Suddenly, Wang Teng’s eyes lit up as his gaze landed on an item.

The stall owner: Weapon carrier casket?

He looked at the design.
This was a rectangular casket with a vintage style.

Wang Teng then read the introduction.
This weapon carrier casket was said to be able to contain 14 kinds of weapons.
There was a mechanism on top.
Once you pressed it, the weapon you needed would spring up.

Is it really so amazing?

He continued scrolling the listing.
It was then Wang Teng realized that the 14 kinds of weapons mainly were blades and swords, including 14 different styles and lengths.
He was caught between laughter and tears.

Should I buy it or not?

Wang Teng hesitated.

Forget it.
Let me ask the stall owner and see if I can customize one.

This shop owner was called ‘Master Lu’.
It was a gold crown flagship stall, and the reviews were all good.

There were custom-made items in the reviews too.

Hence, Wang Teng decided to open the chatbox and ask the shop owner.

Wang Teng: Are you there?

The stall owner: Yes, I’m here (づ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~


Wang Teng: Can you customize weapon carrier caskets here?

The stall owner: Weapon carrier casket?

Wang Teng: …You don’t know?

The stall owner: Wait for a moment.
Let me check.

Wang Teng was a little speechless.
This person didn’t even know what he was selling in his shop.
Was he reliable?

After some time, the other party’s reply finally came.

The stall owner: Dear, are you there?

The stall owner: I’ve checked for you.
So this is what you meant by weapon carrier casket.

The person attached a picture with the message.
It showed a wooden casket covered in dust in the corner of a warehouse.

Wang Teng finally realized why this person couldn’t remember this item.

He asked curiously: How long has it been since you took this item out?

The stall owner replied awkwardly: Hahaha, there’s no need to care about the details.
This weapon carrier casket was created by my grandfather in a moment of inspiration.
No one wanted to buy it for a long time, so it was kept in the warehouse.
I didn’t expect someone to ask about it after so many years.

Wang Teng: May I know how many years of history this item has?

The stall owner: Not a lot.
Only ten years!

Ouch! Wang Teng felt his teeth hurting.
He continued: Alright, can you help me ask your grandfather if he could customize one for me based on my requirements?

The stall owner: …I’m afraid not.


Wang Teng asked: Why not?

The stall owner: I don’t want to be on the same side as my grandfather so soon ⁄(⁄⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄⁄)⁄


Wang Teng felt a little helpless as he replied: I’m sorry

Wang Teng: Forget it then

Just as he was about to go offline, the other party sent him a message hurriedly.

The stall owner: Wait!

He continued: If you’re fine with it, you can tell me your thoughts.
I’ll see if I can make some customizations on top of this weapon carrier casket.
If I can sell this away, I’m sure that my grandfather will be happy.

Wang Teng felt invigorated.

Well, let’s make a Hail Mary effort!

He explained his ideas to the other person.

The other side remained silent for a long while before replying: Are you collecting weapon carrier caskets?


Wang Teng replied: You can say so.

The stall owner: Alright, I will try my best.
I will inform you once I finish the alterations.

Wang Teng: What about the price?

Wang Teng noticed that the other party was in a hurry to go offline to start his research on how to modify the weapon carrier casket without even talking about the price.
He began to have a faint idea of this person’s personality…

This must be an idiot!

The stall owner: Oh, right.
I forgot about that o(╯□╰)o

He thought for a moment before continuing.

The stall owner: Since no one wants this, you can simply give me around 80 to 100 thousand for my labor fee.

Wang Teng: Alright, as long as I’m satisfied with the product, I will buy it for 100 thousand.

Wang Teng didn’t hesitate and agreed immediately.

Those rune weapons cost hundreds of thousands and even millions.
This weapon carrier casket was just a hundred thousand.
It wasn’t hard to accept the price.

Also, he had many requirements, so he needed it to be custom-made.
It was understandable that the fee was a little higher.

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