Chapter 380: The New Year’s Eve

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Dan Taixuan’s face turned black when she heard Wang Teng’s voice.

“Do I look so old to you?

“I should be the one asking for red packets from others.
How dare you ask for one from me?1

“You’re getting arrogant, aren’t you?!”

Wang Teng immediately sensed a dangerous vibe from the other end.
He laughed awkwardly and replied, “Haha, I’m kidding.
I called to wish you a happy new year.
As your beloved disciple, I can forget about everyone, but I’ll still remember you.”

“What a sweet mouth you have.
Alright, since you’re so sensible, I’ll give you a red packet.
I will give you a large gift after the new year,” Dan Taixuan said.

“Large gift? What large gift?” Wang Teng asked hurriedly, feeling excited in his heart.

Dan Taixuan was the ultimate boss.
Her large gift must be expensive.

“You will know soon.” Dan Taixuan hung up after she replied to him.
She didn’t give Wang Teng any chance to probe further.


Wang Teng looked at his phone.
Somehow, he felt that Dan Taixuan’s tone was strange.
He suddenly had a bad feeling.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it.
Just when he was about to call Peng Yuanshan, his phone rang with a notification sound.
It was a red packet.

He opened it.
It was from Dan Taixuan.

A huge red packet with 8.88 million inside!

One of the pros of this world was the high limit for WeChat red packets.

The red packet was sent and received without any hiccups.

“Although my master is evil and has a sharp tongue, her heart is soft.” Wang Teng chortled.
He collected the money without any worries before sending a Husky sticker over to thank her.

Dan Taixuan replied with a sticker with an arrogant expression.

Then, Wang Teng called Peng Yuanshan, Tong Hu, and the other heads and instructors.
He obediently wished them a happy new year.

The heads and instructors were elated at his consideration and sent him sizable red packets generously.

Wang Teng also called the principal of the Donghai branch Jixin Martial House, Fu Tiandao.

They chatted for a while before Fu Tiandao said, “It has been a while since you came to the academy.
If you have time, visit us after the new year and pass your experience to the other martial warriors here.”

“I’m still a student.
I don’t have any experience to pass.” Wang Teng found it funny.

“That’s different.
You are the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition and have reached the 6-star soldier level.
You are the idol of many martial warriors here,” Fu Tiandao replied.

I won’t say that I’m sharing my experience.
This can be an interactive session with the other martial warriors to exchange takebacks.” Wang Teng couldn’t reject him again.

“Okay.” Fu Tiandao was joyful.
He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t take up too much of your time.”

“Oh, right.
Our president is coming to Donghai on the fifth day of the new year.
He says he wants to meet you.”

“The president wants to meet me?” Wang Teng was flabbergasted.

“Hahaha, your performance during the National Number One Martial Arts Competition was too eye-catching.
Even the president wants to see you.” Fu Tiandao laughed.

He was the one who got Wang Teng into the Jixin Martial House.
Hence, when Wang Teng yielded such brilliant results, he naturally got his due credit.
The martial arts academy was considering changing his position and raising his benefits.

“Alright, I’ll arrive on time on the fifth,” Wang Teng replied.

After hanging up, Wang Teng pondered for some time.
The president of Jixin Martial House was a general-stage boss.
There was no harm in meeting him.
He might even gain another powerful support, and his Wang family would be able to progress steadily in Donghai.

“Cousin Wang Teng, it’s time to eat.” Wang Teng’s younger cousin, Fang Qianwen, ran out of the house to inform him.

“Alright, I’m coming.” Wang Teng kept his phone in his pocket.
He smiled and entered the room with her.

A large round table was placed in the middle of the living room.
An array of plates and bowls piled with delicious food were spread out on the table.
There were fish, meat, lobster, abalone, rice cake, dumplings, and many other delicacies.

The reunion dinner started officially!

Everyone sat down.
Alcohol and drinks were passed around the table as they chatted happily.
It was a harmonious sight.

Fireworks dazzled the sky outside.
The sound of firecrackers entertained their ears for a long time.
The scene was bustling.

The Spring Festival gala was playing on the television with dances, songs, crosstalks, and short acts.
It was wonderful.

Happiness shone on everyone’s faces, especially Grandpa Wang.
It was impossible not to be happy.
All his family was here, three whole generations.
Besides, he had many grandchildren.

In the past year, Wang Teng had taken a huge step forward—no, it was more like a leap.
The rise of Wang Teng allowed the Wang family to reach a new height, one that he didn’t manage to achieve in his lifetime.
They were in the limelight now.
Many large families fought to cooperate and work with them.

The family heads of many prominent families would treat him politely when they saw him.
He knew that this was all because of Wang Teng.

Martial warriors!

This era belonged to the martial warriors.

A talented martial warrior was enough to change the fate of a family.

The Wang family was moving towards an elite family.
After some time, they would be able to enter the highest circle and stand alongside the various elite families in the country.

