Chapter 343 Reappearance Of The Brick

Dragon’s Den!

The much anticipated National Number One Martial Arts Competition was hot in progress.
The different media and live broadcast channels were all streaming the competitions live.

Everyone wanted to see different things.
Some wanted to see hot favorites for the champion like Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang.

Others had their attention on Luo Cheng, Han Zhu, and the other military students.
To many people, joining the army was their dream.
There might be a few generals arising from these military students.
No one knew what the future held for them.

If that happened, they could boast that they had personally witnessed the rise of an important figure.

Some people watched out for the participants from the sects.
This was the first time the general public had heard of sects, so they were extremely curious about them.
They wanted to know how powerful they were.

Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang were favorites for the championship, but before the results were out, anything could happen.
There might be a black horse who could take the number one title unexpectedly.

And this black horse might come from the various sects.

After all, this was the sects’ first time in this competition.
If they wanted to make a name for themselves overnight, they needed to display some real power.

For instance, they needed a talented disciple who could get a good ranking in the competition.
That way, the sect would gain considerable fame.

Many people went to look at Wang Teng, other participants, as well as important figures.

Wang Teng’s opponent was a fourth-year student from Jinlin University called Fei Ning.

The president of the martial arts department in Jinlin University was sitting on the second floor of the audience stand.
He smiled at Peng Yuanshan and said, “Old Peng, your little fellow is going to fight with our Fei Ning.
I’m afraid that his chances of winning are slim.” “I don’t think so.” Peng Yuanshan remained calm as he stared at the arena.

“Fei Ning is our top 7 student.
There’s no need for me to explain his ability, right? Do you think that Wang Teng will have a chance? He might if he had met a normal martial arts student, but you should know the abilities of our students.
Even if Fei Ning is just no.
7, he has the capability to suppress the top students of other universities,” the president of Jinlin University’s martial arts department said sternly.

“I remember you also wanted to pull Wang Teng into your university?” Peng Yuanshan didn’t reply to him.
Instead, he asked him a question.

Yan Kang’s gaze flickered.
He smiled and replied, “Yes.
Unfortunately, he chose your university.
If he had come to Jinlin, he might have received more attention.”

“Let’s wait and see,” Peng Yuanshan replied without much explanation.

Li Xiumei was a little worried as she sat in the spectator stands.
“That Fei Ning looks powerful.
Do you think our son can win?” “We need to believe him.” Wang Shengguo was nervous too, but he still smiled and comforted his wife.

On the other side, Lin Chuhan was focusing on Wang Teng’s match as well.
It was his first match, so they felt concerned for him since they didn’t know Wang Teng’s ability.

“His opponent is from Jinlin University.
The students from top universities are better than the ones from normal schools,” Xu Wantong said.

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” Lin Chuhan said anxiously, assuring herself at the same time.

“I hope so.
If not, he will be humiliated.
There are so many people watching him.
If he got eliminated instantly, he would turn into a joke.” Xu Wantong smiled bitterly.
“Stop being so negative.
Let’s support Little Brother Wang Teng.” Tian Xiaoxiao was much more optimistic than them.
She cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted, “Little Brother Wang Teng, all the best!”

She didn’t care whether Wang Teng could hear it or not.

The audience members around her were shocked.
When they turned and saw that it was a young lady, they smiled at her kindly.

It was 2009, but history had taken a huge turn.
The development of this era was way ahead of the original timeline.

For instance, in the original timeline, live streaming got popular only in 2015.
However, in this era, it was already widespread.

There were even martial arts streamers who especially streamed martial arts competitions.
This was a product of this era.

These martial arts streamers were famous with many followers.

At this moment, many streamers were streaming the competition live, most of them focusing on the hot favorites candidates for the championship title.
They didn’t care about the unpopular competitors.

But there was a popular live streamer who decided to be unique by streaming Wang Teng’s competition.

When the competition started, the live streamer faced the camera and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.
I’m the most handsome martial arts live streamer, General Bai!

“I’m sure all of you are familiar with this young man called Wang Teng.
Today, I’ll only be streaming Wang Teng’s competition….” The moment General Bai finished speaking, a commotion erupted in his live stream room.

“No, we want to see Ji Xiuming.
We want to see Ren Qingcang….”

“Old Bai, don’t ruin yourself.
You should broadcast Ji Xiuming and the other famous martial warriors’ competitions.
Wang Teng might be popular, but not many people wish to see him.
Your viewers will run away if you stream his matches.”

“That’s right.
We prefer to watch Ji Xiuming and the others’ matches.”

