Chapter 357: What The F**k, This Fellow Snatched The Weapon Of The Eight Arms Devil General?

Zhao Yuanwu was thrown off his feet by Wang Teng’s attack and slammed to the ground.

However, the powerful impact forced him to continue moving back.


Zhao Yuanwu made a prompt decision and stabbed his battle blade on the floor.
After taking three steps back, he finally managed to stop his retreat.


He vomited another mouthful of blood.

Zhao Yuanwu’s face was pale.
He lowered his head and looked at the blade wound on his chest.

This scene was extremely familiar.
He had done the same thing when he attacked Han Zhu.
Wang Teng was giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“Hahaha.” Zhao Yuanwu started laughing in a low voice.

“This is getting more and more interesting.”

He raised his head suddenly and stared at Wang Teng opposite him.
There was an evil red glint in his eyes.
“I underestimated you.”

Wang Teng squinted as he stared back at Zhao Yuanwu.

This wasn’t the tone of a loser.
Did Zhao Yuanwu have other methods to turn the tides around?

“What trump cards do you have? Execute all of them.
I’ll let you lose wholeheartedly,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Hmph!” Zhao Yuanwu sneered.
“I planned to leave this for Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang, but I guess I have to use it on you first.”

As he spoke, the red glow in his eyes got brighter, and the blood in his body started churning.
His veins were squirming like little snakes.

“This is…” Wang Teng frowned.

Zhao Yuanwu seemed to be using a secret skill that allowed him to release his potential.

Wang Teng had read about such secret skills before.
All of them had severe repercussions.
One might suffer a deficiency of qi and blood, as well as the exhaustion of Force.
On the serious side, their veins and muscles would rupture, and their potential could be impaired.
This meant that their future in the martial arts world would be destroyed.

But the greater the implications, the bigger the benefits.
For instance, you could increase your strength multiple times!




Many explosions came from Zhao Yuanwu’s body.
His muscles were growing at a visible speed.

The wound in front of his chest appeared to have healed due to the squeezing of the muscles.
The blood on his body evaporated because of the high heat, disappearing in an instant.

The audience saw this scene clearly through the big screens.
Many people gasped in shock.

Especially ordinary people.
They had never seen anything like this.
Zhao Yuanwu had gotten weak after suffering Wang Teng’s attack.
How did he gather his strength in such a short time? His aura also seemed more powerful than before.
It was unimaginable.

The commentator’s voice immediately resonated in the venue.
He spoke in excitement, “Zhao Yuanwu hasn’t lost yet.
He seems to have used some secret skill that makes him more powerful than before.
Will he be able to turn defeat into victory?”

The sect leader of Qianyuan Sect, Zhao Zhixing, said with a change of expression, “Yuanwu is too impulsive.
Even if he loses, there are still the revival rounds.
There’s no need to use our ‘Tyrant Blood Secret Skill’!”

“You can’t blame Yuanwu.
Who thought that this Wang Teng possessed such a powerful ability? Who knew that he had been hiding his power all along? How can Yuanwu accept getting defeated by him?” the Third Elder from Qianyuan Sect replied.

“It’s normal for a young man to be competitive.
Yuanwu has never met any obstacles in his life.
Once he suffers a defeat, he will definitely lose his cool,” another old man chimed in.
This was the Second Elder from Qianyuan Sect.

“There are many talents from the universities.
Besides Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang, Wang Teng is also eye-catching.
Universities are the proper route now.
Sects are outdated.” Zhao Zhixing couldn’t help but sigh.

The Second Elder and the Third Elder glanced at each other.

In the arena.


A terrifying force spilled out of Zhao Yuanwu’s body.


Zhao Yuanwu exploded in anger, his blood boiling as he charged towards Wang Teng.
The entire arena seemed to be shaking under his heavy footsteps.

He arrived in front of Wang Teng in a blink of an eye and chopped his blade down.


Flames engulfed his blade, distorting the air around it because of its heat.

Wang Teng blinked.
He raised his blade to block the attack, but Zhao Yuanwu didn’t let him go.
The blade rained down on Wang Teng, again and again, forcing him to step back.

Bang, bang, bang!

Whenever the two blades collided, sparks flew everywhere.

Wang Teng noticed a nick on his blade after multiple clashes.
Cracks were starting to appear too.
His blade was going to break.

“Zhao Yuanwu’s attacks are too fierce and swift.
We can only see his lingering shadows.
Wang Teng seems to be on the losing end here.
Are the tables going to turn?” Zhang Jun’s voice rang out at this moment.

“Wang Teng appears to be in a bad state!” the other commentator, Su Xiao, continued.

The moment her voice faded, a clear sound rang through the big screen.


The next instant, the audience noticed that Zhao Yuanwu had forcefully broken Wang Teng’s battle blade with his violent attacks.
The blade shattered into pieces and scattered on the floor.

“Let me see how you’re going to block me now!” A hideous expression flashed across Zhao Yuanwu’s face.
He swung his blade right at Wang Teng’s forehead.

Many people closed their eyes involuntarily at this scene.

Lin Chuhan’s face turned pale.
Wang Teng’s win was almost certain, but then this accident happened.
No one had expected this turn of events.

Peng Yuanshan squinted as he stared intently at the arena.

Everyone held their breath, feeling anxious for Wang Teng.


At this moment, a dull sound resonated in the arena.

It sounded like something hitting a solid and thick metal board!

But… this wasn’t right!

Zhao Yuanwu was stunned.
He looked ahead of him.
A gigantic pitch-black weapon had appeared in Wang Teng’s hand at some point.

Everyone regained their senses and quickly looked at the arena.
Their gazes landed on the weapon unconsciously.

“What is that?”

Everyone stared at the strange weapon absentmindedly, Zhao Yuanwu included.

It looked like a blade and a sword, and it was humongous!

They didn’t know such a strange weapon even existed in this world.

Too flamboyant!

“This is… devil pattern black gold!”

The important figures at the scene were able to discern what material this weapon was made up of.

This was a divine weapon made of devil pattern black gold!

And a huge piece too!

Some big shots started swallowing their saliva.
Their eyes were glistening.


What a waste of rare materials! This is a crime!

This piece of devil pattern black gold was large enough to make multiple normal-sized weapons.
However, it was only used to forge the weird-looking weapon in Wang Teng’s hand.
What a waste, what a waste.

“Why do I find that weapon a little… familiar?” The president of Jixin Martial House, Ye Jixin, muttered to himself.

“Have you forgotten about the war a year ago? That Eight Arms Devil General Zurz’s weapon looks like this,” Lei Zhenting said unconsciously.

After he finished speaking, he realized what he had said.
His eyes widened as he looked at Ye Jixin.

“F**k, this fellow snatched the weapon of the Eight Arms Devil General?!”

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