Chapter 359: Model Youth!

Dead silence.
The audience stared at Zhao Yuanwu.
They couldn’t recognize his face anymore, so their expressions turned weird.

That arrogant and unbridled Zhao Yuanwu was bruised and swollen at the moment.
He looked like a pig’s head!

The before-and-after difference was too glaring.

But for some reason, they felt refreshed.

A majority of the audience was suppressing their laughter.
They felt invigorated.
Wan Baiqiu and Mao Na even burst out laughing, not giving a hoot about Zhao Yuanwu’s identity.

“He deserves it.
Only an evil person can deal with an evil person,” Mao Na said amid her laughter.

Yu Tao touched his face unconsciously.
Once again, he felt fortunate that he didn’t meet Wang Teng.

He mustn’t meet him in the future either.
If he did, he would turn into a pig’s head.
The consequences were too frightening.

Ji Xiuming felt his lips twitching.
Suddenly, he didn’t want to compete with Wang Teng anymore.

Anyone that met him would turn into a pig’s head.

Even though he was confident in himself, he still felt his head turning numb.


“Show off!” Ren Qingcang pouted in contempt.
However, his furrowed eyebrows exposed his true thoughts.

That brick left an ineffable trauma in many people’s minds.

Even though they hadn’t experienced it personally, they were still scared.
They knew that it wouldn’t feel good to get beaten like Zhao Yuanwu.

Lin Chuhan heaved a long sigh of relief, and a tinge of red gradually appeared on her pale face.
She could finally relax.

She was really frightened when Zhao Yuanwu executed that ten-foot-long blade glow.
Thinking that the match would end with Wang Teng getting heavily injured, she almost fainted from fright.

However, another reversal happened, and Wang Teng still won in the end.

“This fellow sure likes to scare people.” Lin Chuhan looked at the young man below a little angrily.

“Little Brother Wang Teng is so strong.
Even Zhao Yuanwu couldn’t beat him,” Tian Xiaoxiao said with an infatuated expression.

Lin Chuhan: … He likes to flirt and steal ladies’ hearts too!

“Indeed, he’s very powerful.
Zhao Yuanwu is the representative of all the sects.
Yet he still lost to Wang Teng.” Xu Wantong sighed.

Another round of rocket rain occurred in General Bai’s live stream room, and numerous comments flashed past the screen.

“666, superb!”

“My mom asked me why I’m kneeling with my phone.
I really want to bow to him!”

“This is a real powerhouse.
Zhao Yuanwu can only stand at the side.”

I’m going crazy over Wang Teng!”

“The brick maniac, the invincible presence!”

“The brick maniac, the invincible presence!”

“The brick maniac, the invincible presence!”

There was a ruckus in the live stream room.
Many people had become Wang Teng’s fans after that fight.
They wished that they were at the competition venue so that they could experience the heated battle personally.

In the arena, Wang Teng glanced at the audience stands.
Someone had asked him to stop just now, and the voice came from that direction.

A middle-aged man was standing on the edge of the audience stand on the second floor.
He was glaring at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng smiled at him, disregarding him completely.

This was the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
What could he do to him?

Also, he had Huanghai supporting him.
Would the man dare to pester him?

At the other end of the audience stand, Peng Yuanshan also stood at the edge and stared at the middle-aged man expressionlessly.

His gaze was fixed on the other party.
Although the man was indignant, he didn’t dare to act.
In the end, he snorted and flicked his sleeve before returning to his seat.

After Wang Teng retracted his gaze, he scanned the attribute bubbles in the arena.
There were many of them.
He immediately picked them up.

Fire Force*140

Advanced Stage Fire Talent*12

Big Dipper Flaming Blade*1



As the bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body, his eyes started shining like diamonds.

Good stuff!

That was a lot of fire Force.
But most importantly, after the fire Force entered his body, Wang Teng… achieved a breakthrough!

He had reached the 6-star soldier level when he was in the Xingwu Continent.
He wasn’t far off from the 7-star soldier level either.

During the competition in the Dragon’s Den, the contestants dropped a sizable number of attribute bubbles, including fire Force.
While he collected the attributes, it allowed him to get closer and closer to the 7-star soldier level.

Finally, Zhao Yuanwu’s 140 points of fire Force helped him to overcome the obstacle.

The seventh Force nucleus on his spine lit up.

Fire Force surged into the nucleus…

Achievement unlocked! 7-star soldier level!

Fire Force: 60/5000 (7-star)

This breakthrough was a little sudden, catching Wang Teng off guard.
He felt a little complicated in his heart.

He silently advanced while watching the competitions.

Wasn’t this a little too simple?

It was already atrocious for him to participate in this National Number One Martial Arts Competition as a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Yet, he advanced again.

Yes, the use of the word ‘yet’ was accurate.

But this wasn’t the main point.

The main thing was, how were the other contestants supposed to play when he was a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior?

Right now, if Peng Yuanshan and the heads asked him how confident he was, Wang Teng would tell them…

Probably… 120%!

Even 120% was too little.
He should say 180%, but he was a humble guy.

A person must be humble!

Wang Teng always kept this sentence in mind.
He was a humble person.

There were 12 points of advanced stage fire talent too.
His fire talent was already at the advanced stage, so his fire talent strengthened when the attributes merged into his body.

There were also many enlightenment and spirit attributes.
It was worth the effort smashing the head… Hey, it was very tiring.

His reputation was ruined along the way, though.

Everyone probably felt that he was a bit mental.
He always hit his opponent until their faces were swollen.
He didn’t hit ladies as badly, but he smashed their heads too.

Honestly, Wang Teng didn’t want to do this.
He wanted to be a model youth who was decent, righteous, honest, and normal.

Hey, this Big Dipper Flaming Blade seems powerful.

It was a sky-rank low-class battle technique!

Not bad, not bad at all.

A stick figure wielding a blade appeared in his mind.
Flames circled around the figure, and the flaming blade glow slit through the air.
It was formidable.

In an instant, Wang Teng understood the technique.

This was indeed a powerful blade battle technique.

He lacked a fire-element blade battle technique, so this skill filled up the gap perfectly.
With his flaming blade conscious, the force of this move would increase multiple times.

After picking up the attributes, Wang Teng felt refreshed.
He glanced at Zhao Yuanwu amiably.

He suddenly felt emotional.

Zhao Yuanwu was his lucky star!

He had helped him to enlighten his blade conscious and break through to the 7-star soldier level.
While at it, he also gave him the sky-rank low-class battle technique.
Was there a better person than him?

Once the judge announced Wang Teng’s victory, the medical personnel came up and carried Zhao Yuanwu on the stretcher.

“Thank you for your hard work.
You must treat him properly.” Wang Teng looked at the medical personnel sincerely.

The medical personnel were confused.
What was Wang Teng doing as his opponent?

Was this the kindness of the winner?

No… Suddenly, they understood his intention.
He wanted them to treat Zhao Yuanwu so that he could beat him up again.

He was a devil!

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