“Wang Teng, have a drink with me.” Grandpa Wang raised his cup and smiled at Wang Teng.

“Grandpa, I should be the one toasting you.” Wang Teng got up quickly.
“New year, a new beginning.
May you remain healthy and have all your wishes come true.”

“Good, good.
Sit down.
You don’t have to get up.
There’s no need to be polite with your family.” Grandpa Wang was beaming with joy.
He finished the liquor in his hand in a single gulp and looked around him.
He said, “All of you should know why the Wang family is able to progress so much this year.
Shenghong, the progress of your company, Shengjun, the advancement of your career, and Jialing, all your families have benefited greatly.
This is all because of Wang Teng.
Remember this.
Don’t ever forget your origin.”

“Dad, don’t worry.
We know it.” Wang Shenghong was the first to express his attitude.

“That’s right.
We’ll remember it.
Our glory this year is all thanks to Little Teng.
My colleagues are so polite when they see me now.
I understand,” Wang Shengjun smiled and replied.

“Dad, all of us understand.
Without Little Teng, the others wouldn’t treat us so politely.” Wang Teng’s uncle-in-law, Fang Junming, smiled and raised his cup.
“Come, Little Teng, let me offer a toast to you.”

“You’re flattering me.” Wang Teng smiled and cheered with him.
Then, he finished the wine in his cup.

His uncle-in-law came from an ordinary background.
But he was a capable person.
He built up his company from nothing.
His business was quite big, and it was developing well.

Of course, the Wang family helped too.

He came to the Wang family for the new year because his parents died when he was young.
There was no one else left in his family.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei felt proud when they saw this scene.
As parents, what could make them happier than having an outstanding son?

Moreover, Wang Teng wasn’t just outstanding.
He was extremely outstanding.

He was someone who could change the fate of the family on his own!

How many people could do this? Most of the younger generations in the large families weren’t able to do this.

Even if there were outstanding ones, they could only handle their family business and ensure that no mishaps occurred.
They were considered impressive if they could earn a few billion for their families.

But they couldn’t be compared to Wang Teng.

Wang Shengguo smiled.
“We’re a family.
Stop complimenting him.
He’s going to get arrogant.

“That’s right.
You should know what this brat is like.
He can’t accept compliments at all,” Li Xiumei teased.

Wang Teng was speechless.
“Dad, Mom, is this how you talk about your son?”

Everyone burst out laughing.

Envy flashed past the eyes of his aunts-in-law.
For ladies who married into large families, their child was their everything.
If their child was exceptional, their position in the family would rise too.

Since they came from a better background than Li Xiumei, in the past, they felt more or less superior in front of her.
Now, they couldn’t hold their heads high anymore.
Well, she had a good son.

The power of their families was nothing compared to her son.
What could they use to fight with her?

They sighed and looked at each other.
Somehow, they managed to strike a sympathetic chord.
A few moments later, they chatted happily with Li Xiumei with smiles plastered on their faces.

They were a family.
Since they couldn’t beat her, they should forge a good relationship with her for the future benefit of their children.

Grandpa Wang felt gratified as he looked at the harmonious relationships between his family members.
There weren’t any stupid dramas in his progeny.
“I shall stop talking now.
I’m getting old.
The Wang family is in your hands now.
You all haven’t disappointed me.
I hope that in the future, you guys will work together.
As a family, we’re on the same boat.”

“Dad, don’t worry,” everyone smiled and comforted him.

After dinner, Grandpa Wang took out a deck of red packets and happily distributed them to the younger generations.

The children were the happiest in this segment.
They lined up excitedly to receive their packets.

Wang Yanan was the oldest, so she went first.

“Grandpa, there’s no need to give it to me.” Wang Yanan felt a little embarrassed.

“You are not married, so you must take it.” Grandpa Wang stuffed the red packet in her hand.
He smiled and continued, “Bring me an outstanding grandson-in-law next year, and I won’t give you the red packet.”

“Grandpa.” Wang Yanan’s face turned red.
What a rare moment.

Everyone started teasing her.
She felt even shyer.

Then, it was Wang Yalong’s turn.
After getting stimulated by Wang Teng during the graduation banquet, he had changed completely.
He was working in a company now and had stopped fooling around outside.
Wang Shenghong felt relieved.

Grandpa Wang passed the red packet to him and encouraged him.

Then, it was Wang Teng’s turn.
He chuckled.
“Grandpa, happy new year.”

“Haha, come, this is for you.
You must remain safe,” Grandpa Wang said amiably and patted his hand.

After getting their red packets, the adults started their own entertainment.
Some played mahjong, while others watched the Spring Festival gala.
The younger ones went to the courtyard to play with fireworks.

Wang Teng joined them for a while before walking to a quiet corner.
He watched his cousins playing happily.
He then looked up at the sky and smiled from the bottom of his heart.

His family.

The bright fireworks.

This felt so good!

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