Chapter 335 Up South

Donghai University.
As Lin Chuhan hung up her phone in the lady’s dormitory, the proud expression of a certain someone appeared in her mind.
She couldn’t help but smile.
At the same time, a hint of happiness flashed past her eyes.
Her younger sister’s problem was finally solved.

At first, she wanted to wait until she got stronger to search for a solution, but Wang Teng was already one step ahead of her.

Although she had to owe him a favor again, it was a good thing.
The faster it was solved, the quicker Chuxia could resume her normal life.

Living alone in the world of darkness was too cruel for a young lady.
“Chuhan, were you calling your little boyfriend? Why are you smiling so happily?” Lin Chuhan’s roommates squeezed over and nudged her.

“What? Don’t spout nonsense.” Lin Chuhan blushed.
She kept her phone quickly and pretended that nothing had happened.
“Aiyo, we’re not bullshitting.
Look at the expression on your face.
You have love written all over you,” Xu Wantong teased.

“So sad.
Little Brother Wang Teng’s already eaten by you before I could get his WeChat,” the other roommate, Tian Xiaoxiao, immediately pretended to hold her heart and spoke with sorrow.

“Go away.
What do you mean by eating? Tian Xiaoxiao, you’re a pervert.” Lin Chuhan found her words too cringy.
“Hahaha, Chuhan, you’ve also finally admitted that she’s a pervert.” Xu Wantong laughed out loud.

“Hmph! I’m not a pervert.” Tian Xiaoxiao scoffed.

“Oh right, Chuhan, is he the Wang Teng from Huanghai Military Academy who’s participating in the competition?” Xu Wantong asked curiously.
“Yes.” Lin Chuhan nodded.

“It’s really him.
That’s surprising,” Xu Wantong said.
“Little Brother Wang Teng is amazing.
He’s a freshman, yet he’s already participating in the martial arts competition.” Tian Xiaoxiao had to admit that the guy had guts.

“That fellow seems to have gotten stronger,” Lin Chuhan exclaimed.

“Let’s go to Capital Xia to watch the competition,” Xu Wantong suddenly suggested, her eyes shimmering.

“Ordinary people might not be able to get the tickets for the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, right?” Although Lin Chuhan was interested, she was still hesitant.

“That’s right.
I heard that the price has already been raised to 50 thousand for one ticket,” Tian Xiaoxiao said.

“It’s okay.
I have a way.” Xu Wantong patted her chest and boasted.

“Really? That’s great!” Tian Xiaoxiao jumped up in happiness.

“But the tickets are so expensive.” Unlike others, Lin Chuhan was in a dilemma.
“What’s wrong? We’re sisters.
There’s no need to care about this.
Also, they are internal tickets and won’t cost much.
If we don’t take them, it will be a waste.” Xu Wantong waved her hand nonchalantly.
Then, she continued, “You can come to my house to play for a few days too.”

“Let’s go, let’s go.
Chuhan, don’t you want to watch Little Brother Wang Teng in action?” Tian Xiaoxiao persuaded her from the side.

In the end, Lin Chuhan had no choice but to give in to their coercions.
She knew that as friends, some things didn’t have to be split so clearly.
Haggling over such matters would just ruin their relationships.

Hence, the three ladies decided to head to Capital Xia to watch the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.

Wang Teng didn’t know anything about Lin Chuhan’s decision.
However, similar situations were happening everywhere.
Many people wanted to head to Capital Xia to watch the competition.
Even some well-informed people came to take a look.

After all, this martial arts competition was like the Olympics.
It was a grand national event.

A saying described the situation perfectly: The country is strong if the youths are strong.

The National Number One Martial Arts Competition was a platform for the young generations to fight with each other.
The country held this tournament to ignite the youths’ desire for improvement and promote healthy competition.

One would only grow stronger when there was competition.

The young martial warriors were the future of the human race!

He smiled and shook his head.
Then, he continued cultivating.

The next day, early in the morning, Wang Teng gathered with the other fourth-year seniors in the stadium and waited for the heads.
They would be personally leading the teams for this competition.

Yesterday, Wang Teng took some time to learn more about the top ten senior brothers and sisters in their university.
In the past, he scrolled through their names because he needed to challenge them.
However, after going to the Xingwu Continent, he completely forgot them.

Among the ten seniors, the people he needed to pay most attention to were the top three.
They were the strongest.
They were Senior Brother Han Zhu, Senior Brother Du Yu, and Senior Sister Wan Baiqiu.
They were ranked first, second, and third, respectively.

These three were the most powerful students in the entire university.
They had ample battle experiences, and ordinary martial warriors couldn’t be compared with them.

“Seniors, you’re up early.” Wang Teng greeted them from afar as he walked over.

The ten fourth-year students all had different expressions on their faces when they saw Wang Teng.
Even until now, they found the display of his powers yesterday unreal.

Extremely outstanding people made others uncomfortable.
It was hard for them to incorporate such people into their circle.

But some of them didn’t mind.

“Morning!” Han Zhu smiled and replied.

Du Yu and Wan Baiqiu nodded at him too.

“The heads are not here?” Wang Teng looked around and asked.

“They should be here soon,” Wan Baiqiu said.

“I knew it.
Bosses sure like to be late.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“Cough, cough!”

Han Zhu and the others immediately started coughing when they heard Wang Teng complaining about their heads fearlessly.
They had been in the school for four years, but their respect towards the heads was deeply rooted in their minds.
They didn’t dare to complain about them like this.

Wan Baiqiu couldn’t help but glance at Wang Teng with a weird expression.
This junior was extremely bold!

“What guts you have.
How dare you talk about us behind our backs,” a rough voice rang out suddenly.

Wang Teng put on a smile before he turned around.
“Head, that’s not right.
I’m a good student who always respects my teachers.
Why would I say bad things about you? You must have heard wrong.”

“Hmph.” Tong Hu gave him a meaningful smile.

The other heads shook their heads and also let out a smile on their faces.
They couldn’t be bothered to fuss over this matter.

“Is everyone here?” Peng Yuanshan asked.

“Yes,” Han Zhu replied.

“Alright, let’s get on the bus and leave.” Peng Yuanshan nodded.
He went up the bus parked at the side.

The others followed closely.

The bus drove out of school and headed straight to the airport.
Then, everyone sat on the plane especially prepared for them and flew to Capital Xia.

This treatment was amazing.

Even on Earth, there were dangerous birds flying in the air.
If they attacked the plane, the consequences would be ghastly.

As a result, these planes had all been modified.
They possessed a defense shield and had martial warriors guarding them all the time.
They wouldn’t be attacked easily.

Even so, the cost for a normal person to ride a plane got higher and higher.
Most people preferred road transport.

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