Chapter 367: The Sword From The Sky!

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They continued fighting in the sky.
Ji Xiuming turned into a gleaming ray of sword glow, and it was almost impossible to stare at him.

But to everyone’s amazement, Wang Teng remained composed even when facing Ji Xiuming.

He held his divine weapon, Mo Que, and used it to execute all the blade skills and sword skills he had learned.
His skills were as exquisite as Ji Xiuming’s.

Everyone stared at him with utmost concentration.
They didn’t want to miss any exciting scenes.

“As expected of a sword prodigy.
His skills are as impressive and triumphant as ever.
There may not be another person in the younger generation who is able to reach this stage of proficiency.”

The commentator paused before continuing, “However, we can see that Wang Teng’s sword skill is profound too.
He’s executing both sword and blade skills.
This means that his blade skill is as adept as his sword skill.
What a stunning talent.

“This is a battle between two ultimate talents!”


The two figures moved back.

Ji Xiuming’s expression didn’t change.
He focused his gaze, and the sword glow blossomed.

The Deathly Strike!

Earth-rank battle technique!

A sword glow sped towards Wang Teng’s vital point at the speed of lightning.
From afar, only a glaring ray of light could be seen.
It was chilling.

Wang Teng felt that he was locked in.
No matter how he dodged, he couldn’t evade the sword.

This was an extremely fast move.

Yet he wasn’t afraid.
He had a similar skill in his arsenal.

Shadow Assassin Sword Skill!

Earth-rank battle technique!

He would give him a taste of his own medicine!


The swords flashed past, and all traces of the attacks disappeared.
It was as if they never happened.

Ji Xiuming’s expression changed slightly.
Wang Teng was the first person who was able to block his attack with a sword move.
It meant that his sword skill was on par with him.

“It looks like Ji Xiuming has met his match!” the commentator said.

Mao Na and the other students sitting in The First University’s resting area were startled.

“Oh my god, he blocked Xiuming’s sword!”

“That brat is a monster!” Yu Tao said bitterly.

On the other side, in Huanghai’s resting area, Han Zhu and the other students were elated.
“We have a chance.”

“I never imagined that one of us could defeat Ji Xiuming,” Wan Baiqiu exclaimed.

“Entering the top three and fighting for the championship, are we able to enjoy this glory too?” Du Yu asked.

“Based on the current situation, it’s entirely possible.”


Wang Teng waved his hand at Ji Xiuming.

“Impudent!” Ji Xiuming’s expression turned grim.
A sharp and fierce aura seeped out of his body as he pressed towards Wang Teng with his invisible sword presence.


The air around him suddenly started making cracking noises.
It was compressed to the maximum.


Wang Teng remained indifferent, though.
He released his own sword presence and tapped the tip of the sword lightly.
However, he managed to slash a hole in his opponent’s sword presence.

Ji Xiuming’s expression changed, suddenly feeling helpless.
All his skills were useless in front of Wang Teng.
He felt exasperated.


The long sword in his hand gave off a ringing sound as if comforting him.

Ji Xiuming shuddered.
His expression turned resolute again, and his gaze became as sharp as his sword.

“I have been learning sword skills all my life.
This is my most powerful attack.
If you can block it, you win.”

His voice spread out gradually as he shot towards the sky.

Wang Teng raised his head uncontrollably.
In a blink of an eye, Ji Xiuming had turned into a small black dot.

He could feel that as Ji Xiuming climbed higher, the aura around him got more and more concentrated…

The president of the martial arts academy of The First University, Ji Huayang, stood up with his hands behind his back.
He walked to the edge of the audience stand and looked up at the sky.

This was the decisive move!

Ji Xiuming was the leading figure of The First University.
If he lost to Wang Teng, it meant the loss of The First University.

“Ji Xiuming flew into the air and is climbing higher and higher.
What is he planning to do?” Zhang Jun asked curiously.

“He seems to be executing his most powerful attack.
I think he’s converging his presence,” Su Xiao replied.

“Converging presence! This is not an ordinary move,” Zhang Jun said.

The audience chatted loudly as they fixed their gazes at the sky.
Some of them even held their breaths, looking even more nervous than the competitors.

Wang Teng clasped Mo Que and squinted.

Suddenly, a light flashed across the sky.

Then, he saw an enormous sword glow… falling from the sky.

“This attack… is very powerful!”

Wang Teng’s expression turned grave.
He could feel the three-level sword conscious in this attack.
Ji Xiuming had compressed all his sword skills into this one move.
It wouldn’t be an easy task to receive it.

If he wasn’t careful, he might lose this match.

This was an emergency.
He didn’t even have time to think.

Wang Teng arrived at a conclusion instantly.
He released his 6-star soldier-level power.


The next second, a formidable Force surged out of his body.

Wang Teng swung Mo Que upwards.

Flaming blade conscious!

Overflowing blade conscious!

Two blade consciouses were hurled out simultaneously.

A blue sword glow and a red sword glow circled around each other as they shot up the sky.


Ji Huayang just sat down, only to stand up again instantly.
He was dumbfounded.

“Two types of blade consciouses!”

It wasn’t his fault.
For an average person, enlightening one conscious was difficult enough.
Yet Wang Teng had managed to enlighten two.

Even more, these were two consciouses with entirely different attributes.
The difficulty level was even higher!

Anyone would be flabbergasted!

The blue and red blade glows seemed to have turned into two dragons as they charged towards Ji Xiuming’s sword aura.


The blade and sword collided in the air, and deafening clashes shook the audience’s eardrums continuously.

The sword glow was above, and the blade glow was below.
None of them were willing to give way.
They were moving towards mutual destruction.


However, Wang Teng still had some reserved strength.
He pulled out Mo Que and fired his extreme sword presence.

The sword presence instantly shattered the balance.

Boom, boom, boom!

Amid scary explosions, Force wreaked havoc in the Dragon’s Den.

After the airwaves subsided, the scene in the arena was finally revealed to the public.

A figure was leaning against his sword, half-kneeling on the ground.

It was Ji Xiuming!


There was a huge commotion.
Ji Xiuming was hurt!

They looked at the other end of the arena.
Wang Teng was standing there silently with Mo Que in his hand.
Although his clothes were a little messy, he wasn’t hurt.

The winner was apparent.

“You lost,” Wang Teng looked down at his opponent and said calmly.

Ji Xiuming raised his head abruptly.
He wanted to speak, but instead, he vomited a mouthful of blood.


He was dejected and depressed.
He staggered before pulling himself up, walking down the arena in distress.

“I lost.”

Just like he said, if Wang Teng caught his attack, he would win.

Because this was his most powerful attack.

Since he couldn’t defeat Wang Teng with his most powerful move, there was no use fighting anymore.

The audience was dumbfounded.
Ji Xiuming had admitted defeat voluntarily.

When they looked at Ji Xiuming’s back view, they only saw despair and loneliness.

He was a talent whom everyone thought highly of, yet he still lost.

Ji Xiuming was extremely popular at the start as everyone believed that he would walk until the end.

No one had expected this result.

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