Chapter 355: Normally, I’ll Take Care Of Ladies

After a round of beating, Xiao Yunfan laid in the arena, unconscious.
His face was severely bruised and swollen, and his body was still twitching slightly.

The surroundings were quiet.
The audience was silent.

The judge stared blankly at Xiao Yunfan and stood in silent tribute for three seconds.

What a poor child!

The other contestants from Donghai University had gathered below the arena.
At first, they came to watch Wang Teng get beaten up, but the result was reversed.

Xiao Yunfan… how unfortunate!

He was the leading figure of Donghai University, yet he lost completely.
Everyone found the result unreal.

The script wasn’t right!

Shouldn’t Wang Teng be defeated? Shouldn’t Xiao Yunfan win?

The students from Donghai University lost their voices, their eyes filled with bitterness.
Donghai University still lost to Huanghai Military Academy in the end.

In the audience stand, Xu Wantong and Tian Xiaoxiao were also silent.
Honestly, this result was out of their expectations.

Xiao Yunfan was a famous figure at Donghai University.
Everyone had placed their hopes on him and thought that he would be able to squeeze into the top ten.
However, he got beaten mercilessly by Wang Teng.

Who was Wang Teng?

He was a freshman, the top scholar for the martial arts exam in Donghai this year.

He was renowned in Donghai.

A model example of the counterattack of a bottom-feeder.

Ever since he became the top scholar, everyone felt that he should be highly talented in martial arts.

But the thing was, he actually won in a duel between a freshman and a fourth-year martial arts student.

Was this even possible?

There was a four-year gap between them.
How talented did he have to be to leap over this gap!

“Shouldn’t you be happy?” Xu Wantong gave a bitter smile as she looked at Lin Chuhan.

“I should be, but Xiao Yunfan is our university’s representative.
I can’t be happy after knowing my school got defeated.
This is complicated,” Lin Chuhan frowned and replied.

“That’s right.
I didn’t even dare to cheer for Little Brother Wang Teng earlier.
I was afraid they would call me a traitor,” Tian Xiaoxiao said.

“Erm… forget it.
We have no control over this anyway.
Let them fight among themselves.” Xu Wantong waved her hands.

After the match ended, the commentator’s voice resounded in the stadium, “This battle between Donghai University and Huanghai Military Academy has ended… in a surprise.

“Xiao Yunfan lost to Wang Teng, and Huanghai Military Academy has emerged as the winner.
Their match was… spectacular.

“However, the injury on Xiao Yunfan’s face is a little serious.
Someone, please take him down for treatment…”

The audience was caught between laughter and tears.
The commentator couldn’t bear to see his swollen face either.

The leaders from Donghai University sitting on the second floor of the audience seat suddenly felt a tinge of regret.

They should have snatched Wang Teng if they knew this was going to happen.
Based on his current performance, it was worth paying any price to get him.



As Wang Teng defeated more and more opponents, many people had started to take notice of him.
Even more, these competitors weren’t nobodies.
They felt that he might not be here purely for the experience.
Han Zhu might have lost, but Wang Teng could progress further.

His attacks might be a little strange and indecent, but one couldn’t deny his ability.

Earth Force*58



Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles Xiao Yunfan had dropped before walking down the arena.
He went to Huanghai’s resting area and sat down quietly to continue his attribute picking business.

His spiritual power spread around the venue, pulling all the huge and transparent bubbles as they rolled and bounced over.

Water Force*35

Wood Force*66



Just as Wang Teng was focused on picking up attributes, a pair of long legs appeared in front of him…


They looked a little familiar!

He raised his head and followed the legs up.
When he saw the person, he blinked and smiled involuntarily.
“Beautiful lady, what business do you have with me?”

Mao Na touched the back of her head and said expressionlessly, “You’re vicious.”

“Not at all, not at all.” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

Mao Na looked at the irritating face in front of her and took a deep breath to calm herself.
She said, “I still have to thank you for not treating me like Xiao Yunfan.”

“Of course.
I normally take care of ladies,” Wang Teng replied shamelessly.

Mao Na took another deep breath before spilling out two words, “Get lost!”

“Haha.” Wang Teng smiled in embarrassment.
Suddenly, he saw a scene appearing on the big screen.
“The second-in-rank from your school is fighting with Zhao Yuanwu.
He came to speak up for you yesterday.
I think he’s your admirer.”

“Second-in-rank?” Mao Na wanted to leave, but she stopped in her tracks upon hearing this sentence.
She turned and looked at the screen.
“Oh, it’s Yu Tao!”

She felt speechless, her expression weird.


She could imagine how infuriated Yu Tao would have been yesterday.

“It looks like he’s not Zhao Yuanwu’s match.” Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly as he looked at the match playing on the screen.

Mao Na couldn’t be bothered to scold Wang Teng anymore.
She hurriedly looked at the arena, and her expression turned grave.
“Yu Tao is strong, but he still can’t beat Zhao Yuanwu.
It looks like he is hiding his ability.”

“This is the first time the sects are joining this competition.
Many candidates from the sects have performed well, and Zhao Yuanwu has stood out among them all.” Usually, Wang Teng appeared as if he wasn’t watching the matches, but he was aware of the overall situation.

“Since they entered the competition, it means they want to fight for resources.
The members of the sects have to go on the battlefield too.
It’s understandable,” Mao Na said.
“However, Zhao Yuanwu is too brutal.
It’s alright if he was on the battlefield, but this is an internal competition.”

Wang Teng didn’t reply.
He just watched Zhao Yuanwu and Yu Tao’s match with interest.


Continuous explosions rang out in the arena.
It was a fierce match.
Yu Tao tried his best, but he couldn’t defeat Zhao Yuanwu.

A fiery red light flashed past the screen, almost blinding the viewers.
It was glamorous.

Yu Tao was thrown out by the blast.
His chest had split open, revealing the white bones underneath.
Fresh blood was spurting out of his mouth without a stop, and his face was as white as a ghost.
He had lost.

“This is… ninth-level flaming blade presence!” Mao Na exclaimed with a grim expression.

She wasn’t the only one.
Many people at the scene were looking at Zhao Yuanwu absent-mindedly.
They were stunned by his blade attack.

“Why is Zhao Yuanwu so powerful?”

“Even Yu Tao from The First University isn’t his match.”

“He’s really strong.
Only Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang might have a chance against him.”

Many people started comparing Zhao Yuanwu with Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang.
They felt that he had a chance to fight for the top three.

Below the arena, Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
A smile appeared at the edge of his lips as he looked at the gigantic attribute bubbles floating in the arena.

Pick! Pick!

Flaming Blade Presence*126

Fire Force*88

Good people, you’re all good people.

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