Chapter 379: Happy New Year! Where’s My Red Packet!

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It was already past 8 pm when Wang Teng reached home.
Wang Shengguo was back.
He was watching television with Li Xiumei in the living room.

Doudou was having fun with Little White at the side.
The little girl’s laughter echoed in the entire living room.

“Son, how was it?” Li Xiumei immediately moved over and asked when she saw Wang Teng opening the door.

Wang Shengguo appeared to be watching the television, but his ears were perked up.

“What do you mean?” Wang Teng pretended like he didn’t know.
He walked into the living room and plonked on the sofa.
“Doudou, come over here.”

“Coming.” Doudou abandoned Little White and stumbled towards Wang Teng, jumping into his arms.

“Don’t try to play dumb.
Tell me.” Li Xiumei glared at him.
She didn’t buy his nonsense at all.
Instead, she walked over and pulled his ear.

“Mom, let go! Let go! Save some dignity for me in front of Doudou,” Wang Teng shouted.
Doudou laughed happily.

“Are you going to tell me or not?” Li Xiumei said.

“Yes, I will.
I’ll tell you everything you want to know.
I’ll not hide anything from you.” Wang Teng immediately succumbed to his mother’s might.
7-star soldier-level martial warrior? That was nothing.
You had to admit defeat when you should.

Wang Shengguo sniggered secretly.
Ever since his son came back, his wife had shifted her firepower to him…

This feels so good!

“How was your visit? Did her parents like you?” Li Xiumei asked.

“It was good.
They like me very much.” Wang Teng boasted.

“Really?” Li Xiumei looked suspicious.
She didn’t believe him.

“Of course.
Whose son am I ?” Wang Teng flattered his mother indirectly.

“That’s true.
My son is indeed outstanding.” Li Xiumei nodded.

“My genes are not bad either,” Wang Shengguo said.

“Shush.” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes at him in disdain.
Then, she smiled and asked Wang Teng, “How’s her family? Tell Mom more about them.”

Wang Teng pondered for a moment.
He felt that there was nothing to hide, so he briefly explained Lin Chuhan’s family condition to her.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei already had a general idea, but they didn’t know the details.
After listening to Wang Teng, they finally understood Lin Chuhan’s family background.

Li Xiumei felt sad for Lin Chuhan.
She lamented, “I didn’t know that this child has suffered so much ever since she was young.
Her father was a martial warrior? I didn’t know that.
Speaking about it, being a martial warrior is really dangerous.”

She looked at Wang Teng worriedly.

“Mom, don’t worry.
I’m very powerful.
No one can hurt me,” Wang Teng comforted her.

“Sigh, forget it.
You’re not young anymore.
I can’t stop you.
However, you must take care of yourself,” Li Xiumei didn’t forget to remind him.

“I know.” Wang Teng nodded quickly.

“You said that you cured Chuxia’s strange illness?” Wang Shengguo asked.
They had seen Lin Chuxia before, so they knew that there were poison patches on her face.
She couldn’t live like her peers.
They were concerned about her.

“That’s right.
It isn’t an illness but a special physique.
When I went to the Xingwu Continent, I coincidentally found a way to handle her special physique,” Wang Teng said.

“I see.” Wang Shengguo nodded.
He was contemplating something.

“Her face is healed?” Li Xiumei was elated.
“I could tell that that young lady was a beauty.
She must be pretty after her face has healed.”

“Yes.” Wang Teng smiled and replied, “Mom, you’re right.
She’s as pretty as her sister.”

“Alright, alright.
Bring them over for a meal.
Your dad and I want to meet them,” Li Xiumei said.

“Erm…” Wang Teng was in a dilemma.

Was this considered meeting each other’s parents?

He hadn’t confirmed his relationship with Lin Chuhan yet.
How was he supposed to invite her without a valid reason?

“What’s the problem? You went to their house and met her parents.
Don’t you think your dad and I should meet her too?” Li Xiumei glanced at Wang Teng from the corner of her eyes.
A frightening aura surged out of her body.

Wang Teng shivered.
He immediately nodded and replied, “Yes, you should.
I’ll definitely bring her home when there’s a chance.”

“You don’t need to look for a chance.
Bring her after the new year,” Li Xiumei threatened him.

“Can we push it back?” Wang Teng made his final struggle with caution.

“What do you think?” Li Xiumei glared at him.

“It’s just a meal.
Your mom and I aren’t hard to interact with.
What are you so worried about?” Wang Shengguo chimed in.

“Alright, alright.” Wang Teng admitted defeat in the end.

He couldn’t avoid it.

All kinds of images flashed past her mind.


Confession was a skill too.


What on earth should he do?

Wang Teng felt that his brain was about to explode.
This was the first time he had met such a difficult situation.
Why weren’t there any confession attributes?

Boss System, you’re not comprehensive!

The next day, Wang Teng woke up bright and early and went to the basement.
Some time ago, he had asked Wang Shengguo to clean out a room for him.
He wanted to practice alchemy and smithery.

