Chapter 349 Zhao Yuanwu Has Turned Crazy From All The Practices!

Once Wan Baiqiu was heavily injured and lost all her fighting capacity, the judge announced Zhao Yuanwu as the winner.
The medics dashed out and carried Wan Baiqiu away for treatment.

The audience witnessed everything through the big screens.
They commented angrily.

“Zhao Yuanwu is inhuman!”

“How could he treat a lady like this? He’s barbaric!”

“That lady wanted to admit defeat.
How can he do that?”

Everyone’s impression of Zhao Yuanwu dropped to rock bottom.
They detested him for his disgusting actions.

However, Zhao Yuanwu didn’t give a hoot.
He calmly walked down the arena under everyone’s stare.

All the students from Huanghai Military Academy went to take a look at Wan Baiqiu, except for Han Zhu and Wang Teng, who remained at the scene.

Han Zhu took a step forward and blocked Zhao Yuanwu’s path.

Zhao Yuanwu looked at him indifferently.

“She didn’t have the energy to continue fighting.
Why did you have to injure her so badly?” Han Zhu clenched his fist tightly as he squeezed out the words through his teeth.

“Hmph.” Zhao Yuanwu snorted.

He remained expressionless even when Han Zhu was questioning him.
He said with disdain, “Injure her badly? Are you always so naive? I was kind enough not to take her life.
If this was a war, who would care about her life? If she isn’t powerful enough, she should have admitted defeat at the start.
What’s the point of being stubborn? You should thank me for helping her to understand reality.”

“You!” Han Zhu turned speechless from anger.

This person was outrageous!



Han Zhu had never been so infuriated at someone.
He couldn’t control the anger in his heart, and it was about to explode.

“Do you want to hit me?” Zhao Yuanwu stared at Han Zhu and smiled.
“You can try.”

Han Zhu was on the verge of losing his temper.
Force surged out of his body and congregated on his fists.

Zhao Yuanwu lowered his head and stared at Han Zhu’s fists, a smile appearing on his face.

“We’ll meet in the arena one day as we progress.” A calm voice suddenly appeared behind Han Zhu.

At the same time, someone placed his hand on Han Zhu’s shoulder.

“Wang Teng!” Han Zhu regained his composure, and the Force in his hands dissipated gradually.

“I know you.” Zhao Yuanwu turned and glanced at Wang Teng.
He smiled calmly, “Do you think that you will continue to advance in the tournament?”

“Huh? Who knows?” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

Zhao Yuanwu stared at Wang Teng for a few seconds.
“If I meet you during the competition, I’ll let you know that your small little tricks are nothing.”

He walked past the two of them after he finished speaking.
Wang Teng and Han Zhu didn’t stop him, staring at his back as he left.

Then, they returned to the resting area to take a look at Wan Baiqiu.

“Zhao Yuanwu isn’t an easy person to deal with,” Han Zhu said to Wang Teng gravely as they walked.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.
However, he didn’t comment further.

Although Zhao Yuanwu was arrogant, Wang Teng wasn’t afraid of him.
After all, he was more powerful than him.
If they really met in the arena, Zhao Yuanwu would be the one getting tormented.

They soon arrived at the infirmary.
Peng Yuanshan and the other heads were present, too, as well as the students.

The medical personnel had already finished the treatment.
Wan Baiqiu was still unconscious, and her injuries seemed serious.

“That bastard, how can he be so vicious!” another young lady in their team complained angrily.

“He’s an impudent guy.
He did it on purpose,” Han Zhu said.

“He’s powerful, though,” Du Yu said pensively.
Silence pervaded the room after that.

Suddenly, Peng Yuanshan opened his mouth and asked, “Han Zhu, are you confident of winning if you fight with him?”.

“President.” Han Zhu looked at President Peng and replied seriously, “I’ll do my best.”

Don’t embarrass Huanghai.” Peng Yuanshan nodded.
Then, he left with the other heads.

In the afternoon, the list of the matches was displayed on the screen.

Wang Teng scanned through it and saw his name.
He shook his head as his opponent wasn’t Zhao Yuanwu.

“What a pity.” He sighed secretly.

He searched for Zhao Yuanwu’s name on the list.
Suddenly, his gaze paused, feeling startled in his heart.

Zhao Yuanwu vs Han Zhu.

He didn’t meet Zhao Yuanwu, but Han Zhu met him.

“Han Zhu’s ability….
This is a little difficult.” Wang Teng frowned slightly and sighed again.
With the help of his Spiritual Sight, he knew that Han Zhu was at the 5-star soldier level.
However, he was still some distance away from Zhao Yuanwu.

Furthermore, Zhao Yuanwu was the young master of the Qianyuan Sect.
He had a strong background and foundation.
Han Zhu couldn’t win in this aspect.

They could only rely on their combat prowess!

Wang Teng was in deep thought as he walked to his arena.

This time, his opponent was from… The First University.

And it was a lady.

This attracted everyone’s attention.
Would Wang Teng be able to continue his winning streak?

His next opponent was from The First University.
Based on her information, she was one of the top five martial warriors in the university.

General Bai aimed his camera at Wang Teng’s arena again.
He whispered to his viewers, “My dear bosses, who do you think is stronger? Mao Na from The First University or Wang Teng?” Various replies floated across the screens.

“The First University is very powerful.
I hope to see Wang Teng win again, but this might be a difficult match for him.”

“For some reason, I feel that Wang Teng will win!”

“The brick maniac, the invincible presence!” “Hahaha, brick maniac?!”

General Bai had a sudden thought.
He asked again, “If-I mean if —Wang Teng is stronger than Mao Na, do you think he will use his brick on her?”

Everyone was stunned by his question.

“Use the brick?”

“General, are you a devil?”

“You are destined to remain single!”

“How can you knock a lady with a brick? Why do you even have this thought?”

“How can he bear to hit this pretty young lady? Even if he’s stronger than her, he will take care of her.”

“Who knows? Have you forgotten about Zhao Yuanwu? What if Wang Teng is a martial arts maniac like him?”

“That’s true.
That lunatic.”

Zhao Yuanwu, sitting in the Qianyuan Sect’s resting area, suddenly sneezed.
He felt puzzled in his heart.

The viewers in the live stream room continued guessing.
Without a doubt, their interest was piqued.
They were anticipating Wang Teng’s upcoming match.

The judge blew the whistle, and the match officially started.

Mao Na paced around the arena slowly, holding a dagger in each of her hands.
The blades of the daggers gave off a cold glint while her own gaze was calm and deep.
She looked like a spirit.

Wang Teng stood in his original spot leisurely as he sized up Mao Na with interest.

This lady wasn’t weak.
She was most likely quick and agile.
Judging from her weapons, she should be specialized in close combat.

She was looking for a chance to attack.
Suddenly, Mao Na moved.
Her body turned into lingering shadows, and she disappeared on the spot.
When she appeared again, she was already behind Wang Teng.
Her daggers were like the blades of a mantis.
They shot towards her opponent’s temples at the speed of lightning

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