Chapter 344 This Isn’t A Bad Sense Of Humor!

Everyone saw the whole process on the screen.
There were no shady tricks or deception.
There was only one golden brick!

Wang Teng threw a brick, and Fei Ning collapsed.

This was how simple it was!

But why did it feel so unreal? Was this the National Number One Martial Arts Competition or a street brawl?

It wasn’t spectacular at all!

What a quick win!

Shouldn’t they engage in a heated fight until one party collapsed in exhaustion?

What were they supposed to look at?

The audience stared at the brick on the ground with weird expressions on their faces.
They were caught between laughter and tears.

The commentators, Zhang Jun and Su Xiao, exchanged glances with each other.
The muscles on their faces twitched before they said, “Cough, cough, this match is… unprecedented!” Although the commentators had a wide range of vocabulary, they still needed to pause for a couple of seconds before they found the word to describe the match.

Everyone smiled uncontrollably and shook their heads.
This was indeed unprecedented.

General Bai was extremely excited.
He shouted in his live stream room, “Everyone, did you see that? Did you? Wang Teng won.
He won without any doubt.
It was an unprecedented win.
I just knew that Wang Teng would win.
You have to believe me now.
Following me is the right choice…”

The audience in the live stream room forgot their past unhappiness the moment they saw this sudden turn of events.
Many comments floated past the screen, and the atmosphere in the room turned cheerful.

“Hahaha, Old Bai, you’re lucky.
You found a rare gem.”

“You got lucky!”

“The match was short but interesting.”

“Oh my god, you can use a brick as a weapon? No wonder the commentator said that it was unprecedented.
Wang Teng is really sly!”

“That’s right.
A sly old fox!

“That’s right.
A sly old fox!(2)”.

“That’s right.
A sly old fox!(3)”.

It was human nature to be a recorder!

In an instant, the same comment rolled past the screen and filled it up entirely.

General Bai was elated when he saw this.

He also felt that Wang Teng was a little sly, but so what? His live stream room surged in popularity.

It was worth taking the huge risk to stream Wang Teng’s match.


Suddenly, multiple animations of rockets appeared in his live stream room.

“Swordsman from Mobei sent 10 consecutive rockets!” “I love this brick”

“Whiny Monster sent 10 consecutive rockets!” “Wang Teng is so handsome~~~”

Amidst the multiple comments flashing on the screen, an eye-catching banner appeared abruptly at the top right-hand corner of the comments section.


“Swordsman from Mobei!”

“Whiny Monster!”

“Rich fellows!”

“Boss Swordsman, don’t you like swords? Why are you a fan of bricks now!”

“Everyone, focus.
I saw a Whiny Monster.
Let’s close in on her secretly and catch her…”

Swordsman from Mobei and Whiny Monster were two famous spendthrifts in the live stream platform.
They would send millions of yuan worth of gifts every month.
Many people recognized them.

The other viewers didn’t expect both of them to come out because of Wang Teng.

The addition of these two wealthy fellows made General Bai’s live stream room even more lively.

General Bai’s smile widened.
The result was better than he expected.
Each rocket cost 1000RMB.
In total, these two loaded users had spent 20 thousand RMB on him.
He would be able to get 10 thousand after cutting the fees.

This was just the start, and it was only the first match of the day.
As long as Wang Teng continued gaining popularity, his live stream room would follow suit and soar on the charts.

General Bai decided that he would follow Wang Teng closely.
This was his money tree.
He mustn’t let him run away.

In the arena, Wang Teng picked up the brick that had dropped on the ground and turned to look at the judge.
“I won, right?”

“Oh, oh, right.
You won!” The judge regained his senses and announced the result.

Wang Teng glanced at the unconscious Fei Ning.
There were two attribute bubbles beside him.



Tch, so ordinary.
Wang Teng picked up the bubbles and shook his head in disappointment.
He walked down the arena.

He had picked up too many attributes in the Xingwu Continent, so he was starting to look down on these normal attributes.

No, I can’t be like that.
No matter how small it is, it’s still points.
How could I dislike them?

This is wrong!

Wang Teng immediately started self-reflecting on his behavior.

However, in the eyes of others, he seemed to be lamenting Fei Ning’s weakness.
The spectators’ gazes were filled with compassion when they looked at Fei Ning again.

What a poor child!

He got famous after he was knocked out by Wang Teng’s brick! However, Fei Ning might not like how he got famous.
Would he go crazy after he woke up?

The principal of Jinlin University, who was sitting on the second floor of the audience stand, felt a little awkward.
He was so confident that Wang Teng wasn’t Fei Ning’s match a moment ago.
But Fei Ning couldn’t even handle a single hit from Wang Teng.

The contrast was just too stark.
He felt embarrassed, especially in front of the other principals and presidents.
They glanced at him strangely with a smile at the edge of their lips.

They were looking at him as if he was a joke!

This stupid brat, does he still want to graduate?

