Chapter 339 Eve

The crowd couldn’t help but cheer loudly when they saw the four foreign young men fleeing with their tails between their legs.
Thunderous applause erupted on this section of the wall.

This was how humans were.
They didn’t dare to voice up for certain matters, but they always hoped that a hero would appear.

Wang Teng and his companions fulfilled their hero dreams.
The two victim ladies heaved a huge sigh of relief and came forward.
They thanked Wang Teng and his companions gratefully.
“Thank you for saving us just now.”

“You’re welcome.
It’s not a big deal.” Wan Baiqiu waved her hands casually.

Wang Teng and his companions didn’t really take it to heart.
To them, it was a piece of cake.

The three men came forward and thanked them too.
If it weren’t for Wang Teng and his companions, they might be dead.
“Although your intention was good, you should be careful in the future when you meet a similar situation,” Han Zhu reminded them.

“We didn’t think that they would actually attack normal people.” The three men smiled bitterly.
They still felt fearful when they remembered the scene just now.

“Anything is possible.
Most martial warriors won’t attack a normal person, but there’s no lack of reckless people.
Be careful in the future,” Han Zhu said.

The three men were grateful.
They nodded furiously.

The two ladies turned and said to them, “Thank you for speaking up just now.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.
We are countrymen.
Anyone will step up if they see this,” the three men waved their hands hurriedly in embarrassment.
The two ladies gave a forced smile.
After this matter, they knew clearly that not everyone dared to stand up when faced with this situation.

After exchanging some polite remarks, Wang Teng and his companions left.

The people around them and the three men and two ladies started guessing Wang Teng and his companions’ identities.

“They are so young.
They must be here for the competition.”

“Of course, if not, why are they so strong? The four foreign youths couldn’t even resist.
They were beaten up badly.”

“I wish that I was as strong as them.”

Some people were envious, some were jealous, and some felt respect towards them…

The two ladies and the three men exchanged WeChat.
It looked like there might be good things happening in the future.

However, the numbers didn’t match.
There were two ladies and three men.
Someone would have to be alone…

Wang Teng and his companions went to tour the imperial palace after they finished looking at The Great Wall.
The day ended quickly.

At night, they found an authentic and old Mongolian hotpot restaurant for dinner.
“We’re lucky we came early.
If we had arrived a little later, there might have been no seats left.”

After they ordered their dishes and were preparing to eat, they saw customers streaming into the restaurant.
They felt fortunate.

The mutton used by the restaurant wasn’t ordinary.
It had been washed by Force, so the meat was more tender and juicy.
It was like star beast meat and was delicious.

This was how the shop got famous.
Many more were attracted by its fame, and there was a constant stream of customers.
“Delicious!” Han Zhu took a piece of mutton and dipped it in chili sauce.
He placed it in his mouth, even though it was steaming hot.
Sweat poured down his head as he ate.

Wan Baiqiu and the others weren’t slow either.
As martial warriors, their appetite was amazing.
Despite chatting with each other, they still stuffed food in their mouths continuously.

“Was it alright to hit those foreign young men today?” Wang Teng ate a mouthful of vegetables and asked.

“Don’t worry.
Our president said that as long as we are in the right, the school will back us up even if the sky falls.
Do you think we were wrong today?” Wan Baiqiu winked at him and sniggered.

Wang Teng looked at Han Zhu and Du Yu.
They were chuckling too.
Their expressions seemed meaningful.
Wang Teng felt a little speechless when he saw their faces.
They had obviously done this many times before.
They were wily old foxes.
He was worried for nothing.
Hence, he stopped mentioning this matter.

They continued eating.
Outside the restaurant, snow fell from the sky, and the temperature dropped.
Inside, though, it was warm and lively.

Tomorrow was the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, so they had to go back early.
After they finished eating, they stopped loitering outside and drove back to the hotel.

Some time later, around 8 pm, Peng Yuanshan and the other heads gathered everyone in their room.

“Did you have fun for the past two days?” Peng Yuanshan smiled and asked.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Everyone exchanged glances and chuckled.

“You have played well.
Tomorrow is the opening ceremony.
It’s time to be serious,” Peng Yuanshan retracted his smile and said sternly.

“Yes!” Han Zhu and the others replied.

“Many factions are participating in the competition, so the opening ceremony will be a little tedious.
Tomorrow is where everyone will meet and listen to the higher authorities’ useless speeches.
There’s nothing to take notice of.
However, there’s one thing you have to pay attention to.” Peng Yuanshan paused and scanned everyone.

Everyone’s attention was attracted to him.
The martial arts competition was just too important, so they didn’t dare to be careless.
Furthermore, President Peng was reminding them personally.
“Tomorrow, The First University, Capital Military Academy, and many other students from the top universities, as well as the talented martial warriors from factions all over the world, will appear.
You need to take note of your opponents.
After the competition starts, when you’re free, you can look at their fights.
Knowing your opponents will give you a better chance of winning,” Peng Yuanshan finally added.

“We understand.” Han Zhu and the others nodded.

“Alright.” Peng Yuanshan glanced at everyone.
He wasn’t worried about the other students but Wang Teng…

This fellow always appeared indifferent.
He wondered if he truly understood his advice.

“Wang Teng, be serious during the competition.
You’re not the only talent in the world.
There’s always someone more powerful than you.
Don’t fall here.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to answer to your master,” Peng Yuanshan said, feeling his head hurt.

Wang Teng was speechless.

Was there some misunderstanding?

He was calm because he felt that his ability was enough, so there was no need to be too nervous or serious.
It wasn’t because he didn’t care.

However, President Peng seemed to feel that he was too arrogant and singled him out.

He couldn’t explain himself, though.
In the end, he nodded in frustration and replied, “President, don’t worry.
I won’t look down on any opponents.”

Peng Yuanshan nodded.
He didn’t repeat himself.
Once was enough.
Wang Teng wasn’t a child that needed to be watched all the time.

“That’s all.
If there’s nothing, you can leave.
Have a good rest.”

Peng Yuanshan dismissed everyone after he finished his reminders.

Wang Teng said goodnight to his companions and went back to his room.
Everyone went to rest.

That night, the hotel wasn’t as crowded as the past two days.
It turned quiet early at night.
Everyone seemed to be making preparations for the National Number One Martial Arts Competition tomorrow.

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