“You don’t believe me?” Zhao Ganghu smiled coldly.
“What right do you have to not believe me?

“Do you know what I saw a moment ago?


“That was the damn Force!

“When that giant crow plummeted towards him, he activated his Force.
I saw it with my own two eyes.

“If you don’t believe me, are you saying that I’m blind?”

Zhao Ganghu’s angry words echoed beside Zhao Gangbao’s ears.
He was dumbstruck.

“Force… Martial warrior!

“That brat is actually a martial warrior!!

“But, when I met him the last time, he wasn’t so powerful.
He was at most an advanced stage martial disciple.
How can he be a martial warrior!”

Zhao Gangbao still couldn’t believe it.

“The only explanation is that he was hiding his ability.
He doesn’t want to reveal his true power.” Zhao Ganghu took a wild guess.

“Hid his true power!” Zhao Gangbao was shocked.
Then, he asked curiously, “What’s his motive?”

“That’s not something we should know.
But, think about this.
If you keep provoking a martial warrior, what is the consequence?” Zhao Ganghu stared at his younger brother in exasperation.

“Oh my God!” Zhao Gangbao gasped in fear when he thought about this carefully.

“Brother, I’ve offended him once.
Will he kill me?”

The thought of a certain possibility sent shivers down his spine.

“That’s hard to say.
But, it will be a hidden problem in the future!”

“How about this? You will follow me, and we will go and apologize to him now.
Let’s see if he can forgive you and let this matter end completely,” Zhao Ganghu added after pondering for some time.

Zhao Gangbao hesitated.
He didn’t dare to face Wang Teng.

However, when he noticed that Zhao Ganghu was going to flare up again, he gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I will apologize!”


While Zhao Gangbao and his brother were guessing the consequences of provoking Wang Teng, the beautiful lady from the pet shop had arrived in front of Wang Teng.

“Hello, thank you for helping me.” The beautiful lady was a little shy as she raised her head and spoke to Wang Teng.

“You’re welcome.
It’s nothing.
I have to thank you for answering all my queries.
I went to many pet shops before I found someone who truly understands birds,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Let’s exchange WeChat.
If you have any questions, you can contact me directly in the future.” The beautiful lady from the pet shop took the initiative.

In the past, Wang Teng had never received such treatment.

As expected, a hero saving a beauty was the ultimate move to win a lady’s heart!


Exchanging WeChat… Am I someone who will add a lady’s WeChat so easily? ( ̄へ̄)


“Alright, let’s do that.
I’ll have to trouble you if I have questions later.” Wang Teng took out his phone in a hurry.


They exchanged WeChat and asked for each other’s names.
Then, they changed the ID.

The beautiful lady from the pet shop was called Lu Zhiqing.
She said, “The shop is really busy today.
I have to go back.
Contact me on WeChat if you need anything.”



Lu Zhiqing smiled and waved her hand.
She ran back to the pet shop.

Zhao Ganghu cautiously brought his good-for-nothing younger brother over when he noticed that Wang Teng had finished hooking the young lady.

“Mister, please wait for a moment.”

Wang Teng turned around upon the call.
His eyes fell on Zhao Ganghu first and found him unfamiliar.
Then, he looked at Zhao Gangbao, who was beside him.

“It’s you!”

The knowing smile and the meaningful tone caused Zhao Gangbao’s heart to beat violently.

Zhao Ganghu’s heart also skipped a beat.
He hurriedly pushed Zhao Gangbao forward.

“Boss…” Zhao Gangbao stuttered as he opened his mouth.

Wang Teng lit a cigarette and suddenly replied, “I have stopped being a boss for many years!”

What the hell was he saying?

Zhao Gangbao was puzzled.

Zhao Ganghu laughed awkwardly and said, “You must be joking.
I’m Zhao Ganghu.
This is my bastard younger brother.”

“My younger brother failed to recognize who you are in the past and offended you.
I brought him here today to apologize to you.”

Then, he shouted at Zhao Gangbao, “Hurry up and come over here to apologize to this mister.”

Zhao Gangbao wanted to bow and apologize, but Wang Teng stopped him.

“Wait, I’m afraid that you didn’t come to find me today to especially apologize, right? You have followed me for the entire trip.
Do you think I’m stupid?” Wang Teng scoffed.

Zhao Ganghu’s expression changed.
Zhao Gangbao even shivered in fright. Oh my god, I am exposed!



Wang Teng didn’t give him any chance to speak.
The aura of a martial warrior exploded and surged towards Zhao Ganghu and his younger brother.

Just now, he was playing a trick.
He knew that someone was following him, but he didn’t know the person’s intention.

Now, looking at Zhao Ganghu’s expression, they were obviously looking for revenge just now.
However, something had happened in the process and made them change their mind.
That was why they came over to apologize.

Could it be that they saw me using Force just now?

Wang Teng stared coldly at the duo as he thought.

Since they had come themselves, it was a chance for him to take care of them.
This would prevent them from pestering him continuously in the future.

Even though he wasn’t afraid, it was still irritating to have a few nobodies crawling around him all the time.

On the other side, in the face of the pressure given off by a martial warrior, Zhao Ganghu could only withstand it with all his might.
He was extremely shocked.

Indeed, he was a martial warrior!

Zhao Gangbao’s face turned pale, and he fell weakly to the ground.
He couldn’t even climb up.


It sounded mysterious and profound, but it was just the pressure a powerful person could enforce on a weaker person.

Wang Teng versus Zhao Ganghu, a martial warrior versus a martial disciple.

The difference in ability was vast.

The distance between them was obvious.

That was why he felt a huge pressure.

“We are willing to compensate you!” Zhao Ganghu’s forehead was filled with cold sweat.
He gritted his teeth and opened his mouth with much effort.

“Compensate?” Wang Teng pulled the corners of his lips.

“There’s five million in this card.
This is our way of apologizing,” Zhao Ganghu took out a bank card as he spoke.

“Five million.”

The amount wasn’t small.
A normal person might not be able to save a million in his entire life.
Yet, this was five million!

However, Wang Teng was a damn rich second generation!

He smiled gently and replied, “Do I look like someone who needs five million?”

Zhao Ganghu’s heart dropped.
It looked like this matter wouldn’t be solved so easily.
He forgot that the person didn’t lack money.

Would a person who drove a sports car lack money?


Zhao Ganghu’s mouth tasted bitter.
He really wanted to beat Zhao Gangbao to death on the spot.
Why did he have to offend this malignant star?

“Give me one day.
I will give you a satisfactory answer tomorrow.”

Zhao Ganghu was decisive.
Once he knew that five million couldn’t solve this matter, he gave up and made another promise.

“Alright, I will wait for your news tomorrow.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He wasn’t worried that the other party would run away.

Although Donghai City wasn’t small, it wasn’t big either.
It wasn’t hard to find someone.

He would meet him one day unless Zhao Ganghu was willing to forsake everything he had in Donghai City and run to other cities.

Wang Teng believed that Zhao Ganghu wasn’t so stupid.

He shook his head when he saw Zhao Ganghu pulling Zhao Gangbao away.

This Zhao Ganghu was just an advanced stage martial disciple.
He was slightly older, but he was a character to take notice of.
However, his younger brother…

He was utterly hopeless!

This tiger and leopard siblings (in Chinese, ‘Hu’ means tiger and ‘Bao’ is leopard), the elder brother might be a tiger but the young brother might not be a leopard!

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