After settling the weapon carrier casket, Wang Teng researched how to hatch eggs online.

A list of information popped out.

There were all kinds of stupid responses from netizens.
Wang Teng found one that sounded more credible—incubators to hatch the egg!


Before hatching the egg, Wang Teng planned to pay a visit to the pet shop to ask some questions.

This egg wasn’t ordinary!

Wang Teng was afraid he would accidentally kill it.
That would be a pity.

The lives of two martial warriors were lost because of this egg.

When the second lesson ended, during the break, Wang Teng said to Lin Chuhan, “I have to leave.
I have something to attend to.
If the teachers ask, just tell them that I went to the hospital because of a stomach ache.”

After Wang Teng finished speaking, he rushed out of the classroom without waiting for Lin Chuhan’s reply.

“This fellow is actually skipping lessons!” Lin Chuhan was furious.
She glared at the door, but she couldn’t do anything.
Wang Teng was already gone.

At the entrance of the school, a few gangsters were squatting and smoking at the roadside.
They didn’t look like the good sort.
There were cigarette butts all over the ground.

When Wang Teng drove his car out, the traffic light turned red, so he had to stop at the junction and wait.

The gangsters were attracted by the sports car.

“Tsk tsk, are the students from Donghai No.
1 High School all so wealthy? They can afford to drive a sports car.”

“Damn it, why is he driving a sports car to school? What a showoff!”

The bunch of hoodlums cursed and scolded Wang Teng out of jealousy.

One of the younger gangsters saw Wang Teng in the driver’s seat and suddenly remembered something.
He shouted, “Brother Bao, it’s that fellow!”

Unfortunately, Wang Teng didn’t hear him.
The sports car gave off a loud roar and drove off straight forward.

Zhao Gangbao saw the face on the driver’s seat flashing past.
He threw his cigarette on the ground and scolded, “F**k, it’s really that brat.
I finally caught him.
Why are you still standing here? Hurry up and chase him.”

While yelling, he dashed to the car parked at the side of the road.
He started the engine at lightning speed and chased after Wang Teng.

At the same time, he made a call.

“Ring, ring, ring!”


“Brother, I’ve found the fellow who hit me the last time.
He’s moving towards Tongming Street.
Hurry up and go there.
We can’t beat him ourselves,” Zhao Gangbao shouted at the person on the other end of the phone.

“Alright, continue following him.
I will rush over immediately.” The person on the other end seemed to be sighing.

Almost simultaneously, in the vast sky more than ten kilometers away from Donghai City.

As high as a thousand meters above sea level!

An entirely black giant crow magnificently flew across the sky.

It was more than 20 meters in length, and the feathers on its body gave off a cold metallic luster.
The crow honestly looked like a battle plane.
Its entire body screamed danger.

The crow’s eyes were bloodshot with a hint of killing intent in them.

Its target was Donghai City!


While flying, the speed of this gigantic crow suddenly accelerated exponentially and formed a loud explosion in the air.
It shot towards Donghai City like a meteor.


Tongming Street, in a pet shop called ‘Kitty Kitty’.


After Wang Teng got some incubation knowledge from the staff at the pet shop, he felt that he finally had some confidence.

He thanked the beautiful, but most importantly, enthusiastic and kind young lady at the pet shop before walking out.

“He came out! He’s out!” Zhao Gangbao pointed at Wang Teng and said to a man beside him.



A screech that was loud enough to pierce the sky rang through the air.

The man’s expression changed, and he abruptly raised his head.
At the same time, Wang Teng also looked up with a solemn expression.
He gazed into the distance.

High in the sky, a huge black creature was closing in rapidly.
A shrill screech of a bird followed its flight downward.


The sound exploded in the sky.
It became louder and even more ear-shattering as it neared.
Its penetrating power was astonishing to behold, almost threatening to rupture their eardrums.

Wang Teng felt his eardrums hurt.
The passers-by on the street frowned and covered their ears.