“Old Yan, what do you think of the students from our school?” Peng Yuanshan chirped happily.
“This is the first match.
We can’t determine yet.
Also, I’m curious.
When did your military academy start using a brick as a weapon?” Yan Kang was unwilling to back down.
The corners of Peng Yuanshan’s lips twitched, but he continued, “What’s wrong with using a brick? Any weapon that can kill your opponent is a good weapon.
Old Yan, when did you become so conservative? Do you restrain your students from using certain weapons?”

“Hmph, not at all.
I’m just surprised because this is the first time I’ve seen this weapon.”

“Wang Teng specializes in many weapons.
The brick is just an appetizer.”

Peng Yuanshan was finding excuses for Wang Teng because he found it embarrassing that he used a brick.
Hence, he couldn’t help but reveal some things.

Yan Kang and the other bosses wondered if Wang Teng had other trump cards when they heard Peng Yuanshan’s choice of words.

On the other side, similarly on the second floor of the audience stand, the president of Jixin Martial House laughed until he bent forward.
He didn’t look like a general-stage martial warrior.
He found Wang Teng’s match interesting and was thrilled.

“Good fellow, I didn’t expect him to improve so much in such a short period,” Ye Jixin smiled and said.

Lei Zhenting had a completely new appraisal of Wang Teng now.
However, he had a strange expression on his face too.
He felt that he was experienced and knowledgeable, yet he had never seen a martial warrior using brick as his weapon.

When he heard Ye Jixin’s exclamation, he nodded lightly and said, “Based on his execution speed, this young lad is worth watching out for.”

“What a surprise!” said the president of Bailian Martial House, Wu Lian.

“Unfortunately, he’s from a military academy.
If not, I’d have signed a contract with him.” Mr.
Ma from Alibaba shook his head in disappointment.

“This child!” Li Xiumei heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Wang Teng winning the match.
At the same time, she complained a little.
“Hahaha, either way, he won.” Wang Shengguo didn’t mind at all.
He just smiled happily.
On the other side, Lin Chuhan and her roommates exchanged glances with one another.
They found this result a little unexpected.

Lin Chuhan suddenly felt that Wang Teng’s move seemed a little familiar.
She had seen it somewhere before.

“Oh right, that time.” She finally remembered.
Wang Teng had used the same move when he helped her take care of the gangsters who came to demand money from her family.
She smiled and shook her head.
“This fellow is addicted.”

“Chuhan, I think I need to apologize to him,” Xu Wantong said seriously.

“Huh? Why?” Lin Chuhan asked in surprise.

“I teased him so much in the past.
I feel a little scared when I see him like this,” Xu Wantong said fearfully.

“Hahaha, let’s see if you still dare to tease other people.” Tian Xiaoxiao laughed heartily at her roommate’s plight.

“It’s alright.
He isn’t so narrow-minded.” Lin Chuhan also laughed.

“You don’t understand.
Guys hold grudges,” Xu Wantong replied.

Wang Teng didn’t know what everyone was commenting on him.
He just felt that there was no need to use a stronger skill, so he smashed the brick at his opponent.

Well, who asked Fei Ning to act stupidly by coming close to him? It was hard to not win so easily.

As for a bad sense of humor?

There was no such thing!

I’m a serious person.
I don’t have any bad sense of humor.

Also, I’m kind.
I used brick and not swords or blades because I didn’t want my opponent to suffer any wounds.
I’m thinking of my opponent.
At this moment, Wang Teng completely ignored the massive bulge on Fei Ning’s head.

Since he had nothing to do, Wang Teng decided to look at the other competitions.
Coincidentally, the screen moved to a different arena, and Zhang Jun’s voice sounded from the loudspeakers.

“After Wang Teng, Ji Xiuming also used one move to defeat his opponent from the Capital Military Academy!”

“We can see that Ji Xiuming’s sword skill is brilliant.
His execution is as fast as lightning, giving no chance for his opponent to retaliate.
Once the sword stopped at his throat, the student from Capital Military Academy could only admit defeat.
It was only a single move, but it was splendid.
As expected of the hot candidate for the championship title.”

“Yes, that was spectacular.
Ji Xiuming’s sword skill is stunning.
I hope that we can see more of his amazing sword skills as the competition progresses,” Su Xiao smiled and added.

Below the arenas, Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered when he saw Ji Xiuming’s performance.
However, hearing the commentator’s explanation, he pouted involuntarily and said, “This fellow is such a show-off.
This is just the first match, but he’s already putting on an act.”

Many people started screaming Ji Xiuming’s name in the audience stand.
Their pitch was worse than the dolphins’.

The screams came from many different sides of the audience stand.
One could tell how frightening Ji Xiuming’s female fans were.

He felt so… jealous!

Many other male competitors were also feeling envious.
They were bound by a common hatred for Ji Xiuming.
They decided that they must give him a tough time in future matches.

Whether they could win or not wasn’t part of their consideration…

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