Chapter 347 Play To The Gallery, A Clown!


A crisp and clear sound lingered in the air until long after the performance ended.

A shining golden brick had smashed right in the middle of Shi Hui’s face.
It slid down slowly.


The brick landed on the ground, leaving a long red mark on Shi Hui’s face.
It added some color to his pale face.

Shi Hui’s expression could be described in one word-disbelief.
He was dumbstruck.
He started to lose his vision and fell backward.

A 4-star soldier-level martial warrior couldn’t withstand the strike of a brick!

Only those who enjoyed this special treatment understood how heavy this beautiful brick was.

Would they get a concussion?

The venue turned eerily silent.
No one knew how to express their current emotions.

As they looked at Shi Hui, they sympathized with him in their hearts.

During the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, on this grand and famous occasion, he got slapped in the face by a brick.
He might be traumatized for life.

Fortunately, he wasn’t the first one.

Of course, he wouldn’t be the last one either.

The atmosphere in General Bai’s live stream room was exuberant.

“2333, I’m dying from laughter!”

“Wang Teng has an evil sense of humor!”

“Long live the golden brick!”

“This isn’t a bad sense of humor; he’s just plain evil.
Hahaha, I need some time to laugh…”

“What a poor thing.
The red mark on his face is horrendous!” “He will probably remember it for life.”

“Why does it have to be Jinlin University? Why do they have to suffer the pain…”

At this moment, a rocket animation appeared in the live stream room.
A banner floated across the screen.

“Swordman from Mobei sent 10 consecutive rockets!” “I really love that brick.
Can you ask Wang Teng if he’s willing to sell it?”

“Whiny Monster sent 10 consecutive rockets!” “Whiny Monster is a fan of Little Brother Wang Teng now.”

“Kicking Mountain Nan Kindergarten With My Leg sent 20 consecutive rockets!” “One word: Spectacular!”

The appearance of these wealthy IDs rose everyone’s enthusiasm.
The atmosphere was lit up again.

“Oh my god, even the kindergarten boss is here!”

“Boss, do you accept orphans in your kindergarten? I’m three years old and proficient in arts, music, calligraphy, and chess.
You can take me for one steamed bun!”

“Are you a young girl? If not, go away.”

“The kindergarten boss has spoken! One word: spectacular!”

“The kindergarten boss has spoken! One word: spectacular!”

“The kindergarten boss has spoken! One word: spectacular!”

The same sentence was repeated over and over again.
General Bai beamed with joy as he watched the reaction of his audience.
The number of viewers in his live stream room had skyrocketed these two days.
This huge rise wasn’t the small jumps that happened normally.

He was riding on the National Number One Martial Arts Competition and Wang Teng’s wave, but if he managed to retain one-third of the new viewers as his fans, it would be a magnificent gain for him.

Furthermore, he had a unique commentary style, allowing him to gain much popularity in the past.

That was why one-third was a safe estimate.

There were two things to look out for during a martial arts live stream.
First, the commentator’s style must be attractive, and second, the martial arts competition must be interesting

General Bai grabbed the opportunity at the right time.
He had the potential to soar in popularity.
At this moment, Commentator Zhang Jun’s voice echoed throughout the Dragon’s Den.
“What did I just see? Wang Teng used his brick to achieve another win.
Oh my, this is dramatic! Pardon me, but I can’t tell anything from his move.
What’s his true power? How strong is he? Is this luck? Honestly, I’m highly anticipating his future matches!”

“I suddenly feel that Wang Teng might be a black horse!” Su Xiao smiled and commented.

“Let’s wait and see!”

On the second floor of the audience stand, Yan Kang felt his cheeks hurting.
Before the match, he had boasted that Shi Hui would definitely win.
Now, he lost miserably.

Why? Even a top three member from his university wasn’t Wang Teng’s match?

This brat was strange!

Very strange! Many people noticed something, but they couldn’t confirm their thoughts.

They wanted to see Wang Teng’s cultivation level, but they couldn’t detect an ounce of Force in Wang Teng’s body.
All their efforts were in vain.

The other university principals took pity on Yan Kang.
If this was a normal match, it wouldn’t matter if he had lost.
He was weaker than his opponent, so they had nothing to say.

However, Jinlin University sent two talented students, and they both met this sly little fox Wang Teng, who smashed their faces with his brick, two times consecutively.
It was indeed a little embarrassing.
If it happened again, Jinlin University might become the joke of this competition!

Peng Yuanshan didn’t dare tease Yan Kang anymore.
He felt that Yan Kang was like a ticking bomb.
If he rubbed him the wrong way, he might explode at any moment.

At a time like this, it was better not to try your luck.
He would keep his joy to himself.

On the other side, Xu Wantong felt even more guilty.
She looked at Lin Chuhan pitifully and pleaded, “Chuhan, let me treat you all after the competition.
I must make Wang Teng forgive me for my past mistakes.
I was young and immature.
I know my errors now.”

Tian Xiaoxiao hugged her stomach and laughed.
It wasn’t easy to see her sharp-tongued roommate suffering a setback.
Lin Chuhan was caught between laughter and tears.
She hurriedly consoled her roommate.
“Alright, I’ll call him out for a meal after the competition and be your mediator.”

“Promise?” Xu Wantong asked immediately.

“Yes, promise.” Lin Chuhan felt speechless.

Wang Teng didn’t do anything except participating in a competition.
He might not even remember what her roommate had said in the past, but she still got frightened by him.
Xu Wantong had always been a bold lady, but this time, she had hit a steel plate.

Below the arena, Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang were watching Wang Teng’s match too.
However, they seemed a little scornful.
A student from The First University standing beside Ji Xiuming said, “This Wang Teng seems quite powerful.”

“He’s able to defeat his opponent in one move.
This isn’t pure luck,” another participant from The First University added.

“He’s just playing to the gallery,” Ji Xiuming said calmly as he listened to their discussion.
He closed his eyes to take a rest.

“Of course, he can’t be compared with you.” Everyone laughed.

On Ren Qingcang’s side, people were similarly commenting on Wang Teng, especially since many of them knew that Wang Teng had joined Jixin Martial House.

Leiting Martial House and Jixin Martial House had always been competitors.
Wang Teng might not be representing Jixin Martial House this time, but if they fought with them, they couldn’t prevent others from comparing the two martial academies.

“I heard that Wang Teng signed an SSS contract,” someone suddenly said.
“An SSS contract!” others exclaimed in surprise.
“That’s the highest grade contract.
It looks like Jixin Martial House has high hopes for him!”

Ren Qingcang’s gaze flickered for an instant before turning calm again.

“Brother Qingcang, what do you think of Wang Teng?” Someone turned and asked Ren Qingcang.

“No need to care about him.
He’s just a clown.” There was a small smile at the edge of his lips.
He seemed to be looking down on Wang Teng, or rather, he didn’t care about him at all.

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