Chapter 368: A Physical Duel

Wang Teng won!

There was a massive uproar in the Dragon’s Den.

This result was out of many people’s expectations, especially Ji Xiuming’s supporters.
They never imagined that he would lose to Wang Teng.
Some of them couldn’t accept this result.

However, most of the spectators were yelling Wang Teng’s name, cheering for him, and congratulating him.

His performance had captured the hearts of many people.

Formidable warriors would be respected and admired wherever they went.
There was no doubt about Wang Teng’s power.

In General Bai’s live stream room, a wealthy ID sent 100 rockets at once.

All the viewers started commenting in astonishment.

“Oh my god!”

“Black horse, he’s the ultimate black horse!”

“Wang Teng is amazing.
He managed to defeat Ji Xiuming!”

“This is a rising star!”

These were the thoughts of ordinary people.
Martial warriors, on the other hand, noticed many more things.

For instance, Wang Teng was a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior.

For instance, he possessed water Force.

For instance, his water element blade conscious was enlightened.

Every single discovery shocked them even more than the last.
Wang Teng had exposed many cards in this match.

On the second floor of the audience stand, Ji Huayang heaved a long sigh and sat down on his seat dejectedly.
The First University lost; they lost to Huanghai Military Academy.

It was hard for him to accept this result.

But could he blame Ji Xiuming?


He knew that Ji Xiuming had tried his best.
It was just that Wang Teng was a rare breed.
Talents like him were like a qilin’s horn, but no one could do anything if they met him.
He couldn’t reprimand Ji Xiuming.

Ji Huayang turned and looked at Wang Teng standing in the arena.

What a stunning talent!

If The First University had managed to pull him into their school at the start, this match wouldn’t have occurred.

The honor of the champion would still belong to The First University.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs…

Peng Yuanshan and the other heads were elated.
Honestly, they didn’t expect Wang Teng to win.
This was a huge and joyful present for them.

At first, they felt that getting into the top ten would be an achievement.
Yet not only did he enter the top ten, but he also climbed all the way to the top three.

The top three and the top ten, this was a huge difference.

Also, it looked like they had the chance of bagging the championship title!

Peng Yuanshan was a composed person, but when he saw that their school had the chance of snatching the championship title, his heart started pounding.

After the match ended.
Wang Teng walked down the arena.
Ren Qingcang and Luo Cheng’s match started.

They were both at 6-star soldier level, but Ren Qingcang was more powerful.
He only used 10 minutes to win the match.

Luo Cheng was thrown out of the arena, and he fainted.

When Wang Teng looked at the figure bathing in lightning, his expression turned grave.
“Leiting Physique is indeed a powerful physical skill.”

Ren Qingcang seemed to have felt his gaze.
He turned and looked at him with a cold smile at the edge of his lips.

Wang Teng smiled.
A glint flashed past his eyes.

“That marks the end of today’s matches.
The final winners are Wang Teng and Ren Qingcang.
Tomorrow, we will find out who’s the champion among these two!

“Who do you think will emerge as the number one martial warrior of the younger generation this year?

“The anticipation for tomorrow’s match is at an all-time high!”

The commentator finished speaking, and the audience started to leave the Dragon’s Den.

The next day.

The Dragon’s Den was filled up bright and early in the morning.

This was the final day of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
It was the most important day too.

The champion would be born today!

There were only Huanghai Military Academy and Leiting Martial House in the competition zone.

Sitting in the resting area of Huanghai, Wang Teng’s expression was calm and composed.
Even when the match was about to start, there were still no ripples in his heart.

Even if his opponent was Ren Qingcang!

Suddenly, he heard footsteps beside him.

He looked up.

It was Dan Taixuan!

“I feel at ease seeing how calm you are,” Dan Taixuan smiled and said.

“What’s there to worry about? It’s just a competition,” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

“That’s how my disciple should be,” Dan Taixuan said.

Peng Yuanshan and the others felt speechless when they saw their reaction.
Their worry was for nothing.
These two people weren’t anxious at all.

On the other side, Ren Qingcang was standing beside an elder sitting in a wheelchair.

“I didn’t expect the Wang family to groom such a talent,” the elder suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“He’s quite gifted, but I’ll still defeat him,” Ren Qingcang said confidently.

“So what if you defeat him? He’s still young.
He will rise in the future given enough time,” the elder shook his head and said.

“Death and injuries are common in the arena.” A malicious glint appeared in Ren Qingcang’s eyes.

The elder hesitated for a moment before nodding.
“Act according to your ability.
The Ren family has to rely on you.”

While they were conversing, Wang Teng noticed this elder too.

“It’s him!” Wang Teng immediately recognized the elder as Grandpa Wang’s arch enemy.
What a surprise to see him at the competition today.

Will he die from anger if I defeated his grandson whom he’s so proud of?”

Wang Teng scoffed, feeling no compassion towards this elder.
This was a man who hated his grandfather until the end of the world.
He yearned to destroy the Wang family.

In his past life, he was the one who forced the Wang family onto the path of destruction.

Even though the two lifetimes were different, the hatred was still the same.

8 am sharp.

“The time has arrived.
May the two contestants enter the central arena!” The commentator’s excited voice resounded in the entire Dragon’s Den.

“I’m going up!” Wang Teng got to his feet and walked towards the center arena.

Soon, Wang Teng and Ren Qingcang took their spots on the opposite sides.

They stood facing each other.

Ren Qingcang suddenly raised his right hand and moved it across his neck like a knife.

Wang Teng squinted when he saw this action.
As a reply, he raised his hand and clenched it into a fist.

Everyone was puzzled, wondering what Wang Teng wanted to do.
At that moment, a finger popped up from the fist.

The middle finger.

Ren Qingcang’s face turned black.

“Pfft!” Many people burst out laughing.


Wang Teng was really cheeky.

The judge glanced at the two competitors and felt the heated atmosphere between them.
He immediately announced the start of the match.


Brilliant bolts of lightning shot out from Ren Qingcang’s body.
He seemed to have turned into the God of Lightning as he strode towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid.
Instead, glimmers of excitement could be seen in his eyes.
He immediately used his Eight Level Devil Scripture, and all his muscles started changing.
They turned as hard as steel.
He walked forward.

They were some distance apart.
They started with a brisk walk before turning into rays of light and colliding with an explosion.


Ren Qingcang punched out without any mercy.

Wang Teng replied with a fist too.
Fighting strength with strength.
There was nothing he was afraid of.


The two fists collided.

Unexpectedly, both of them released another punch with their left hands almost at the same time.


Another clash of fists.
Force exploded.
Airwaves swept through the venue.

The two of them entered a battle of strength.

A hint of disbelief appeared in Ren Qingcang’s eyes.
Wang Teng was able to take him head-on? Mind you, he practiced Leiting Physique, which was a sky-rank physical scripture.
How could Wang Teng resist him?

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