Chapter 377: Heal

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Mother Lin heaved a sigh of relief.
Wang Teng’s parents knew of Lin Chuhan’s existence and seemed to have a good impression of her.
Her smile got wider.

She knew that Wang Teng’s family was wealthy, so she feared that his parents would look down on them.

From the looks of it, though, his parents didn’t discriminate against them.
They wouldn’t be an obstacle between the two youngsters.

A mother knew her daughter the best.
Mother Lin could tell that Lin Chuhan treated Wang Teng differently.
Naturally, she hoped that they would have a good ending.

Mother Lin pulled Wang Teng into the house and said to Lin Chuhan, “Chuhan, stop working.
Wang Teng is here.”

“Why are you here?” Lin Chuhan bagged the customer’s item and collected the money before she turned and spoke to Wang Teng.

“Did you forget what I told you?” Wang Teng asked.

Lin Chuhan was stunned for a moment.
Then, she remembered, and her eyes beamed with joy.
“You are here for Chuxia?”

“What about Chuxia?” Mother Lin asked curiously.

“Chuhan didn’t tell you?” Wang Teng asked in surprise.

“I didn’t tell Mom.
I was afraid that she would rejoice too soon,” Lin Chuhan explained.
She then said to Mother Lin, “Mom, Wang Teng found a cure for Chuxia.”

“Really?” Mother Lin was startled, staring at Wang Teng in a daze.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

Mother Lin covered her mouth.
Tears welled up in her eyes uncontrollably.

“Mom, why are you crying? This is a good thing,” Lin Chuhan hurriedly consoled her.
She went forward and hugged her mother.

“I’m happy.
I’m not crying.
I didn’t cry.” Mother Lin wiped her tears away.

“Let’s go.
We should give it a try,” Wang Teng said.

“Okay.” Mother Lin was excited.

Suppressing the happiness in her heart, Lin Chuhan also nodded.
She closed the shop and brought Wang Teng upstairs.

By the time they arrived in front of Lin Chuxia’s room, she had already heard the commotion.
She looked at Wang Teng hopefully, asking with a nervous voice, “Brother-in-law, did you really find a cure?”

Wang Teng smiled and nodded.
He didn’t say much and took out the Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture directly.
He gave it to Lin Chuxia.

“Take a look at this scripture.
If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me,” Wang Teng said.

“Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture!” Lin Chuxia was elated when she saw the name of the scripture.
She immediately flipped the book open.

This was her first time cultivating a Force skill scripture.
Naturally, there were many things she didn’t understand.
Wang Teng patiently answered all her queries.

The entire process lasted for more than half an hour.
Lin Chuxia finally digested the entire Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture.

Under Wang Teng’s guidance, she sat down cross-legged.

Lin Chuhan and Mother Lin got nervous.
They seemed even tenser than Lin Chuxia.

“Don’t be afraid.
I’ll be helping you at the side.
If there’s a problem, we’ll deal with it in time,” Wang Teng reassured her, noticing her apprehension.

“Alright.” Lin Chuxia nodded.
She looked at the gentle smile on Wang Teng’s face and felt at ease.

After taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes.
Based on the Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture, she started guiding the poison Force in her body, and her cultivation began.

Lin Chuxia spent more than ten minutes before she entered the cultivation state.
Wang Teng placed one hand on her back to sense the movement of poison Force.
This was to prevent accidents from happening.

Fortunately, Lin Chuxia was talented.
Although her first cultivation session was a little slow, no accidents happened.
The poison Force in her body followed the route given by the scripture and circulated throughout her body before flowing into her Force nucleus.

Wang Teng secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
This went smoother than expected.

Lin Chuhan saw him removing his hand from Lin Chuxia’s back.
She asked nervously, “How is she?”

“Don’t worry.
Everything is going smoothly,” Wang Teng replied.

“That’s great.” Lin Chuhan and Mother Lin sighed in relief.

The three of them waited quietly at the side.
Rather than staying idle, Wang Teng scanned the room.
There were many attribute bubbles scattered here.

Poison Force*12

Demon Lotus Poison Body*5

Poison Force*15

Poison Force*20

Demon Lotus Poison Body*8

He picked them up.

All the attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body.
His poison Force increased tremendously, and his demon lotus poison body slowly took shape.

Poison Force: 335/2000 (4-star)

Demon Lotus Poison Body: 680/10000

More than an hour later, Lin Chuhan suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, “Look at Chuxia’s face.”

Wang Teng had already noticed the change in Lin Chuxia.
The poison spots on her face were gradually shrinking, and her face was slowly returning to its original state.

Mother Lin clasped Lin Chuhan’s hand and held her breath.
She was extremely nervous.
She was afraid that her slightest action would interrupt Lin Chuxia’s change.

Time trickled by.
Another hour passed.
The poison spots on Lin Chuxia’s face had disappeared entirely, revealing a beautiful face that looked slightly similar to Lin Chuhan’s.
It was smooth and round, with no traces of the ugly patches from earlier.

Lin Chuxia took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes.

“Chuxia!” Mother Lin looked at her daughter emotionally, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Mom, Sis, I…” Lin Chuxia could notice something different from their expressions.
However, she was still apprehensive.

Lin Chuhan rushed out of the room and came back soon with a mirror.
In the past, Lin Chuxia felt inferior because of her ugly appearance.
Hence, there were no mirrors in her room.

When Lin Chuhan handed her the mirror, Lin Chuxia didn’t take it.
She didn’t even dare to look at it.

Lin Chuhan nodded her head, giving her confidence.

Lin Chuxia glanced at Wang Teng and Mother Lin, seeing encouragement in their expressions.
She mustered up her courage and accepted the mirror to look at her reflection.

The next instant, she saw a pretty and smooth face.
Her eyes widened in astonishment.
The pretty face stared back at her in disbelief too.
Then, her expression changed again, and she looked elated.
Her face kept changing, displaying her complex emotions.

Lin Chuxia touched her face.
Tears were flowing down her cheeks.

The mother and daughters hugged one another.
They laughed and cried as if venting their many years of suffering.

Wang Teng walked out of the room slowly to give them some space.

The moment he walked out, he saw a black figure flashing at the end of the corridor.

Wang Teng hesitated, but he still walked over.
He pushed the door and entered the room.
He saw the dispirited middle-aged man again… It was Lin Chuhan’s father.

He was sitting in the wheelchair with beer bottles all around him.

When Wang Teng walked in, he didn’t raise his head.

The room turned silent.
Some moments later, a hoarse voice came from his mouth.

“Thank you!”

Wang Teng didn’t know what to say.
In the end, he could only reply, “This is what I should do.”

Sometime later, Wang Teng walked out of the room..
The three ladies had regained their composure and came out of Lin Chuxia’s room.

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