Chapter 351 This Is Definitely A Brutal Man!

Most of the audience didn’t know what had happened.
The last attack had formed airwaves that swept across the entire arena, so ordinary people couldn’t see what went on inside.

“This result was a bit unexpected.
Mao Na from The First University lost to Wang Teng!”

“Let’s rewind the video and see what happened just now.”

The fight on the screen was played back.
Everyone widened their eyes as they stared at it.

The images were a little blurry, but they were able to see Wang Teng appearing behind Mao Na and smashing the brick on her head mercilessly…


A dull thud came from the big screen.

The spectators’ lips twitched uncontrollably when they heard the sound.
For some reason, they felt the back of their heads hurting.


This young man was too ruthless!

This was a vicious man!

As the first live streamer to broadcast Wang Teng’s matches, General Bai was attracting more and more viewers into his live stream room.
It was exceptionally lively.

After the round of ‘The brick maniac, the invincible presence!’ comments, the comments in the live stream room erupted again.


“Kicking Mountain Nan Kindergarten With My Leg has sent 20 consecutive rockets!” “What a ruthless young man!”

“Swordsman from Mobei has sent 20 consecutive rockets!” “What a ruthless young man!”

“Whiny Monster has sent 20 consecutive rockets!” “What a ruthless young man!”

“Hallelujah has sent 10 consecutive rockets!” “What a ruthless young man!”

“Destroyer Husky has sent 10 consecutive rockets!” “What a ruthless young man!”

General Bai was elated.

Another two wealthy viewers had joined them!

These wealthy IDs would attract more viewers.
Within a few seconds, more people entered his live stream room to see the rockets.
The number of viewers skyrocketed.

The live stream room was like a party.

“2333[1] all the bosses have agreed that this young man is a ruthless one!”

“There are so many bosses here.

“That brick sure is impressive!”

“How can he bear to smash this beautiful lady’s head? So cold-blooded.
From now on, I will… recognize Wang Teng as my boss.
Boss, please accept a bow from your subordinate.” “Boss, please accept a bow from your subordinate.”

“Boss, please accept a bow from your subordinate.”

“Boss, please accept a bow from your subordinate.”

The live stream room got flooded with the same comment again.
General Bai was laughing helplessly.
These cheeky viewers were all abnormal beings.

In the Dragon’s Den, Wang Teng scanned the arenas with his spiritual power and picked up all the attribute bubbles on the ground.



Wind Force*76

Wind Presence*30

As expected, he got another round of wind presence.
This was a good match.
He had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

In the Xingwu Continent, his wind presence had already reached ninth-level, just a step away from wind conscious.
Increasing his wind presence gave him plenty of benefits.

Instantly, a deeper understanding of wind power appeared in his mind.
It was profound and interesting.

Others might need many years to enlighten their presence.
They were heavily reliant on their enlightenment and opportunity, but Wang Teng only needed to pick up attributes.
It felt so good and refreshing.
At the same time, his wind Force increased too.
Wind element martial warriors were rare, so he needed to grab as many attributes as he could whenever he had the chance.
This was pure luck.

Fortunately, this time, Lady Luck was showering him with attention.
He met a talented wind element martial warrior in the competition.

If he had the chance, he would find her again in the future.

Wang Teng ended his match and came down the arena calmly, completely disregarding the strange gazes around him.

The students from The First University were already waiting for him below the arena.
They glared at Wang Teng as if they wanted to tear him into pieces.

Many of the female martial warriors had ordinary looks.
Therefore, it was hard to find someone who was powerful and beautiful like Mao Na.

She was very popular in The First University, and many young men wanted to chase her.

Among the male students who came to participate in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, a few of them were her admirers.

Wang Teng’s actions had infuriated them.
They tried their best not to rush towards him immediately and beat him up.

A handsome young man from The First University blocked Wang Teng’s path and growled, “Let’s hope we don’t meet in the arena.”

“Who are you?” Wang Teng was speechless.
He didn’t know this person at all.
“Second in ranking from The First University, Yu Tao!” The young man’s voice was calm.
He had a reserved arrogance around him, as if he was only second to heaven and earth.
“Oh…” Wang Teng felt enlightened.
He nodded and replied, “Oh, so you’re second-in-rank.”

“Second-in-rank?” Yu Tao was stunned, looking confused and perplexed.
However, he regained his senses an instant later.
Wang Teng was obviously referring to him.
His face turned black.

The people around him held back their laughter forcefully, including the students from The First University.

Mind you, Yu Tao was a male idol figure in The First University.
No one dared to call him that.

Wang Teng was so cheeky.

Being the second in The First University was an honor.
The only person above him was Ji Xiuming.
In the other universities, he would, without a doubt, be a powerful figure.
But, through Wang Teng’s mouth, he became second-in-rank.

Second-in-rank, second-in-rank, forever the second-in-rank!

He was no.
2, but he didn’t like people calling him that.

“Do… you know how to speak?” Yu Tao asked furiously with a cold face.

“Do you know how to listen?” Wang Teng retorted.

“You…” Yu Tao didn’t know what to say.

“Please make way,” Wang Teng continued calmly.
“I hope that you can continue being so arrogant in the arena.” Yu Tao stared at Wang Teng indignantly.

“Whatever.” Wang Teng smiled.
He walked past the young man without feeling anything.

Honestly, the only person he felt was a challenge was Ji Xiuming.
No one else had the right to be arrogant in front of him.

Yu Tao’s expression turned ugly as he stared at Wang Teng’s back.

“This fellow is so rude,” someone beside him said in an angry tone.

“Hmph, let him be.
I’ll take care of him in the arena.” Yu Tao snorted with a sinister look in his eyes.

Wang Teng went back to the Huanghai Military Academy resting area.
Han Zhu was waiting for his match to start, so he was sitting alone.
He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw Wang Teng.
“There are many ways to defeat your opponent.
Do you have to use this… unique method?”

“Erm… I’m just used to it.” Wang Teng was at a loss for words for a moment.
He randomly found an excuse for himself.
He couldn’t tell Han Zhu that smashing the head would give him spirit and enlightenment attributes.

These participants were all talented students.
It would be a waste not to hit their heads.

“Used, used to it?” Han Zhu went speechless, staring at Wang Teng in a daze.
He didn’t understand what this guy was thinking.
Maybe there was a wrong connection in his brain when he was developing in his mother’s womb? He said with a strange expression, “As long as you are happy.” “When is your match with Zhao Yuanwu starting?” Wang Teng changed the topic.
The match in arena 12 is ending.
We’ll go up after that,” Han Zhu said.

[1] Chinese slang meaning laughter

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