Chapter 337 An Elder And A Cute Newbie

In the hotel’s restaurant, Han Zhu and the others were secretly observing the other participants too.
People who could live in this hotel must be from impressive backgrounds.
The talents groomed by these factions weren’t simple figures.
On the other hand, Wang Teng was much more relaxed.
Until now, he hadn’t met an opponent he needed to be careful of.

“Those are the students from Donghai University, right?” Wan Baiqiu turned around and suddenly lowered her voice.

“They’re here too.” Han Zhu and the others followed her gaze and saw a bunch of youngsters in their prime.

In Donghai, Huanghai Military Academy and Donghai University were the top two universities.
Both had their pros and cons, so it was hard to say which one was better.

Based on their ranking in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, they had their ups and downs.
They would take turns beating each other.

Since they came from the same city, they would unite against the other provinces.
However, the internal competition was intense too.
No one wanted to give in to the other.

Wang Teng looked at them curiously.
Han Zhu explained, “The one in front is the top student at Donghai University, Xiao Yunfan.
He’s probably the leader of their group this time.”

“How strong is he?” Wang Teng asked.

“Peak 4-star soldier level,” Han Zhu replied.

“Quite strong.” Wang Teng nodded as though he meant what he said.

“You shouldn’t get too close to him.” Han Zhu hesitated but still said it.

Wang Teng was puzzled.
At this moment, the students from Donghai University also noticed them and turned to walk towards them.

“Han Zhu, long time no see.” There was a smile on Xiao Yunfan’s handsome face as he greeted them.

“It hasn’t been that long yet.
I met you five days ago in the Xingwu Continent.
Your memory is quite bad,” Han Zhu replied seriously.

Actually, he didn’t like Xiao Yunfan.
Although Xiao Yunfan looked friendly and kind on the surface, he was scheming and evil in his heart.
It would be too naive to think that one could become real friends with him.
He might betray you, and you would still have to clean up his spilled milk.

Xiao Yunfan’s lips twitched.
He just came to greet him.
Did he have to be so serious?

“Hmph, you’re still the same!”

“You came here just to say this?” Han Zhu retorted.

Xiao Yunfan’s breathing paused for a moment.
He took a deep breath and smiled.
“I heard that Huanghai has sent a freshman to participate in the martial arts competition, so I came to take a look at the real person.
I want to see if he has three heads or six arms.”

“Senior Xiao, I’m sorry, but you’ll probably be disappointed.
I’m not a monster,” Wang Teng squinted and said with a smile.

Xiao Yunfan had an elegant aura.
He seemed like a friendly person, but for some reason, when Wang Teng saw his smiling face, he wanted to… punch him.

What was wrong with him?

By right, this fellow was only a little good-looking.
He couldn’t be compared with Wang Teng’s handsomeness at all.
There was no need to destroy his face, right?


He recalled Han Zhu’s reminder.
Did this fellow have some fetish, so when he smiled, it made people want to hit him?


Wang Teng felt his butt tightening, and he shuddered.
This is so scary!

F**k, what’s with this fellow’s expression? Xiao Yunfan felt frustrated in his heart.
He could perceive dislike and distaste from Wang Teng’s looks.
He softened his expression and sized up Wang Teng.
A glow appeared in his eyes.

Only the peak of 2-star soldier level? He was confused, but he didn’t take it to heart.
This man was at most 3-star soldier level.

Thus, he smiled and said, “You’re indeed outstanding to have this ability as a freshman.

“However, there are many formidable warriors in the martial arts competition.
Wang Teng, you have to be careful.
Of course, since we are all from Donghai, if you meet any seniors from Donghai University during the competition, we’ll show some mercy.

“You’re only a freshman, so you will have many chances to participate in the future.
The experience is most important for you now.
The ranking isn’t crucial.” He seemed to have confirmed that Wang Teng was just here to take a look around.
As for the ranking, he shouldn’t even think about it.

Then, he turned and said to his companions, “Everyone, take a good look at him.
If you meet him, don’t be too tough.”

He nodded at Wang Teng after he finished speaking, looking like an elder taking care of a cute little newbie.

The seniors from Donghai University suppressed their laughter as they nodded in agreement.
They would take care of this little junior, alright.

Wang Teng: …

Han Zhu and the others had strange expressions on their faces.
They knew Wang Teng’s combat prowess.
Most of these students from Donghai University might be tormented badly if they took him lightly.

The muscles on Zhang Fengyu’s face twitched.
He had fought with Wang Teng before, so he knew his fearsomeness much better than others.

He couldn’t help but glance at Wang Teng.
The latter was wearing a smile on his face as if he didn’t mind what Xiao Yunfan said.
However, for some reason, Zhang Fengyu felt that Wang Teng seemed scarier now.

These students from Donghai University were looking for death!

“Thank you, seniors.
I hope that you will take care of me in the future,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Of course, of course.” Xiao Yunfan laughed and nodded.

After exchanging pleasantries, they found an empty table not far away and started happily chatting while eating lunch.
The atmosphere was relaxed and lively.
“Don’t take it to heart.
Xiao Yunfan…” Han Zhu didn’t continue.
He just shook his head.

“Don’t worry.
I won’t be affected by verbal stimulation,” Wang Teng smiled calmly and replied.

“Good.” Han Zhu noticed that he didn’t mind the provocation, so he didn’t continue.

Wan Baiqiu changed the topic.
She smiled and suggested, “I plan to go shopping later.
Who’s interested in accompanying me?”

“Me,” Du Yu said.

“Me too,” Wang Teng replied.
He rarely came to Capital Xia, so he wanted to have a good look around

“Let’s go together.” Han Zhu smiled.

In the end, five of them decided to go while the remaining students wanted to rest in the hotel.
They planned to adjust their mentality as they waited for the martial arts competition to start.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng and his seniors drove two cars out of the hotel to tour the streets.

The hotel provided free cars for traveling too.
It was extremely convenient.

All the students were youngsters.
Han Zhu and the others usually wore the military uniform in school, but now, they had all changed into their casual attire.

In school, or when they represented the school for events, they were always stern and serious.
At the moment, though, they were all dressed fashionably, carrying a DSLR camera and small backpacks.
They turned into cool guys and girls…

Wang Teng was stupefied.

He looked at Han Zhu, who was beside him.
He was wearing a pair of sunglasses with a crew cut.
He held the steering wheel with one hand and used the other to turn on the sound system.
He looked quite cool and dashing.
Wang Teng was unable to associate this young man with the person he was talking to before.

He then glanced at the rear mirror.
Senior Sister Wan Baiqiu was wearing jeans with a white shirt.
She had a short black leather jacket around her, and her hair was tied in a high ponytail.
Although it was simple, it made her look youthful and beautiful.
Her charisma exploded once she changed her outfit.

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