Chapter 370: The Sky Is Changing!

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Multiple gazes gather on a certain spot.

At this moment, Wang Teng was in the spotlight.
He was the most eye-catching figure at the scene.

Ji Xiuming was staring at him in a daze as disappointment crept up his face.
“Even Ren Qingcang lost?”

The greatest blow to a favored child of God was to get defeated by the person he looked down on.
Even more, the person went further than him.


Ji Xiuming grasped his sword tightly.
His knuckles turned white from the force.

“He… won?” Han Zhu and the others found it unbelievable.
They glanced at one another and didn’t know how to react for a second.

Wang Teng had already broken records by participating in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition as a freshman.
Now, he was going to carry the champion’s trophy home too.

Who could have thought of this ending?

Not even Peng Yuanshan, the person who allowed Wang Teng to enter the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, would have imagined such glory.

This was the National Number One Martial Arts Competition!

It was a dream.
It was the dream of all young martial warriors.
It was their aspiration!

Peng Yuanshan was at a loss.
He looked at the figure standing tall and alone in the arena and felt emotional.
He turned to Dan Taixuan beside him and asked.
“Principal, did you know that he could become the champion?”

“Erm…” Dan Taixuan was stunned.
She replied awkwardly, “I just wanted him to give it a try.”

Give it a try!

It was understandable why the disciple was so indecent.
His master was no better!

Everyone was speechless.

Yan Kang, the president of the martial arts academy of Jinlin University, felt jealous and contemptuous.
Look at what she was saying!

She just wanted him to try and he became the champion.
Did it mean that if he was serious, he would be able to get all the championships in the world?

He would never admit that he was envious!

After all, they had all fought for Wang Teng before.
That meant that his university had missed the chance to become number one.


Yan Kang almost went berserk when he thought about this.

That was a champion, champion!

He lost an opportunity so close at hand!

He lost a few billion!

This was the most regretful event in his life!

Yan Kang felt hopeless.
He was depressed.
He really wanted to curse the lucky bastards from Huanghai Military Academy.

On the other side, Ye Jixin lamented, “I remember that this brat possessed an ice element, right? He has been using the fire element all the time before using water, earth, and wind elements.
This is a multi-element gifted martial warrior!”

Ma was shocked when he heard this.
He counted silently.
“Five elements?!”

“Yes.” Ye Jixin smiled and nodded.
“If he has revealed everything, he possesses five elements.”

“Oh my god.” Mr.
Ma gasped.
“What a talent…”

He had lost his ability to speak.

Then he turned to Lei Zhenting and said, “President Lei, you shouldn’t feel sad about your defeat.”

Lei Zhenting, who had been quiet the entire time, smiled suddenly.
“The competition hasn’t ended yet.”

Ma was stunned.

Lei Zhenting looked up.
“The sky is changing.”

Ye Jixin’s expression changed.
He raised his head abruptly and looked up at the sky.

The sky had indeed darkened.
It was overcast with dark clouds, implying an impending storm.


A bolt of lightning cut through the clouds and lit up half the sky with a glaring silver-white light.
The spectators, who were still immersed in the competition, got a rude shock.


Ye Jixin turned serious.
He looked at Lei Zhenting and said, “Your disciple is crazy.”

“For the championship, this is nothing,” Lei Zhenting replied in disdain.

The commentator’s voice resounded in the Dragon’s Den.
“I hear thunder.
How strange.
There’s rarely thunder in winter.”

“Fortunately, we already have our winner—wait, what am I seeing? Ren Qingcang has stood up again! He has stood up again!”

The commentator’s voice was filled with disbelief.
It caught everyone’s attention, and they shifted their gazes to the figure who was struggling to get up.


“How is that possible!”

“How is he able to stand again after that attack?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.
They started chatting with each other.
They thought that the winner had been decided, but the situation took a sudden change.

Could Ren Qingcang continue fighting?

Did he still have a chance?

“How stubborn!” Wang Teng looked down at Ren Qingcang in surprise.
Then, he frowned and looked up at the sky.

This lightning was a little abnormal.


Another thick bolt of lightning split the sky into two as if affirming his thoughts.
This time, it struck straight to the ground.


To everyone’s astonishment, the lightning struck Ren Qingcang.

“What is this?” Wang Teng squinted, a bad premonition rising in his heart.
Ren Qingcang definitely had something up his sleeve.

“Ren Qingcang… got struck by lightning?!”

Everyone was bewildered.
What kind of move was this?

They were still waiting to see him turn the tides after he got up.
Why did he suddenly get struck by lightning?

Was heaven punishing him because he did something wrong? Was that why God sent a bolt of lightning to strike him to death so that he wouldn’t become the champion?

All kinds of wild thoughts appeared in people’s minds.



Lightning flashed, and thunder roared.
Bolts of lightning lit up the sky.
They linked with the bolt of lightning in the center that was connected to Ren Qingcang.
It looked like a massive tree with many branches.
What a remarkable scene.

Amidst the lightning, Ren Qingcang raised his hands and flew into the clouds.
His short hair was standing on their ends.


Peals of laughter sounded clearer than the raging lightning.

At the same time, a formidable force erupted from within the clouds.

No matter how stupid the audience was, they understood that Ren Qingcang didn’t get struck by lightning, even though they didn’t know how he did it.
He conducted lightning to him so that he could use it.

No one knew what to comment regarding this crazy move.

He must be mad!

Was he looking for death?!

No one could imagine that Ren Qingcang would use this method to turn the tides.

“Wang Teng, you will never be able to beat me!” Ren Qingcang’s voice echoed in the clouds.
He seemed to be staring at Wang Teng through the bolts of lightning.

“Stop your bullshit.
Come on.
Show me what you’ve got,” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

“Death awaits you, yet you’re still so stubborn.”

Ren Qingcang’s expression turned ruthless.
He gathered all the lightning on his right hand.

“Lightning Dragon!”

The moment he finished his shout, all the bolts of lightning gathered and slowly turned into a giant lightning dragon.
It bellowed and circled in the sky.

Wang Teng’s expression darkened.
He could sense a tremendous threat from the gigantic lightning dragon.

He used the power of nature, so this attack has exceeded his potential.
This strike will probably be at the 8-star soldier level.

I can only use that move.

He didn’t think that Ren Qingcang would be willing to go this far.
His gaze flickered as the gears in his mind spun furiously.
In the end, he realized that he could only use the move he had been experimenting with..
There might be no other way to block Ren Qingcang’s advance.


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