Chapter 340 The Start Of The National Number One Martial Arts Competition!

The next day, the National Number One Martial Arts Competition started officially.
The Dragon’s Den was packed bright and early in the morning.
Reporters surrounded the building, squeezing to the front of the crowd while clicking their cameras non-stop.

A black sedan drove over from afar.
It slowly came to a stop outside the Dragon’s Den.
Someone came down from the car.

“Quick, take a picture.”

“Look, the president of the Martial Arts Association is here too!” “That is the… governor!”

The bosses arrived at the scene one by one.
Under the protection of the staff, they strode into the Dragon’s Den.

The people outside were excited and kept talking with each other.

It was hard to see these bosses during normal times.
Now, all of them had appeared in one place.
They didn’t know where to look, feeling like they had expanded their horizon.

When they went back, they could boast that they saw this and that person in Capital Xia.

Lin Chuhan and her roommates had arrived a long time ago.
They came to Capital Xia a few days earlier, just like Wang Teng.
They had been playing for two days, but they didn’t meet each other.
After all, Capital Xia was huge, and their itinerary might not be the same.

Tian Xiaoxiao smiled and tiptoed.
She glanced around her and said directly, “Chuhan, why didn’t I see your love?”

“Pfft, what do you mean by love? Don’t say that.” Lin Chuhan immediately turned red.

“Haha.” Tian Xiaoxiao laughed evilly.
Xu Wantong pursed her lips and smiled.
“The important figures will come first before the participants.
However, I heard that they will go through a special passageway.” “Speaking about it, I wonder if our seniors have a chance of entering the top ten,” Tian Xiaoxiao suddenly said.

“It’s hard to say.
The National Number One Martial Arts Competition is filled with talents.
Our Donghai University never had a good ranking in the past,” Xu Wantong said dejectedly.

“What about Huanghai Military Academy?” Lin Chuhan couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh my, Chuhan, you are here, but your heart is somewhere else.
This is outrageous.” Xu Wantong pretended to be angry.
“I’m not.
I’m just asking.” Lin Chuhan felt embarrassed.
Was she too obvious?

“I remember that Senior Xiao Yunfan has good feelings towards Chuhan.
He never stopped looking at you during the last school event.” Tian Xiaoxiao nudged Lin Chuhan.

“I think so too.
Chuhan, Senior Xiao Yunfan is outstanding.
I heard that the Ali Corporation has high hopes for him and signed a contract with him already.
He has a bright future ahead.
Do you want to consider him?” Xu Wantong teased her.

“There’s nothing between us.
We never met each other again after the school event.
Don’t talk about this, or I’ll get angry,” Lin Chuhan said sternly.
“Alright, alright.
We’re just joking.
Look at how agitated you are.” Xu Wantong noticed that she really was unhappy this time, so she shrugged and stopped teasing her.
She continued, “Huanghai is stronger than us.
Normally, they can enter the top ten.
They even got into the top three last year.
That was their record high.
However, it’s hard to tell if they can get into the top three again.
After all, the competition for the top three positions is strong.” “Look, another important figure is here.” Tian Xiaoxiao suddenly shouted.

Glaring lights shone continuously.
One could always believe in the reporters’ lightning speed.

“It’s CEO Ma from Alibaba!”

“That’s the car of Tencent’s CEO.
They came together.
So punctual.” “Many top figures in the business world have come today.”

Besides reporters, the hosts from various live broadcast channels were present too.
The atmosphere was bustling, and the splendor of the occasion surpassed anything seen yet.
The bosses entered the venue quickly.
Then, the staff opened the audience passage and allowed the audience to enter the venue.

The crowd was already getting impatient.
Once the passageway was opened, they started pushing one another to get in.

The entire Dragon’s Den was close to 300 thousand square meters.
There were close to ten thousand audience seats, and it could hold many people.

The audience surged into Dragon’s Den through the different passageways.
Very soon, the Dragon’s Den was packed, and no seat was left empty.
A vibrant and boisterous atmosphere filled up the entire venue.
It was electric.

Keeping the large numbers in mind, the entrance alone took more than 20 minutes.

A lot of staff was present to maintain order.
The internal arrangement of the Dragon’s Den was unique.
There were big and small arenas scattered around the venue.

The arenas at the edge were smaller.
The closer they got to the center, the bigger their size became.

In the middle, there was a high platform with tables and chairs on it.

All the important figures were already seated on the platform in the middle.
Suddenly, someone stood up and shouted, “Silence!”

His voice wasn’t loud, and he didn’t use any loudspeakers.
However, his voice formed sound waves that spread throughout the venue.
It covered all the other noises.

Everyone turned quiet!

He was a formidable martial warrior.

“Everyone, please maintain silence and find your seats.
“The martial arts competition is a grand national event.
I hope that everyone will treat it with respect.”

The audience immediately turned quiet.
They could sense the respect the important figures placed on this event.
Most of the people present were ordinary.
Although they didn’t understand martial arts, they still felt something special.
The martial warrior glanced around and nodded in satisfaction.

“Now, let me announce the official launch of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition!”

Everyone was stunned.

This was it?

Shouldn’t the leader’s speech be long and lengthy? Shouldn’t the important figures reveal themselves one by one? This wasn’t how the script should go!

The audience was used to hearing long-winded speeches from their leaders, so they couldn’t get used to this pace.
At that moment, voices suddenly came from the loudspeakers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, nice to meet you! I’m the martial arts commentator, Zhang Jun.”

“I’m the martial arts commentator, Su Xiao.”

“We’ll be hosting the National Number One Martial Arts Competition this time.”

More than ten large screens were hanging in mid-air in the middle of the Dragon’s Den.
At the moment, the cameras were focused on a lady and a man.

“Zhang Jun and Su Xiao.
They are commentators for CCTV.
What a surprise.”

Many people recognized the two people on the screen, and a commotion arose in the spectator stands.

Zhang Jun’s voice came from the screen again.
“I’m delighted to be hosting this martial arts competition.
Now, let me explain the rules of the competition.

“The competition will be in single-player elimination mode.
The opponents will be picked randomly by the computer.

“There are 108 arenas in Dragon’s Den.
They will be split into 16 sections, and competitions will be held simultaneously in these sections until the top 16 appear.
“Of course, to be fair, there will be a revival system too.
Some martial warriors who lost can return to the arena through the revival matches and continue the competition.

“After the top 16 are out, they will continue the ranking competitions in the big central arena and fight for the championship title.

“Today is the opening ceremony, so let’s meet the young and talented martial warriors from all around our country!”

Zhang Jun paused at this moment.
Then, Su Xiao opened her mouth.

“Now, let’s welcome all the talented martial warriors from the various universities and factions…”

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