“Crack! Crack! Crack…”

The shattering of glass all around was a testament to its sharpness.

“Huh?” Wang Teng’s expression changed.

The frightening soundwave had created an invisible shockwave.
When it spread throughout the street, cracks appeared on the glass windows and glass doors of the shops.
After some time, the glass couldn’t hold up any longer and shattered.


The shattered glass shards flew towards the passers-by around the area.

The young lady at the pet shop had just sent Wang Teng to the door when it suddenly exploded.
A piece of palm-sized glass shard smashed down right on her forehead.

Wang Teng reacted at once and yanked her away.

At the same time, he trembled, and the energy in his body erupted.
Wang Teng forced away all the broken glass shards flying towards him.

The passers-by on the streets also dodged in a flurry.
Some got hit and had scratches on their skins.

Some suffered more grievous injuries.
The sharp shards had stabbed into their bodies.
They laid on the ground and were moaning in pain.

Others lucky enough to escape the ordeal hurriedly ran far away.
They could still sense the lingering fear in their hearts.

“Where did this bird come from?”

“Why is it in the city?”

“Hurry up and call 120.
Someone is injured!”

“What a frightening bird.
It must be a star beast!” Wang Teng looked up.

The bird was getting bigger and bigger in his vision.
It was closing in on him rapidly from afar.

“This isn’t right.
It’s coming this way!”

Wang Teng was shocked.
His expression turned ugly, and he shouted at the young lady beside him, “Get into the shop.
Don’t come out.”

As he spoke, he hurriedly ran to the roadside and took out the battle sword from his car trunk.
He wore the boxing gloves and flung the bag containing the egg on his shoulders.
After finishing his preparations, Wang Teng rushed to the shop.


The giant crow seemed to have sensed something.
Its speed accelerated once again as it shot towards Wang Teng even faster.
Its shrill screech resounded in the air.

“What’s happening? Why is this bird attacking our Donghai City?”

By now, the crowd had dispersed and ran away in all directions.
Everyone was covering their ears and screaming in fear.

The giant crow had arrived above Donghai City in a blink of an eye.
It spread its wings apart and covered the whole sky.
The bird then waved its wings, giving rise to violent winds.

It plummeted down from the sky.

“F**k, did this bird come for me?”

Wang Teng felt as though dark clouds were boring down on his head.
When he raised his head, he was greeted with a pair of blood-red eyes.

An endless evil aura crept up in his heart.

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
His entire body froze, and he couldn’t move at all.

What should I do? What should I do?

Why do I have to meet all these troublesome matters!

Hurry up and move!


He bit the tip of his lips until it bled.

Once the sense of pain transmitted into his brain, Wang Teng finally regained control of his body.
The Force in his body was activated, and it engulfed the battle sword.

How unlucky!

Even if I die, I will make sure you’re heavily injured too!

The battle sword was shrouded in intense red light, releasing the maximum potential of the fire Force.
Wang Teng’s hands were filled with perspiration as he stared at the giant crow.

When it reached his attack range, he slashed his sword out.

“Evil beast!”


At this moment, a loud shout echoed in the air, accompanied by a green blade light.
It extended from the roof of a building and cut the giant crow in mid-air.


The bird released a cry of pain.


Once the blade light cut the giant crow, blood splattered everywhere, showering down on the onlookers below.

However, the blade light did not fade away.
Instead, it spread all the way to the horizon, even chopping the clouds in half.

The massive corpse of the bird smashed down from the sky!

It had all happened in an instant!

Everyone was stunned.
They stared at the sky in a daze with blank minds.

“So powerful!”

The man beside Zhao Gangbao was dumbstruck.
He was muttering to himself.

Wang Teng was clenching his sword, and his back was drenched with cold sweat.
He didn’t even have the time to execute his move…

He hadn’t regained his senses even now.
Confusion could be seen all over his face.

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