Chapter 338 Don’t Lie To Your Fellow Countryman

There were many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, famous snacks, and modern and prosperous business streets in Capital Xia.

These were all must-go places for these youngsters.

The trip consisted of eating, shopping, and doing anything that made them happy.

Wang Teng and his companions didn’t have any particular plans, so they just had fun wherever they went.
Time passed quickly.

After dinner, they went back to rest.
The next day, they continued their tour.

They went climbing The Great Wall early in the morning

The National Number One Martial Arts Competition was commencing soon, so many people were gathered in Capital Xia.
Even foreigners had come to take a look.

Thus, the number of people in Capital Xia currently was comparable to the holiday period.
It was jam-packed and lively.
There were many people on The Great Wall early in the morning.
The Great Wall was built during the Warring States period.
After more than 2000 years, it had become an icon of China.

Some people even listed it as one of the eight wonders of the world.
This represented how important it was to the country.

Every person who came to Capital Xia would come to The Great Wall.
If not, the trip wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Wang Teng and his companions climbed The Great Wall casually.
They looked at the beautiful sceneries around them and felt a magnificent aura assaulting their senses.
Han Zhu took a photo and looked at the results.
He nodded his head in satisfaction.
Then, he opened his mouth and said, “There’s a saying that there’s a divine dragon hiding below this wall.”

“That’s just a rumor.
Dragons are mythical creatures.” Du Yu shook his head.

“Even martial arts has appeared now.
Also, many star beasts have the word ‘dragon’ in their names.
Although I’ve never seen them personally, it means that they exist.
Hence, it’s possible that there’s a dragon below our capital city,” Wan Baiqiu said.
“If it really exists, which part of The Great Wall will the dragon be hiding in?” Wang Teng smiled and asked.

“Who knows? China has many winding mountain ranges.
There are many guesses as to where the best place for a real dragon nest is.
Everyone has their own opinion.
No conclusion has been reached so far.” Wan Baiqiu shrugged.
“That reminds me about something.
I remember that some people claimed to have seen the mythical creatures in certain mountains and rivers.
Based on the experts’ prediction, these creatures are similar to dragons even if they aren’t real mythical creatures.
Some beasts might have mutated and grown to look like a dragon,” Han Zhu said.

“If the mythical creatures really exist, it will be fun,” Wei Jing, the other lady in their group, smiled and said.

“It might not be that fun.
It might turn out to be a disaster,” Han Zhu shook his head and replied.

The atmosphere turned a little heavy after he said that.
Earth was still able to control the situation now, but once a large number of frightening and powerful star beasts appeared, it would spell tragedy for the human race.

The powerful martial warriors would protect the country, but there were too few of them.
Everyone followed the flow of the crowd and walked forward.
Suddenly, a commotion in front attracted their attention.

“Come, let’s take a look.” Wan Baiqiu squeezed through the crowd and moved ahead.

Han Zhu and the others shook their heads as they hurriedly followed her.

At the same time, the discussions of the crowd entered their ears.
Gradually, they frowned.

“These Africans are outrageous.
How dare they bully our people on our soil!”

“Is there no one taking care of them?”

“Let’s go.
They are martial warriors.
We can’t provoke them.”

“Are we going to let them bully the young ladies without doing anything?” “What else can we do? I saw a piece of news in the past.
A few Africans bullied an old man who cleaned shoes.
One person stood up for the old man, but he got beaten badly by the Africans.
Do you know what happened after that? Let me tell you.
The man who stood up got caught and had to pay the Africans for their medical bills.
It was quite a large sum of money.” “What? Who will dare to help another person in the future…”

The crowd discussed among themselves, but no one dared to stand up.
Some people even squeezed out of the crowd and left the scene.


Wang Teng and his companions reached the front easily.
Four African young men were surrounding two ladies, flirting and teasing them.

The ladies wanted to evade them, but the other party kept pestering them like flies and forced them into a corner.
They even pulled their arms and prevented them from leaving.

The two ladies were in a panic.
They glanced at the crowd with fear and begging in their eyes, hoping that someone could help them.
Many people couldn’t bear to see them like this, but they instinctively evaded their gazes,

To an average person, a matter like this was out of their capabilities.

Han Zhu and his companions were furious when they understood what happened.
They wanted to help the ladies.

“Let the ladies go!”

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted in anger.

Three men walked out of the crowd.
They pointed at the African youngsters and glared at them.

The four African young men turned around.
They were tall and muscular and had black skin.
In addition, they were martial warriors, so their bodies were a bit larger.
They gave off a strong force of presence that only martial warriors had.

“Hey, this has nothing to do with you.
Don’t be a busybody,” one of the African young men stared at them and said.

