Chapter 376: Visiting Before New Year

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Wang Teng’s body completely relaxed after he went back home, releasing all the stress he had accumulated.
He slept until 9.30 am the next day.

Li Xiumei didn’t wake him up, either.
She felt that practicing martial arts in school must be very tiring, so he should rest properly at home.
Besides, he rarely came home.

At 9.30 am, Wang Teng woke up in his room.
He glanced around him and took a moment before he regained his senses.

He was at home!

He shook his head and laughed.
Then, he stretched his back and walked into the bathroom with a yawn.

After freshening up, he went downstairs.

When Li Xiumei heard his footsteps, she walked out of the kitchen with a smile.
“You’re awake.
Why don’t you get some more rest?”

“I can’t sleep anymore.
I got used to waking up early,” Wang Teng said.

“It’s tiring to practice martial arts,” Li Xiumei lamented.

“No pain, no gain.” Wang Teng shook his head with a smile.

Li Xiumei took out his breakfast.
There was congee, fried dough fritters, steamed buns, and many other dishes.
Upon smelling the fragrance, Wang Teng immediately sat down and started stuffing his mouth with food.


“It’s just congee and fried dough fritters.
What’s so delicious about them?” Li Xiumei smiled sweetly.

“That’s not right.
How can outside food be compared to homemade food?” Wang Teng stuffed a fried dough fritter in his mouth.
His voice was muffled.

“Today is the 24th of the 12th month in the lunar calendar.
I’ll cook more delicious food for your dinner,” Li Xiumei said.

“It’s the 24th already?!” Wang Teng was startled.

“What do you think?”

“Time sure flies,” Wang Teng exclaimed.

Half a year had gone by since he was reborn.
However, Wang Teng felt as if a generation had passed.
It was unreal.

After breakfast, Wang Teng walked out of his house.
He saw his Spirit Flame Ghost Crow, Little White, playing with Doudou in the courtyard.

“You’re back!”


The moment Wang Teng appeared, Little White cawed at him.

Recently, he let Little White loose and let it fend for itself.
As long as it didn’t fly too far away, it wouldn’t be in any kind of danger.

Also, if there was anything, Wang Teng would know it first-hand through the spiritual pet contact.
It wouldn’t be a problem.

As its ability increased, Little White’s size also followed suit.
Doudou was now able to lay her small figure on its body.

At the moment, Little White was flying Doudou up into the air on its back.
The little girl laughed happily like a lark.

Little White was smart.
It knew how to ensure a child’s safety, so Wang Teng wasn’t worried.

Doudou patted Little White’s back when she saw Wang Teng.
They landed on the ground, and she pounced on Wang Teng.

“Brother, Little White is so fun.” The girl was beaming with joy, her forehead covered with perspiration.

This brat seemed to have gotten plump.
Her cheeks were round and fat, making Wang Teng pinch them uncontrollably.
“Have you been only eating and sleeping recently? You have gotten so much fatter,” he asked with a smile.

“Huh? No, I don’t.
I practice martial arts too.
If you don’t believe me, I’ll show it to you.”

Doudou broke free from Wang Teng’s arms and started practicing her radio exercise.
She shouted every time she punched her fist.
This was what Wang Teng had taught her before.
To his surprise, she remembered it clearly.
Her form was much more presentable now.

A hint of astonishment flashed across Wang Teng’s eyes.
He helped her wipe the sweat off her forehead and said, “Alright, alright, I believe you.
I didn’t know our Doudou was so talented.
You did great.”

“Really?” Doudou’s big eyes lit up when she heard Wang Teng’s compliment.
She looked at him in anticipation, hoping to get recognized by him.

“Of course,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“Brother, can you teach Doudou something more powerful?” Doudou asked hopefully.

“Yes, but you still have to practice the radio exercise.
You need to get proficient in it,” Wang Teng replied.

“Okay, I’ll continue practicing until I’m very familiar with it.” Doudou nodded her small head earnestly.

“Good girl.”

Then, Wang Teng accompanied the little girl in her practice.
Many things were a piece of cake for him now, but he still taught Doudou patiently and corrected her small mistakes.

Wang Teng accompanied his family the entire day.

The next morning, he greeted Li Xiumei and prepared to leave in his car.

“Son, where are you going?” Li Xiumei walked out hurriedly.
There was an ambiguous glimmer in her eyes as she stared at Wang Teng intently.

“Erm… I’m going to visit my classmate,” Wang Teng replied casually.

“You’re going to visit Lin Chuhan, right?” Li Xiumei gave a knowing expression.

“How do you know?” Wang Teng touched his forehead.
Sometimes, he admired how accurate his mother’s sixth sense was.
She was like a detective.

“Hmph, do you think you can fool your mom? Wait.” Li Xiumei threw him a haughty look before rushing inside.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Wang Teng called out behind her.
However, he only saw Li Xiumei’s hasty back view.
He didn’t get a reply.

He couldn’t defy his mother’s order, so he had no choice but to wait.

Ten minutes later, Li Xiumei came out with many bags in her hand.
She opened the door of the passenger seat and stuffed the bags in the car.

“What are these?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

“These are gifts your dad received from others.
We can’t get enough of them, so bring them along.
You stupid brat, how can you visit other people empty-handed? If I were your future mother-in-law, I’d be furious,” Li Xiumei rebuked him.

Wang Teng: …

Future mother-in-law?

His mom had thought so far ahead?

“Go on,” Li Xiumei urged him after placing the bags down and closing the door.

Wang Teng touched his nose and drove the car away.
At times like this, it was better to never refute your mother.
It was useless.
All his struggles would be futile.

On his way to Lin Chuhan’s house, Wang Teng glanced at the gifts on the passenger’s seat and shook his head helplessly.

Although he had lived two lives, this was his first experience in such affairs.

Soon, he reached his destination and parked the car.

Wang Teng lugged all the bags and headed to Lin Chuhan’s house.
On the way, her neighbors sized him up curiously.
They seemed to be gossiping.

Lin Chuhan’s family owned a small convenience stall.
New Year was around the corner, so business was booming.
Lin Chuhan was helping her mother out in the stall.

Mother Lin had sharp eyes.
The moment Wang Teng came close, she noticed him.
She ignored her customer and welcomed Wang Teng immediately.
“Wang Teng, you’re here!”

“Auntie, I came to visit you.” Wang Teng smiled and passed the gifts to her.

“There’s no need to bring so many gifts.
What a waste of money.” Mother Lin kept blaming Wang Teng for wasting money, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
She pulled him into the house.

“It’s nothing.
I brought them from home, so I didn’t spend any money.
It’s the thought that counts, right? I forgot about this when I came out.
My mum was the one who prepared this for me,” Wang Teng replied.

“Your mother knew that you were coming here?” Mother Lin was surprised.

“She has known for a long time..
After all, my father was the one who asked my headteacher to arrange Chuhan as my table buddy,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

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