Chapter 369: The Nine Strikes Of Leiting

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Ren Qingcang was a conceited and proud person.
At the start, he looked down on Wang Teng.
However, Wang Teng had managed to fight his way through the tournament and challenge him for the championship.

Even Ji Xiuming, whom he viewed as his opponent, lost to Wang Teng.
How ironic.

When he exchanged blows with Wang Teng, he finally realized that this young man wasn’t as easy as he appeared on the surface.

Even his Leiting Physique was blocked.
This was a first.
He couldn’t accept it.

At this moment, the two young men were close at hand.
Force surged out from their fists, and strength built up in their arms as they attempted to throw their opponent off his feet.

However, none of them budged an inch.
They were like huge rocks that had ingrained their roots in the ground.


Ren Qingcang’s gaze was apathetic.
He suddenly bent his knees and kicked Wang Teng’s chest.

If his attack was successful, Wang Teng would at least lose a few rib bones.

Wang Teng lifted his leg and kicked his opponent’s calf.
He forcefully stopped this move in mid-air.

They immediately separated afterward.

Ren Qingcang took a few steps back and stomped on the ground.
He shot towards Wang Teng, leaving afterimages behind him.
He appeared on the left side of Wang Teng and swept his leg towards him.

Wang Teng reacted instantaneously.
He blasted his fist at Ren Qingcang’s kneecap.

Both of them had exerted all their strength in this match, not holding back at all.


Ren Qingcang’s expression changed.
He didn’t dare to receive this punch forcefully.
Lightning shone around him, and he disappeared on the spot again.
He attacked Wang Teng from another direction.

“Speed contest? I’m not slow either!”

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
Wind Force gushed out from his Force nucleus.

Steps of Gale!

Wang Teng turned into a gust of wind and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Ren Qingcang’s attack only hit his shadow.

He squinted and turned around immediately.
Almost instinctively, he raised his arm.


A vicious attack landed on his arm.

Ren Qingcang was forced to retreat a few meters from the powerful impact.

Huh? His reaction is quite fast.

Wang Teng was stunned for an instant.
Then he disappeared again and reappeared around Ren Qingcang.
He rained attacks on him from all directions.

Ren Qingcang’s expression turned ugly.
He didn’t dare to be careless.
He would scan his surroundings vigilantly to search for Wang Teng’s figure.
Then, he would block Wang Teng’s attacks.

Bang, bang, bang!

This was the sound of the collision of the physical bodies.
The audience felt their eyelids jumping when they heard it.

Ren Qingcang was renowned for his physical strength and impenetrable body.
Even then, he was at a disadvantage.
This script seemed a little weird.

“Get lost!”

Ren Qingcang roared.
The lightning around his body erupted, and a pair of lightning wings blossomed behind him.
He soared into the sky like a bolt of lightning, so fast that it was almost impossible to catch his figure.

What amazing speed.

Wang Teng was startled.
He was too fast for him to see with his eyes.

“Lightning Slash!”

A cold cry came from the air before a bolt of purple lightning flashed in the sky and struck down on Wang Teng.

Wang Teng squinted.
His wings also emerged with wind Force circling them.
He accelerated his speed to his maximum and disappeared into thin air.


The purple lightning struck the spot where Wang Teng was a second ago, creating a burnt hole.
What a formidable move.

Wang Teng reappeared in the sky and looked down at the damage caused by the lightning.
The edge of his lips twitched.
He stared ominously at Ren Qingcang.

Ren Qingcang was too quick.
He kept changing his position in the air, so Wang Teng couldn’t fix his gaze on him.


Wang Teng snorted as Mo Que appeared in his hand.
He shook his wrist, and a glaring glow appeared at the tip of the divine weapon.

Shadow Assassin Sword Skill!

It was a speed skill!

Counteracting speed with speed!


The swift and unpredictable sword moves forced Ren Qingcang to stop hiding.
There were even a few sword cuts on his clothes.

“Take one more punch!”

Wang Teng followed up his success with another mighty fist.

Ape King Fist!

Ren Qingcang’s face turned black.
He retaliated with a punch of his own.


The two fists clashed.
Ren Qingcang’s expression changed slightly as he flew back uncontrollably.


Wang Teng flew forward.
He seemed to have turned into a giant ape.
Fist auras rained down on Ren Qingcang like a storm.

Bang, bang, bang!

The frightening fist force landed on Ren Qingcang continuously.


A figure plummeted from the sky and smashed onto the ground violently.
There was a loud crash.

Before the dust dispersed, the figure shot back into the sky, flying straight towards Wang Teng like a lightning arrow.

Scorching Sky Finger!

Wang Teng stared intently at him and pointed with his finger.

Flames rolled out from his finger and charged towards the lightning arrow.


Two rays of light clashed in mid-air and exploded.

“Ren Qingcang, what other skills do you have? Execute all of them.
Stop hiding.” Wang Teng laughed loudly.

“Hmph! Impudent!”

Ren Qingcang snorted.
His gaze turned ruthless, and he stopped talking.
He shifted his body and formed two similar figures.

“This is…” Wang Teng was flabbergasted.

Then he saw the three Ren Qingcangs splitting again into nine Ren Qingcangs.

The nine figures turned into rays of lights as they spiraled around Wang Teng.
There seemed to be multiple enemies attacking him at the same time.

Sky-rank battle technique!


The Nine Strikes of Leiting!

The nine figures surrounded Wang Teng.
Suddenly, they launched their lightning attacks.


Nine bolts of lightning flashed at him.
The force was terrifying.

Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly.
Even a normal 7-star soldier-level martial warrior might not be able to withstand this move.
He was extremely vigilant.
He congregated Force on his fist and fired it at the bolts of lightning.

Ape King Fist!

Fist conscious!

The shadow of an ape king towered behind Wang Teng.
It was as big as a mountain.
The ape king roared and smashed its fist down.


The giant ape smashed into the bolts of lightning.
Explosions reverberated throughout the venue.

The bolts of lightning were destroyed!

The giant ape had dispersed.

The impact swept across the arena, scattering all of Ren Qingcang’s clones.
A single figure was left behind—Ren Qingcang’s body.

Wang Teng raised Mo Que, and the flaming sword conscious erupted from the weapon.

Sky-rank battle technique!


Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

A terrifying flame glow slashed towards Ren Qingcang.

Ren Qingcang was appalled.
He didn’t have time to evade, so he could only execute his Leiting Physique to its peak and use the thick lightning shield around his body to receive this attack.


The dazzling fire blade dawned on him within a split second.
Ren Qingcang was engulfed in the sea of flames.

He was hurtled down from the sky like a shooting star, leaving a trace of fire behind him as he crashed into the ground.


The ground vibrated, and cracks appeared on it.
The fire burned for a long time before a deep hole was made visible to the public.

A disheveled figure lay in the hole.


The entire venue was silent!

Ren Qingcang lost!

The audience’s jaws dropped in disbelief.
They couldn’t believe the result.
Everyone’s attention was focused on the figure floating in the air.

“How… is this possible?”

Grandpa Ren widened his eyes in shock.
Ren Qingcang, whom he placed all his hopes in, lost?

And he lost to the grandson of the person he hated the most!

This was unacceptable.
His breathing got rapid, and he started dry coughing.
Blood began dripping down the edge of his mouth..
His face was pale as if he was going to pass away at any moment.


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