The three men almost took a step back involuntarily because of the overwhelming aura of the African young men.
However, they stopped themselves forcefully and mustered up their courage.
“Who says this has nothing to do with us? These two ladies are our countrymen.
How can you bully our countrymen in our country? This is our business.”

They were attracting the attention of the people at the scene.
There were many Chinese here.
If everyone gathered together, they would be able to scare the four African young men away.

As expected, many people were filled with righteous indignation after hearing their words.
They started making a clamor.

“That’s right.
If you bully our countrymen, it is our business.”

“Everyone, let’s do it together.
I don’t believe that they dare to offend the crowd.”

“This is China.
This isn’t a place for your indecency…” Everyone had courage and uprightness in them, but as normal people, they couldn’t afford to offend the strong.
Thus, they could only choose to disregard it.

Now, when someone took the lead and riled up everyone, it gave others the courage to stand up too.
They joined the crowd.
“I want to see who dares to be a busybody!”


The four African young men weren’t afraid when they saw this.
Instead, their ruthlessness was triggered, and viciousness flashed in their eyes.

They acted immediately and rushed towards the three men first.

They could tell that these three men were the ones stirring up the crowd.
The others were just putting on a bold front and wouldn’t dare to act.

They were afraid of nothing, daring to injure someone in front of the whole crowd.
How unbridled.

The four African young men were all martial warriors.
They raised their fists and aimed for the three men.
The force of the punch created a whooshing sound.
The three men turned pale in fear.

The three youngsters were just ordinary people.
They didn’t expect the other party to act suddenly.
They couldn’t retaliate at all.

“Be careful!”

The two ladies that were pestered got anxious.
They shouted to remind the men.

The people around them also retreated in fright.
They were terrified in their hearts, and some of them even closed their eyes.
They didn’t have the guts to see the tragedy that was about to happen.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard.
This didn’t sound right!

Everyone looked at the scene.
They noticed that a few figures had appeared in front of the three men and had blocked the attacks of the Africans.

There were three young men and a young lady.
They stood there, tall and straight.
It was Wang Teng and his companions.

They appeared thin and weak in front of the four African young men, but everyone noticed that they were easily grabbing the men’s fists.

“Martial warriors!”

“Martial warriors of our country!”

Only martial warriors could block the attack of martial warriors.
Everyone regained their senses at once, and excitement appeared on their faces as they cheered.

The three men heaved sighs of relief.
They felt cold sweat on their backs, and their legs were a little weak.
They were barely standing up.

“Move back,” Han Zhu turned around and said.

The three men nodded fervently.
They held onto each other and retreated to the side.

“You guys are seriously infuriating!” Wang Teng looked at the four tall and black men in front of him.
He smiled, revealing his white teeth.

The four African young men struggled furiously.
However, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to break free from the four people’s grip.
Their expressions changed slightly.

“Who are you?” “Us?” Han Zhu’s gaze was cold.
“We are just here to defend our people.”

“How dare you touch us? Do you know who we are?” One of the African young men shouted.
“I don’t care who you are.
Even if the emperor came here, he wouldn’t be able to save you.” Wang Teng smiled angrily.
He stopped talking nonsense with them and released his grip.
Then, he swept his leg and kicked the head of the African young man he had picked.

Bang! The African young man’s big and bulky body flew out immediately and slammed heavily on the city wall.
One side of his cheeks was swollen.


The other three African young men were flabbergasted when they saw their companion getting hit.

“How dare you hit him!”

“You’re dead.
You’re dead, you hear!”

They shouted in shock and anger.

“I don’t know if we’re dead, but you all are confirmed dead.” Wan Baiqiu felt indignant in her heart.
She punched out and hit the nose of the African young man in front of her.


Along with a crisp sound, blood spurted out of the nose.

The African young man hurriedly covered his nose and screamed in pain, tears and mucus dripping down his face.
“You bitch, you’re dead!”

“You still have the guts to spout nonsense.” Wan Baiqiu raised her eyebrows.
She kicked the person without any mercy, causing him to fly a few meters back and tumbling on the ground.

On the other side, Han Zhu and Du Yu made their moves too.
They beat the other two African young men until they rolled on the ground with swollen faces.

They were all martial warriors, but in front of Wang Teng and his companions, they had no chances of retaliating.
They could only get beaten.

“This feels good!” Wang Teng and his companions only stopped after hitting the African young men for some time.
They sighed and felt refreshed.

“Go away.
Otherwise, we’ll hit you again if we see you.” Wang Teng kicked the African young man’s butt and shouted.

The four African young men left instantly with hatred and bitterness in their eyes.

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