“Give me my Ji Xiuming.
I don’t want to see Wang Teng!” “Oh my god, you’re looking for death….” “Bullshit.
I want to see Wang Teng’s match.
I even bet 100RMB on him.
Who dares to bet with me!”

The comments in General Bai’s room were heavily tilted to one side.
His heart dropped.
Broadcasting Wang Teng’s match was a massive decision for him.

He had pondered about it long and hard.
If Wang Teng lost his first match, he could immediately move to other arenas and broadcast the popular matches.
Even if some viewership was lost, he could gain it back quickly.

But what if Wang Teng won?

This match would be a huge piece of news, and his live stream would also benefit from it.
There weren’t many people broadcasting Wang Teng’s match.
As the first in line, viewers would recognize him, and naturally, they would come to his live stream room.

That was why he took the risk and chose Wang Teng.
But the situation now made him anxious.

Everyone knew that it wasn’t easy to gain viewers for a live streamer.
However, it was easy to lose popularity.
A single mistake, and the fans would scatter in a single day.

However, he had already announced his decision, so he couldn’t slap his own face.
He had to continue the live broadcast.

In the arena, after the judge announced the start of the duel, Wang Teng and Fei Ning stood still.

Fei Ning held a huge blade.
He wore a calm expression as he stared straight at Wang Teng.
“I’m very curious why you took part in this year’s National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
You should know what kind of competition this is.” “Yes.
I heard that there are many talents here, so I came to take a look,” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

“You won’t be able to walk far with this mentality,” Fei Ning said.

“Senior Fei Ning, do you think that you will definitely win?” Wang Teng smiled gently.

“What else?” Fei Ning raised his eyebrows.

“In that case, you can send me down the arena personally.” Wang Teng beckoned the other party.

“Aren’t you going to use a weapon?” “I don’t need to.”

“You’re too conceited.” Fei Ning’s gaze turned cold, a hint of anger on his face.
Finally, he stopped talking and strode forward.
“Make your move.
You only have one chance,” Wang Teng said fearlessly.
The moment he said this, mayhem occurred in General Bai’s live broadcast room.

“What a haughty young man.”

“He’s so full of himself!”

“Why do I find him irritating?”

“Huh? Wang Teng seems a little more handsome than Ji Xiuming!”

“The person above, did a dog eat your principles? A moment ago, you said that you were Ji Xiuming’s fan.”

“I haven’t seen someone as ignorant as you in a long time.” Fei Ning smiled in contempt.
He didn’t take out his blade.
Instead, he walked towards Wang Teng, step by step.
He wanted to scare him away with his aura, subduing his opponent without fighting.

This was his first match.
He knew that he wasn’t as popular as the people before him, so he wanted to win this match beautifully and gain attention from the giant corporations.
Who could predict the future? After he graduated, they might even headhunt him.
That would be perfect.
What is this fellow doing? Wang Teng felt speechless.

He doesn’t seem like an intelligent person.
Why didn’t he use his sword when I asked him to? Is he courting death?

Fei Ning came closer and closer.
At this short distance…

An evil smile crept up at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.
In the blink of an eye, a brick appeared in his hand, and he smashed it at Fei Ning Sneak attack! Fei Ning didn’t take it to heart when he saw Wang Teng’s actions.
He even felt disdain.
What was the point of a sneak attack during a confrontation?

But the next second, he was flabbergasted.

Within a split second, the flying object arrived in front of him.

I can’t dodge! Fei Ning’s pupils constricted.
He realized that he couldn’t catch up with his opponent’s speed at all.
He was dumbstruck.


With a dull thud, the object slammed onto Fei Ning’s head.

Why is it so fast! Fei Ning’s eyes rolled back.
The instant this thought flashed past his mind, he lost consciousness.
He fell to the ground.


There was dead silence.

Even the commentator got attracted by the situation on this side.
He shouted, “What happened? What happened just now? Arena 66, Wang Teng and Fei Ning, one hit and Fei Ning’s down.
What on earth happened?”

As the broadcast echoed throughout the venue, it caught everyone’s attention.

General Bai’s live stream room remained quiet for some time before a large number of comments poured in.

“Oh my god, what happened?” “Fei Ning is down with just one hit.
Is Fei Ning so useless?” “Are you kidding? Is this the standard of the 7th in rank from Jinlin University?”

“Hahaha, I made a huge fortune with my 100 RMB!”

“666, how much did you earn?”

The screens in Dragon’s Den were showing the battle on Wang Teng’s side.
“Let’s slow down and replay the scene to find out what happened.” The video was replayed at a much slower speed.
This time, the audience finally saw… A brick shimmered under the sunlight, giving off a glamorous gold glitter.
It was dazzling.
Then, the brick hit Fei Ning’s head directly.

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