Chapter 334 You Owe Me Again

One punch.

A single direct punch!

Everyone found the results a little unreal.

Zhang Fengyu was no.
5 in the top 100 students, so there was nothing to say about his ability.
But when he fought with Wang Teng, the result was obvious.

Are you really a freshman?

Not only the students but even the heads were also astounded.

“I lost!” Zhang Fengyu stared intently at Wang Teng and shook his head bitterly.

He wasn’t injured and could still fight, but there was no point.
The difference between their battle prowess was as clear as day and night.
He would be asking for humiliation if he continued fighting.

This fellow is a monster.
He couldn’t compete with him.

He kept his long sword and retreated to the side.

“Thanks.” Wang Teng didn’t act proud or flaunt himself.
He remained calm as he looked at Peng Yuanshan.
“Since there’s no problem, the candidates’ list is finalized.” Peng Yuanshan paused for a moment.
He looked at everyone before continuing, “Han Zhu will be the leader.
Any objections?”

The students exchanged glances with one another.
Then, they looked at Wang Teng.

Based on his ability, he might be on par with the top three in the ranking.

However, they had never fought before, so they didn’t know how strong he was.

A powerful person would always be respected.
Thus, they all looked at Wang Teng unconsciously when the leader’s role was mentioned.
After all, he was the only exception.

“Why are you looking at me? You can decide the leader yourselves.
I’m only going there for the experience.
Don’t care about me,” Wang Teng waved his hand and said.

Everyone: … Going there for experience? Do you think we’ll believe you?

You are so powerful, yet you pretend to be a newbie.
So evil.

“I don’t care if you’re going there for experience or not.
I only know that if you don’t get a good ranking, someone will take care of you.” Peng Yuanshan glanced at Wang Teng from the corner of his eyes.

Wang Teng’s expression froze.

He suddenly recalled Dan Taixuan’s personality.
If he really played the fool during the competition, he would be in for a beating.

He couldn’t help but recall the fear of being pounded by Dan Taixuan’s iron fists.

He was a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior now, but he still had no confidence in front of Dan Taixuan.

He would die tragically, right?

Everyone was puzzled.
They didn’t know what riddles Peng Yuanshan and Wang Teng were playing, but from Wang Teng’s expression, it wasn’t something good.
They felt excited for some reason.

A smile appeared at the corner of Peng Yuanshan’s lips.
He said, “Alright, this is the arrangement.
Go back and prepare.
We will head to Capital Xia tomorrow.”


Everyone replied and left.

Tong Hu exclaimed as he looked at the students leaving, “Wang Teng is extremely talented.
However, he’s a little cheeky.”

“You’re right.” The other heads nodded in agreement.
They had weird expressions on their faces.

“What ranking do you think he can get?” Su Jing, the head of the command faculty, asked.

“It’s hard to say.
I feel that he hasn’t revealed his true ability.
He’s still hiding his power,” Ou Changsong, the head of the smithery faculty, replied.

“He has the capability.
I think he’s comparable to Han Zhu,” Tong Hu said.

“Seriously? Comparable to Han Zhu?” The other heads felt that this was impossible.

Han Zhu was the no.1 of the Huanghai Military Academy, yet Tong Hu said that Wang Teng was on par with him?

“Maybe even stronger!” Peng Yuanshan suddenly said.

Even stronger?!

The heads looked at President Peng in unplanned unison.
Their faces were filled with disbelief.
However, since these words came from President Peng’s mouth, they must be true.

“President, Wang Teng…” Tong Hu gulped.
There was excitement in his eyes.

If Wang Teng was really stronger than Han Zhu, it meant that Huanghai Military Academy would be able to squeeze into the top three again.

As for the champion, that would depend on how powerful the other schools’ talents were.
This was an unknown factor.

“Let’s wait and see.” Peng Yuanshan didn’t deny it.

“I understand, I understand.” Tong Hu immediately gave an expression as if he understood everything.

“Hahaha, hiding his ability is good.
Let’s give the other schools a rude shock during the martial arts competition.” The head of the dan faculty, Cui Heng, felt happy just thinking about the other schools’ reactions.

“You’re right.”


The other heads started laughing unscrupulously.
They seemed to have guessed the interesting scene they would see in the future.

Wang Teng didn’t have much to prepare.
All he needed for the competition was his weapon.
He could buy the other miscellaneous items along the way.
It wouldn’t be a problem.

He went back to his dormitory and started his daily cultivation.

He needed to practice the powerful battle techniques that he had just received.
They might come in handy during the competition.
Imagine if he used the Scorching Sky Finger and the Ape King Fist one after the other.
What a beautiful sight.

He wondered if he could amaze the crowd.

If he couldn’t, he would execute the Shadow Assassin Sword Skill, the Overflowing Rain Blade, and all the other skills he knew.
That should be enough…

At night, Wang Teng received a call from Lin Chuhan.


Wang Teng immediately smiled.
“Why did you suddenly think of calling me?”

Lin Chuhan replied, “I saw your news.
You are participating in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition?”

Wang Teng wasn’t surprised when he heard the startled voice on the other end of the phone.
“Yes, I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Capital Xia.”

Lin Chuhan lamented.
“I didn’t think that you’d become so strong.
Our distance is getting wider and wider.” Wang Teng laughed.
“There’s no chance of you catching up anymore.
However, a woman’s success is conquering a powerful man.
Do you want to consider it?” Lin Chuhan snorted.
“You must be looking for death!”

Wang Teng chuckled.

Lin Chuhan continued, “Oh right, I’ve transferred the money to you.” Wang Teng was slightly stunned.
Then, he understood and said with disappointment, “Why are you in such a rush to return it to me? I hope that you will always owe me.” In the past, Lin Chuhan had borrowed money from Wang Teng to find a cure for her younger sister.
If she hadn’t mentioned the matter now, Wang Teng would have forgotten about it.
Who would remember a few tens of thousands? However, Lin Chuhan remembered it all too well.
She was a martial arts student now, so earning some extra money wasn’t a problem.
She returned the money to him as soon as she had it.

Lin Chuhan said angrily, “I don’t want to owe you forever.”

Wang Teng suddenly thought of something and sniggered.
“You can’t make that decision.
I have a piece of good news and a piece of bad news for you.
Which one do you want to listen to first?”

Lin Chuhan suddenly had a bad feeling.
She gritted her teeth and said, “Good news!”

“The good news is, I found a cure for Chuxia,” Wang Teng replied slowly.

“Really?” Lin Chuhan’s voice raised a few octaves.

“Of course!” Wang Teng gave an evil smile.
“I’ll tell you about it when I’m back.”

“Pant…” Wang Teng could already hear Lin Chuhan’s anxious breathing.
She wished that she could crawl through the phone and grab Wang Teng’s neck to demand a clearer explanation.
“What’s the bad news?” “The bad news is, you owe me again.” Wang Teng smiled.

“…You’re ruthless!” Lin Chuhan said furiously.

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