Chapter 371: The First In His Generation!

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The giant lightning dragon floated in the air.
The rolling thunder turned into the roars of the dragons, deafening everyone’s ears.

The audience looked up at the sky in amazement.
They would never forget this scene for their entire life.

Wang Teng was staring at the dragon too.
However, there wasn’t any fear in his eyes.

I have already come this far.
Let’s take the bet.

I’ll leave the rest to fate!

Wang Teng smiled.
Honestly, he was a maniac too.

He closed his eyes.
The images of his experiments appeared in his mind.

“Have you accepted your defeat?” A mocking smile appeared at the edge of Ren Qingcang’s lips.

The scene was displayed on the big screen as well.
Everyone felt puzzled.
Did Wang Teng give up?

Ren Qingcang’s attack was indomitable, no doubt, but this was already the final step.
How could he give up willingly without trying?

The commentator said, “Borrowing strength from lightning, Ren Qingcang has formed a lightning dragon.
The power of this move is astonishing.
However, Wang Teng has closed his eyes.
Has he given up out of despair, or does he have a surprise for all of us?”

Lin Chuhan grabbed Xu Wantong’s hand, feeling extremely nervous.
She held her breath and stared at Wang Teng without blinking.

Suddenly, Wang Teng opened his eyes.



A low command came out of his mouth.

In an instant, a gale swept up around him.
It spun without stopping and blew high into the air.
The fierce wind filled up the entire arena.


Another shout was heard.

Flames burned in the sky, swallowing the clouds around it and enveloping Wang Teng.

His figure could no longer be seen.
Only an endless fire tornado remained on the stage.
It started from the ground and shot right up into the sky.

But this still wasn’t the end.


Wang Teng’s voice resounded in the tornado again.


The sound of a sword being unsheathed rang out as the fire tornado paused for a second.
Sword auras appeared immediately thereafter and merged into the tornado.

The flaming tornado became more and more violent.
It was getting unstable and looked as if it could collapse at any moment.

But gradually, the flaming tornado and the sword aura reached a delicate balance.
The sword auras spun in the tornado like a fish in the sea.

Ren Qingcang’s expression changed.

He felt an unstoppable destructive power from the flaming tornado.

Damn it!

How did Wang Teng do it?

He gritted his teeth and ran his lightning Force throughout his body.
As Force completed one round after another, more lightning merged into the giant lightning dragon.

Thunder roared and lightning raged.
Bolts of lightning struck the lightning dragon continuously, making it bigger and crazier.


The veins on Ren Qingcang’s right hand bulged up.
Cracks started to appear on his skin, and blood seeped out.
He looked miserable.

His face turned white as he clenched his right wrist with his left hand, forcing himself to continue.

Lei Zhenting’s expression finally changed.
He shouted in anger, “Is he looking for death? His right hand will be crippled!”

“Youngsters nowadays are crazy.” Ye Jixin shook his head.
“However, I’m curious how Wang Teng is able to merge different attributes.
He has created an unbelievable change.
The impact and significance behind this move are terrifying!”

In the arena, Ren Qingcang couldn’t stand it any longer.
Lightning stopped entering the dragon, and its growth halted.

With a solemn expression, Ren Qingcang raised his right hand with much difficulty and pointed at Wang Teng.
Then, he moved his hand bit by bit.


Ren Qingcang bellowed in rage.
His expression was hideous.

Instantly, the gigantic lightning dragon spiraled and bore down on Wang Teng.

On the other side, another word echoed from the flaming tornado.


Suddenly, blade auras rose into the sky.


The fiery tornado expanded immediately.
Blade shadows tossed and turned inside as if out of control.

“He’s too reckless!” Peng Yuanshan’s expression underwent a change.
He jumped out of his seat.

“Don’t worry.” Dan Taixuan frowned and asked him to sit.

“He’s in the middle of the tornado.
A slight mistake, and he will lose his life.
Are you going to just sit and watch?” Peng Yuanshan asked agitatedly.

“As his master, I choose to believe him.” Dan Taixuan stared at the tornado below without blinking.
She had never been so serious before.


The fire tornado spun frantically.
Blade and sword shadows flickered inside it.
This was a terrifying firestorm.

It was a success!

Wang Teng did it!


The giant lightning dragon roared and charged towards him.


The next instant, the giant lightning dragon smashed into the firestorm.
However, before it had the time to wreak havoc, it was bound in place.
It couldn’t move a single inch.


The giant dragon howled in agony.
The sword and blade auras in the tornado were lacerating its body.
No matter how hard it struggled, it was unable to break free.


A few moments later, the scary lightning dragon exploded and shattered into bolts of lightning.
It disappeared without a trace.

The residual force of the firestorm swept the arena, taking everything with it.
Ren Qingcang was the first to bear the brunt.
He suffered injuries all over his body and was thrown out by the impact.
He slammed forcefully on the ground.


He vomited a mouth of blood, feeling bouts of weakness overwhelm him.
The powerful aura around him receded quickly like a tide.

The storm slowly dispersed.

Wang Teng appeared in the sky.
He was panting slightly, and his face was a little pale.

He slowly landed on the ground.
As he stepped on the floor, he stumbled uncontrollably.

This move had exhausted too much of his strength.
Even with his abundance of Force, he couldn’t support it for long.

He looked at Ren Qingcang not far away and heaved a sigh of relief.

This time, he won for real.

If Ren Qingcang could still fight after receiving that attack, he would willingly admit defeat.

Just as Wang Teng’s thoughts ran wild, he noticed that his surroundings were extremely quiet.
He raised his head and looked around him.
Everyone was staring at him absent-mindedly.

“The first in his generation!” The commentator’s voice sounded abruptly.
“These are the only words I can think of now.
Today, at this moment, Wang Teng is the first in his generation!

“He deserves to be the champion!

“Wang Teng, the champion!”


As the voice resounded in the venue, the spectators regained their senses.
They stood up in unplanned unison and emptied the air in their lungs.

“Wang Teng, the champion!”

“Wang Teng, the champion!”

“Wang Teng, the champion!”

Thunderous applause filled up the venue.
Cheers pierced through the walls of the Dragon’s Den, attempting to shake the building to the ground.

Everyone went crazy.
They threw everything within their reach into the air, including their hats, clothes, and even their shoes.


Han Zhu and the other students from Huanghai Military Academy hugged one another and jumped around, shouting and cheering along the way.
This seemed to be the only way to vent the excitement in their hearts.

Huanghai was the champion!

No one would mock them any longer.
Instead, they would only be jealous.

Ji Xiuming from The First University, Luo Cheng from Capital Military Academy, Xiao Yunfan from Donghai University, Zhao Yuanwu from the Qianyuan Sect, everyone was envious.

This was the attractiveness of the number one title.

The place was seething with enthusiasm.
Thousands of people shouted the same name.
It was a majestic and exhilarating scene.

The audience gave applause and cheers to the young man in the middle of the stage.

He was the first in his generation!

Second to none!

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