Chapter 375: Dad, The Era Has Changed

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After leaving school, Wang Teng called a taxi and went to Deer Garden.

Wang Teng gazed out of the car window.
Red lanterns were hanging at the side of the road.
The auspicious color, red, could be seen everywhere.

The pedestrians on the streets had joyful expressions on their faces, exuding peace and happiness all over.

A smile crept up on Wang Teng’s face as he looked at this scene.

This was the reason why many martial warriors were willing to work silently behind the scene.

This was a new era.
But in every era, there were many people quietly pushing the time forward.

Someone needed to carry the burden for society to remain peaceful.

To ordinary civilians, battles and deaths were far from their reach.
They couldn’t see them, so they didn’t know how dreadful they were.

Many martial warriors would feel that their efforts had paid off when the civilians were able to live their lives properly and have an undisturbed new year.

“Wang Teng from Huanghai Military Academy is the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.”

The driver was listening to the radio.
He exclaimed, “The National Number One Martial Arts Competition is a nationwide competition.
Wang Teng has really brought honor to our city by taking the championship.”

Wang Teng touched his nose and smiled.
“Mister, you pay attention to the National Number One Martial Arts Competition too?”

“Of course.
Martial arts are getting more and more common, and even ordinary people like me know about them.
I feel that martial arts are very important.
That is why the government spent so much time and manpower to host this National Number One Martial Arts Competition,” the driver replied.

“Mister, you’re smart.” Wang Teng was surprised.
He gave him a thumbs up.

“Hahaha, young man, you came out from Huanghai Military Academy.
Are you a student there?” the driver asked.


“In that case, do you know Wang Teng?” the driver continued asking.

We are classmates,” Wang Teng replied.

“Wow, your classmate is so impressive.
Quick, tell me more about him.”

Half an hour later, Wang Teng got off outside Deer Garden.
Looking at the driver driving the cab away, he laughed and shook his head.

He had chatted with the driver for a long time.
The driver listened to him with interest and was extremely curious about martial arts.

“Young Master Wang!”

The guard immediately let Wang Teng through when he saw him.

“Thank you for your hard work!” Wang Teng smiled as he greeted the guard.
Then, he walked into the Deer Garden.

“It’s not hard, it’s not hard at all!”

The guards uncontrollably commented when they saw Wang Teng, “I heard that Young Master Wang was the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.

“That’s right.
He is a national champion.
I heard that it’s not easy to win the championship.”

“I watched the live broadcast.
Oh my god, that scene was amazing! He’s so powerful!”

“Mom, I’m back.”

Wang Teng walked into the house and called out to his parents as he usually did.

“Little Teng is back.” Li Xiumei was elated.
She walked out of the kitchen and wiped her hands on her apron.
Then, she pulled Wang Teng and said, “Come, let me see if you’re injured.”

“I’m not hurt.
I’m fine.” Wang Teng allowed Li Xiumei to pull him around.

“That’s great.
Your father and I went to watch your competition.
The matches were so intense.
I almost had a heart attack,” Li Xiumei said with lingering fears.

“You went to Capital Xia to watch the competition?” Wang Teng was shocked.

“Your mom and I came back last night.” Wang Shengguo walked out of the living room.

“Dad.” Wang Teng greeted him.
Then, he smiled at Li Xiumei and said, “It’s nothing.
Your son is so powerful.
Who can even hurt me?”

“You’re still boasting,” Li Xiumei reprimanded him.
However, she felt proud when she remembered that Wang Teng was the national champion.

Wang Teng chuckled.

“Alright, have some rest quickly.
I’ll go back to the kitchen.” Li Xiumei returned to continue cooking.

Wang Shengguo and Wang Teng sat down in the living room.

“Where is Doudou? I didn’t see her,” Wang Teng asked.

“She’s sleeping upstairs.” Wang Shengguo smiled.
He whispered, “What’s this National Number One Martial Arts Competition for? Why did they showcase the competition to the public?”

As expected, a smart and experienced person like Wang Shengguo immediately noticed the crux of the problem.

Wang Teng hesitated before replying slowly, “Dad, the times have changed.”

“Where is this era heading to?” Wang Shengguo frowned.

“Don’t worry.
No matter where it’s going, there will be someone clearing the path,” Wang Teng said.

“What about you?” Wang Shengguo asked.

“Me?” Wang Teng thought for a moment before he grinned.
“One day, I’ll possess the strength to protect everyone.
All you have to do is to wait for your retirement.”

Wang Shengguo felt complicated as he looked at Wang Teng.

His son had grown up.
He could protect this family now.
He should be happy.

Many of his friends knew that his son was the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
They were aware that he was a powerful martial warrior.
After the competition ended, many of his business partners called him specially to congratulate him.

Even the elite families who had belittled their Wang family in the past called him to chat and seek opportunities for cooperation.

All these things made him proud.

But whenever he remembered the frightening matches between the martial warriors, his heart would be filled with worry.

Martial warriors were able to shatter rocks with their strength.
The more powerful ones could even make use of the force of nature.
It was a power that could turn the world upside down.
Imagine the consequences of this attack landing on a person.

However, what could he say? His son had already chosen the martial arts path and entered a top university.
In the future, he would undoubtedly join the military.
His future was bright.
Was he supposed to stop his son?

“I don’t know anything about martial arts.
Your mom and I just hope that you will be safe.
You’re our only son.
We’re still waiting for you to take care of us when we’re old,” Wang Shengguo said.

“Don’t worry.
I’m scared of death too.
I’ll definitely be the one who lives the longest,” Wang Teng said.

“Seriously!” Wang Shengguo was caught between laughter and tears.

Very soon, Li Xiumei finished preparing the food.
They sat around the dining table, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Doudou also got up, but she was still in a daze.
She looked at Wang Teng and thought that she was dreaming.
She rubbed her eyes and said, “Am I dreaming? I dreamed that Elder Brother is back?”

Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo burst out laughing.
“Doudou, pinch your cheeks.
Is it painful?”

Doudou pinched her cheeks absent-mindedly.
She screamed, “Ouch!”

Everyone laughed at her reaction.

The meal ended in peals of laughter.

At night, Wang Teng lay on the big bed in his bedroom.
Gentle moonlight was filtering through the window, making everything look surreal.

It seemed to be another world at home, a place far away from martial arts.

He could hear the voices of his parents, the sound of the news broadcast on the television, and Doudou’s happy laughter…

Everything seemed peaceful and tranquil…

Wang Teng closed his eyes and slipped into the dreamland under the gentle moonlight..
He would protect this peace.
He wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy it!


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