Chapter 362: Duel In The Sky

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Han Zhu and Chao Qihe’s contest lasted for half an hour.
They were equal in power, so the battle was even more intense.

Finally, Han Zhu won!

They were both in tatters, but Chao Qihe collapsed first.

The last person standing emerged as the winner.

Peng Yuanshan gave a rare smile.
Huanghai Military Academy was in a good position!

When Han Zhu lost to Zhao Yuanwu, he thought that Huanghai had lost completely.
Unexpectedly, Wang Teng turned the tides around, and now, Han Zhu fought until the end too.
This was an excellent result.

Peng Yuanshan was elated beyond words.
On the other hand, Yan Kang’s expression turned ugly.


He evaded Wang Teng, but they still lost to Han Zhu.

Did Huanghai have something against them this year?

Yan Kang felt frustrated.
The veins on his forehead bulged, and his head hurt…

The matches in the arenas ended progressively.
Zhao Yuanwu was injured, but he had recuperated for two days and was still going strong.
He won his match.

The commentator’s voice rang throughout the Dragon’s Den.

“Alright, the other contestants’ matches have ended.
Please move aside.
We’ll arrange the big arena now.”

After he finished speaking, the participants retreated to the outskirts of the stage under the guidance of the staff.


A loud sound was heard below the Dragon’s Den.

The ground vibrated as the space between the various arenas rose gradually until they reached the same height.

Besides the arena right in the middle, the other arenas had turned into a circular platform surrounding the middle arena.

“Oh my god!”

Everyone exclaimed in astonishment when they saw this scene.

So this was the big arena!

“Now, let’s invite the two participants, Wang Teng and Luo Cheng, on stage!” the commentator shouted.

The atmosphere got lit up in an instant.

The audience was electrified.

Wang Teng’s gaze shone when he saw the garish operations.
He raised his feet and stepped on the staircase.

He stepped into the arena at the same time as Luo Cheng.

“I know you!” Luo Cheng suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“Huh?” Wang Teng looked at him in confusion.

“My master mentioned you before,” Luo Cheng said, a clever glint flashing past his eyes.

“?” Wang Teng was startled.
He wondered who this young man’s master was.
Why was he talking to himself and making him confused?

Luo Cheng: …

The two of them turned silent, and the atmosphere felt awkward for a moment.

Why didn’t this person follow the script?

Shouldn’t he ask who his master was?

Luo Cheng felt speechless.
In the end, he had no choice but to continue, “My master is the chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop, Xiao Nanfeng!”

“Oh, it’s him!” Wang Teng finally remembered.
Xiao Nanfeng had spoken to Dan Taixuan about this matter before.

In the past, he was on the lookout for the participants who might be Xiao Nanfeng’s disciple.
However, he couldn’t find him, so he thought that the other party hadn’t come.

As the competition progressed, he threw this thought to the back of his head.

He didn’t expect Luo Cheng to be Xiao Nanfeng’s disciple.

The two of them finally met under these circumstances.


They exchanged glances with one another, letting off sparks in the air.

Suddenly, a figure flew over from afar.
The person stepped on the air and floated above the arena.

“Riding on air!”

“7-star soldier level!”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise when they saw a formidable character suddenly appearing in the air above the arena.
This entrance was a little grand!

For most ordinary people, this was the first time seeing such a powerful presence.
They were feeling over the top, their eyes overcome with yearning.
Flying in the air was always a dream of mankind.

Although they could make use of airplanes in this modern society, there were too many restrictions.

They weren’t like powerful martial warriors who could disregard gravity and stand in the air using their own power.

Who wouldn’t be envious of this ability?

“I’ll be your judge for this match!” The 7-star soldier-level martial warrior in the air said, “Are you ready?”

The two youngsters didn’t even glance at the 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.
They just nodded calmly.

Irritating little brats.
The 7-star soldier-level martial warrior felt speechless.
He pouted and went straight to the point.
“In that case, the match… starts!”



Two waves of pressure gushed out of their bodies, and their auras kept rising… 3-star soldier level, 4-star soldier level, 5-star soldier level!


Along with a crisp sound, Force wings spread behind their backs.

A pair of watery blue elegant wings congregated behind Luo Cheng.
They flapped slowly as they lifted his body off the ground.

As for Wang Teng, fiery red flames rose from the ground and spiraled in the air around him.
Finally, they turned into a pair of crimson fire wings.

Gusts of strong wind blew in the arena, and their hairs danced.

The crimson fire wings flapped a few times, and Wang Teng rose into the air.
He stared at Luo Cheng straight into his eyes.

The judge couldn’t help but smack his lips when he saw this.
He felt emotional.
This was a stunning young generation!

The audience was flabbergasted.
They were in awe.
Astonishment, longing, envy, and many other emotions gathered on their faces, mixing together into a complex mess.

In the arena, the two young men flapped their wings.
Then, they turned into rays of lights and shot towards each other.

Boom, boom, boom!

Intense collisions resonated in the venue.

The two lingering shadows exchanged blows and smashed against each other repeatedly, giving birth to loud explosions.

They were moving too fast and kept changing their positions in mid-air.
If the arena wasn’t big enough, they wouldn’t have been able to release their full potential.


Suddenly, a figure plummeted towards the ground.

It was Luo Cheng!

He was thrown down by Wang Teng’s punch.
He slammed heavily onto the arena with an enormous bang.

Amidst the dust, Luo Cheng wiped the blood off the edge of his lips.
There were no emotions in his eyes, though.
He tapped his foot on the ground and charged towards Wang Teng once again like a flash of blue lightning.

A spear had appeared in his hand at some point.
It gave off a cold glint as he soared into the sky.

Wang Teng stood in mid-air.
His gaze remained unchanged as he casually stuck out a finger.


A fiery glow shot out from his forefinger.

Scorching Sky Finger!

Luo Cheng’s expression changed.

The next instant, the fiery glow accurately landed on the tip of his spear.

Luo Cheng felt the spear tremble like a leaf in the wind.
His arm turned numb from the vibration, and he almost lost his grip.

What a powerful attack!

This is a finger battle technique!

Luo Cheng’s expression turned grave.
He moved his body and retreated far away.
Then, he stopped and stared at Wang Teng with vigilance.

“Wang Teng probably executed a finger battle technique just now.
This kind of battle technique is rare.
I feel ashamed to say this, but I’ve only seen it a few times.
This is an eye-opener for me too,” the commentator said loudly.

Wang Teng didn’t use the Scorching Sky Ainger again.
Instead, he took out Mo Que and waved at Luo Cheng provocatively.


He must win this match with flying colors.
He must trample Luo Cheng entirely!

This was the only way to let Luo Cheng know that Dan Taixuan was better than Xiao Nanfeng..
Similarly, as his disciple, Luo Cheng was not his match.

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