Wang Shengguo even looked for professionals to design the alchemy room, smithery room, and the rune workshop.
These three rooms were interconnected and fully equipped.
Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction when he saw them.
He started working.

Wang Shengguo had already laid out the skeleton of his new company.
He was waiting for products so that he could enter the market.

Wang Teng contemplated for a moment and decided to make some 1-star and 2-star healing and Force recovery dan medicines first.

There was always a shortage of these dan medicines.
The demand for them was high among the low-rank martial warriors.
They needed to purchase these medicines before they went to the Xingwu Continent all the time.

Wang Teng was an advanced-stage alchemist now, so making these low-rank dan medicines was a breeze for him.
He relied on picking up attributes to increase his proficiency, so he had more experience compared to other advanced-stage alchemists.

He multitasked and started more than ten furnaces at once.
This was mass production.

He had informed Wang Shengguo beforehand that this alchemy room was going to be used for mass production.
Hence, his father had arranged more than ten furnaces in one row, making it easy for him to operate them.

After half a day passed, Wang Teng had managed to make a few thousand dan medicines.
None of his attempts failed.
The success rate was astonishing.

If other alchemists saw him working, their eyes would pop out.

He wasn’t a human!

“This should last for some time.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He kept the dan medicines in jade bottles and stuffed them in his space ring.

He glanced at his phone.
It was lunchtime.
He left the basement and went back to the living room.

There was a guest visiting them.
Wang Teng was startled.

Wang Shengguo was sending a middle-aged man off.
When the man saw Wang Teng, his eyes lit up.
“This must be Mr.
Wang’s son.”

“Haha, yes, it’s him.” Wang Shengguo smiled.
“This is Uncle Zhao, one of the business partners of our company.” Wang Shengguo introduced the man.

“Uncle Zhao,” Wang Teng greeted him.

“You’re too kind.
You’re a young and promising youth.
I heard that you became the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
You have a bright future ahead.” The middle-aged man waved his hand.

“You’re flattering me.” Wang Teng smiled humbly.

They exchanged a few polite words before he left.

When Wang Shengguo came back, he shook his head and said, “You’re more popular than me now.
These people all come for you.”

“They’re quite well-informed,” Wang Teng said.

“They’re all businessmen.
They will fish where the fishes are.
Our company caused quite a commotion in the past, so they probably received the news a long time ago.
Now that you’ve become the champion, they will definitely act without delay,” Wang Shengguo said.

“I’ll have to rely on you to handle them.” Wang Teng smiled.
All he had was the title.
Wang Shengguo was the one who would handle the operations of the company.

Wang Teng stayed at home for the next few days and made dan medicines, weapons, and runes.
He produced a huge number of low-rank items in a short span of a few days.
There was a full range of items.

As he was busy with production, the eve of the new year arrived silently.

On new year’s eve.

Wang Teng’s family got up early in the morning.

They had already cleaned the house.
They would be heading to the old residence to spend the new year with Grandpa Wang.

At 9 am, Wang Teng and his family arrived at the old residence.

His oldest uncle, Wang Shenghong, and his youngest uncle, Wang Shengjun, and his aunt, Wang Jialing, arrived one after another.
All of them were here for the new year.

“My impressive grandson is back.
Come, let me take a good look at you.” Grandpa Wang beamed from ear to ear when he saw Wang Teng.
He grabbed his hand firmly.

“Grandpa, happy new year,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“Good, good.
Come, let’s go in!” Grandpa Wang was beyond elated.

“Let me also take a look at the genius!” Wang Shenghong’s eyes were shimmering as he laughed heartily.

“Cousin!” His older cousin, Wang Yanan, walked over and greeted him with a bright smile.

“Little Teng!”

Wang Teng’s third uncle and aunt crowded around him and greeted him enthusiastically.

“Uncle, Aunt, Cousin Yanan!

“Third Uncle, Third Aunt!”

“Aunt, Uncle!”

Wang Teng called everyone.

“Little Teng is now the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
Are you planning to enter the military in the future?” his third uncle, Wang Shengjun, smiled and asked.

“I should be entering the military in the future.
However, I’ll have to wait for the school’s arrangement,” Wang Teng replied.

“Based on your portfolio, you will climb the ranks quickly,” Wang Shengjun said.

“Of course.
Little Teng is a genius.
Huanghai Military Academy will treat him like a treasure,” Wang Shenghong chimed in.

They chatted casually while pasting the Spring Festival couplets and lanterns.
The ladies went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Firecrackers could already be heard going off outside.

Their phones rang non-stop.
The Wang family was a large family with many connections.
Thus, many people called to wish them a happy new year.

Furthermore, Wang Teng had risen to fame recently, so the Wang family got even more popular.
There were many more people calling them compared to the previous year.

Wang Shenghong and Wang Shengjun were having a great time interacting with other people.
They didn’t find it a hassle.

Wang Teng made a few calls too.

Naturally, Dan Taixuan was the first on the list.
She was his master, so she had to be the first.

“Hello.” A lazy voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Master, happy new year! Where’s my red packet?” Wang Teng sniggered.

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