air.

“What’s that?” Wang Yanan pondered.
“That isn’t the fireworks, right?”

“No.” Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.

Grandpa Wang and the others also heard the commotion and came out.

“What happened?” Grandpa Wang asked.

Another explosion echoed instantly.


Then, a siren rang through the entire Donghai, along with a loud roar.
“All martial warriors, listen to my order.
Exterminate the evil clansmen!”

The evil clan!

That’s the governor’s voice!

Wang Teng’s expression changed as many thoughts flashed past his mind.
Even the governor was on the move.
This was a serious matter.

Damn those evil clansmen.
How dare they create trouble on new year’s eve.

Are they too free?

Although Wang Teng’s good mood was gone, he didn’t move immediately.
He used his spiritual pet contract to link up with Little White, who was wandering outside, and asked it to fly back instantly.

“Son, what’s the matter? What is an evil clan?” Wang Shengguo furrowed his brows and asked.

The ordinary civilians didn’t know about the Zhenli Clan.
Wang Shengguo and the others hadn’t even heard of the clan before, but they could sense the tense atmosphere in the city.

This wasn’t a simple matter.

“Just a bunch of troublesome rats.
Don’t worry, I’m here.” Wang Teng didn’t explain much.
He took out Mo Que and placed it beside him.

“Why is this happening in the middle of new year’s eve?” Wang Shenghong asked.

“I think I have heard about the evil clan before,” Wang Shengjun said curiously.

“Was that the voice of the governor of Donghai? Even the governor is alerted.
It must be serious.” Grandpa Wang frowned.

“Yes, that was Governor Jiang’s voice.
He’s a general-stage martial warrior, so he will be able to handle it no matter how serious it is.” Wang Teng smiled.
He purposely spoke light-heartedly to relieve their worries.

The moment he finished speaking, he frowned.
He felt a force of presence darting in this direction.

“Long Live Zhenli!”

A figure shot out from the dark.
When he saw the large family gathered here, his expression turned crazy.
He howled and charged over with his blade.

Force flowed through the air.
The long blade shimmered in the dark as it slashed towards Wang Teng’s family.

Everyone’s expression changed.
They were terrified.

“Long live your head!”

Wang Teng was furious.
He just said that everything was fine, yet this maniac came and launched an ultimate move on his family.
He was blatantly humiliating him.

He swung Mo Que out, and a fiery sword glow shot into the sky.

How is that possible?

The evil clansman didn’t expect a powerful martial warrior to exist in this family.
The craziness on his face froze suddenly as he looked at the fiery sword glow dawning on him.

The fiery sword glow swallowed the blade glow and slammed into the clansman.



Before he could scream in despair, his voice got drowned by the thunderous explosion.

Wang Teng was infuriated, so the air around him erupted too.
That evil clansman got burnt into ashes.

The Wang family was at a loss, staring at the scene in a daze.
Their jaws were hung wide open.

“Cough, cough.
Well, I did say that it’s a small matter.
It’s nothing serious.”

An awkward voice broke their reverie.

Everyone turned to look at Wang Teng, who was carrying a huge weapon.
His expression seemed awkward, but he still tried his best to look indifferent.

They felt the corners of their lips twitching.

Small matter?

Any bigger, and the house would have exploded!

Wang Teng wanted to explain further, but he stopped and frowned.
A few people were dashing towards them in the dark.
They were attracted by the commotion here.

However, they seemed normal humans.
Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the symbol in front of their chests.

“City Protection Bureau?” Wang Teng asked.

“Wang Teng… Mister!” One of them walked over and nodded at him.

“You are… Leader Chai!” Wang Teng stared for a moment before he recognized the other party.
This was the leader of a small team from the City Protection Bureau, Leader Chai Yu.
He had come to Wang Teng’s house to investigate the death of the martial warriors.

Thinking back, that was the first time Wang Teng saw martial warriors, as well as his first time killing one.
He was so afraid that the City Protection Bureau would notice something.

Times had changed.
Now, he was no longer afraid of the City Protection Bureau pestering him.

Chai Yu sighed emotionally.
In the past, Wang Teng was still a martial disciple.
It hadn’t been long, but he was already a high-rank martial warrior.
He even became famous nationwide because he won the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.

Yet, he was still stuck at the 4-star soldier level.
The difference was vast.

Even if he had evidence that Wang Teng had killed the martial warriors, he couldn’t do anything to him.

“Did you meet a member from the evil clan?” Chai Yu asked.
He knew that this wasn’t the time to think about the past, so he calmed his mind.

It was a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.
However, I’ve already killed him,” Wang Teng said.

The City Protection Bureau and the other affiliated martial warriors from the City Protection Bureau were dumbstruck.

A 4-star soldier-level martial warrior!

Killed in a blink of an eye!

Indeed, this young man was as powerful and talented as the rumors.

Wang, Donghai has been invaded by many high-rank martial warriors from the evil clan.
We need help from powerful people like you,” Chai Yu said instantly.

“I can help.
However, I need you to protect my family,” Wang Teng replied.

“No problem.
We will stay here and protect them.” Chai Yu guaranteed without any hesitation.

Wang Teng nodded and looked up at the night sky.
Little White was closing in at high speed.
It circled above the Wang family’s residence and cawed at him.

“This is…” Chai Yu also felt Little White’s aura, and his expression changed.

“This is my spiritual pet.
I’ll ask it to guard this place.
If anything happens, use it to inform me.
Don’t hurt it,” Wang Teng said.

“Spiritual pet!”

Chai Yu and the others looked at the sky with envy on their faces.

Not only was Wang Teng powerful, but he even had a bird as his spiritual pet.
From its aura, they knew that it wasn’t weak.

Comparisons made people angry.

Grandpa Wang and the others looked at Little White too.
They felt curious.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei explained to them in a low voice.
After understanding what it was, they felt even more proud when they looked at Wang Teng again.

Wang Teng ignored Chai Yu and his team.
He contemplated for a moment and took out a few spiritual stones.
He scattered the stones around the Wang residence at a fast speed.
Everyone was confused.

A few minutes later, a simple defensive array was completed.
Wang Teng mumbled, “Activate!”

Rays of light appeared around the house, forming a transparent canopy.
The canopy flashed for a second before it disappeared.

“It’s an array!”

Chai Yu and his team were astounded.
They didn’t know that Wang Teng knew how to create arrays.

What a monster!

Wang Teng said to Grandpa Wang and his family, “I’ve set up a defensive array here.
Stay in the house.
Don’t come out.
Normal martial warriors won’t be able to harm you.
My spiritual pet will inform me if there are any troubles.
I will come immediately.”

“Wow!” The Wang family was amazed after witnessing the entire process.
At the same time, they were thunderstruck too.
They didn’t know what to say.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei were the first to regain their senses.
They reminded him worriedly, “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.
I won’t need much effort to settle those rats from the ditches.” Wang Teng smiled calmly.

He glanced at Chai Yu and his team after he finished speaking.
Then, he tapped the ground lightly with his toes and shot into the horizon like a ray of light, vanishing into the night sky.

The Wang family stared in bewilderment in the direction Wang Teng disappeared.
They couldn’t maintain their composure any longer.

Martial warrior, this is a martial warrior?

They finally understood what a martial warrior was!

“Everyone, please go back into the house.
It isn’t safe outside,” Chai Yu reminded them.

“Let’s go in.
Don’t stand outside.
We can’t help, but we shouldn’t cause more trouble either..” Grandpa Wang nodded.

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